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Eyebrow shaping: shape selection, hair removal and dyeing

Self-styling eyebrows: is it possible to achieve the perfect shape?

Eyebrows prevent dirt and dust from entering the eyes, reduce the impact of other negative natural factors, creating a barrier in their way. Their main function is protective.

Today, few people think about protective qualities, because a lot more attention is paid to their beauty and grooming. Eyebrow shaping is a problem that worries every woman. And this is not surprising, because they can give the person a unique charm and charm.

Why focus?

Imagine what your face would look like without eyebrows. Funny But sometimes they are so decorated (or not at all) that looks no less ridiculous than their absence.

And by the way, the correct design of the eyebrows will make it possible to emphasize visually:

  • will adjust the shape of the face;
  • emphasize the color and depth of the eyes;
  • increase the distance between them;
  • reduce the large nose;
  • make the face younger;
  • change facial expression.

Choose a form

When choosing the shape of the eyebrows you need to build on the type of person. General recommendations are:

  • Chubby beauties will become even more attractive if they give preference to an angular form. Round and smooth lines should be avoided.
  • An oval or oblong face will adorn straight or horizontal.
  • Square face type fit wide eyebrows with smooth lines.
  • And a triangular face will make it more beautiful than an arc of medium thickness with a slight bend.

Remember the rule: the longer and narrower the face, the straighter the line should be.

The massive jaw can be corrected if the bend is moved a couple of millimeters to the temple.

The ideal shape is the one that fits your face. Do not blindly follow the fashion, it is better to determine the shape yourself.

To do this you need an ordinary pencil. Connect them to the point in the corner of the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. The place where the pencil joined the eyebrow is its proper beginning.

The end of the eyebrow will indicate the intersection of the pencil with the arc line, if you connect the wing of the nose with the external angle of the eye.

It is possible to determine the highest bending point by connecting the same point on the wing of the nose with an external iris line of the eye with a pencil.

Brovki often need correction. It is important to do this correctly, without harming sensitive and delicate skin.

When you remove the hairs that look extra, think about the consequences, because poorly eliminated hairs can play a cruel joke with you, for example, by giving a surprised expression to your face. Of course, you will not be able to glue them back, because for some time you will have to have such an absurd appearance.

We also do not recommend to go to extremes and remove all the hairs, in order to draw ideal arcs for ourselves. You just need to know how to properly arrange the eyebrows, so that the face looked as natural as possible.

To pluck the eyebrows, arm yourself with tweezers, a cotton pad, a disinfectant solution and a small mirror. And we will acquaint you with some recommendations that will help to pluck your eyebrows on your own:

  1. Pre-clean your face from makeup and dirt.
  2. Wash hands, sanitize instruments.
  3. Wipe the brow ridges with a disinfectant solution before, after and during the procedure.
  4. Apply to the eyebrow area a little nourishing cream designed specifically for this area, let it soak.
  5. Grab the hair as close to the base as possible and pull sharply for less soreness.
  6. Pluck the hairs in the direction of their growth.
  7. In plucking, the lower hairs are mainly needed, the upper ones should be pulled out only if absolutely necessary.

Correction of eyebrows with the help of the thread — triling is a less painful procedure, however, it will require skill and more time for it.

Using wax, hairs can be removed for a longer period of time (as a rule, plucking and treading give effect only for 3-4 days), but before the procedure you should refrain from removing excess hairs from two to three weeks. Otherwise the hairs simply will not be removed. The procedure for hair removal is described on the package with wax, follow it.

Design and coloring

Not every girl is endowed with perfect eyebrows. Therefore, the design and coloring of eyebrows — the usual procedure for many women. Painting eyebrows will allow you to enjoy a rich color of 2-4 weeks.

  • To get started, choose the right color. It should be as close to the hair color as possible. So blondes just should not paint eyebrow black paint.
  • Test for an allergic reaction. To do this, apply the composition on the area behind the ear and wait a bit. If there is no burning or redness, you can use the paint safely.
  • Prepare a cotton swab, fat cream and cotton disc.
  • Wand distribute the paint on the hairs.
  • Leave the composition for 10-15 minutes.
  • On a cotton pad, apply a little cream and remove the paint.
  • Wash the painted areas with water and gel for washing.

Coloring should be carried out no more than 1 time per month. And after this procedure, you need to carry out daily care for eyebrows. To do this, apply for 10 minutes any vegetable oil or massage the painted areas, gently pinching and kneading them in a circular motion.

Not every lady is ready to expose her eyebrows to chemistry, many prefer staining with henna or daily paint on eyebrows with a pencil.

Making eyebrows with a pencil

Making eyebrows at home will quickly help to make a special cosmetic pencil. It uses a brush, which you can pre-comb and put hair, and a brush, it is needed for feathering pencil lines.

How beautiful draw eyebrows pencil? We will try to tell you in as much detail as possible:

  • To begin with, mark the points of the beginning of the line, its end and the place of the bend.
  • Then draw the top line and tip.
  • Only after that proceed to the drawing of the bottom (do not forget about symmetry).
  • Pencil the traced contour with a pencil.
  • Blend the borders with a brush.

Knowledge of how to make eyebrows at home, will allow you to always look great, forcing men to look at you without looking away.

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