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Eyebrow growth oil: effective recipes, features of use

The best oils for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes

A mischievous look from under thick eyelashes is an old female weapon. Eyebrows also play a role in the enchantment: they will coquettishly lift themselves, or ironically bend. However, nature does not reward luxurious hairs in the eye area. So women have to build up, constantly tint and curl eyelashes. For the sake of thick sable eyebrows, which are now in vogue, girls resort to tattooing.

The result of such procedures is sad: the hairs become thinner, discolored, do not grow and fall out. Save them can natural care product — oil for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Operating principle

The hairs growing in the eye area are called bristly and are the strongest. Unlike those on the head, they grow several times slower and stop growing at a certain length. Both eyelashes and eyebrows are 97% keratin.

The growth of hair rods provide bulbs, lying in the skin at a depth of 2 mm. Upper lashes grow in 2-4 rows. In length, they reach 1.2 cm. On the lower eyelid there can be one or two rows of hairs. The length of these eyelashes does not exceed 0.8 cm. On average, the life of the hairs in the eye zone lasts 3–5 months.

Genes are responsible for the color, length, thickness and bending of the eyelashes. Heredity dictated the shape and thickness of the eyebrows. At the same time, these hairs are very “responsive”: with proper care, their length and thickness increase by 10–30%. This happens due to the strengthening and stimulation of the growth of existing hair rods.

It is possible to care for eyelashes and eyebrows by infusions of medicinal herbs: cornflower, sage, calendula. It is useful from time to time to impose on the eyelids cotton pads soaked in warm green or black tea. Such compresses not only strengthen eyelashes, but also tone up the skin around the eyes. Daily massage helps to accelerate hair growth in the eyebrow zone.

But the most effective remedy is vegetable oil. The fatty acids contained in it enclose each hair with a protective film. This coating does not let the water in, holding it inside the hair shaft. In addition, the oil smoothes the cuticle scales. As a result — the eyelashes cease to thin and break, discolor. Oils are rich in tocopherols — antioxidant vitamins. They contain a lot of beta-carotene — provitamin A, which stimulates hair growth.

How to use?

Hair care is best with special cosmetic oils. On the one hand, they are sufficiently cleansed and do not clog the pores of the skin with impurities. On the other hand, in such means the useful composition is maximally preserved. Apply eyelash growth oil every evening for 1-2 months. The most convenient way to do this is with a well-washed and dried brass-brush. The tuba itself from the carcass is also useful: you can keep oil in it. The packaging is also thoroughly washed and dried. Inside the tool is poured with a pipette or a syringe without a needle.

What oil is used for eyelashes? The following are considered the best for strengthening and growth.

  • Grape oil, obtained from the seeds of berries, has a light texture. It is well absorbed and does not stick eyelashes, it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Jojoba is an oil resembling liquid wax. As raw materials for its receiving serve nuts of a symonddsiya. Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Castor contains unique ricinol acid, which ensures active hair growth. It is an extract of castor bean seed.
  • Flax — the leader in the content of polyunsaturated acids. It is considered a «female» product, as it is rich in phytoestrogens.
  • Sea buckthorn is squeezed out of pits. In medicine and cosmetology valued for regenerating properties, high content of vitamin C.
  • Wheat is obtained from embryos of cereal. It is rather heavy in texture, therefore it is often used as an additive.
  • Burdock, in fact, is an infusion — tincture of the roots of a large burdock (burdock) in any vegetable oil.

Before applying the tool you need to remove makeup from the eyelids. Next, a brush (or a cotton swab) is dipped into the oil and, lightly shaking off excess liquid, is held up with an applicator from the middle of the cilia. It is not necessary to “paint over” at the century itself — the tool will drain there independently. Optionally, you can walk a little and on the lower cilia. Make sure that there is a little bit of oil on the brush. If the tool is overdone, remove excess cotton pad.

Important! Contact lenses before the procedure must be removed.

How to oil eyebrow smear? Perhaps the most suitable for this purpose — coconut and cocoa. They give the hair shine, easy styling eyebrows. Keep the butters best in a sterile glass jar from under the cream. It is possible to apply means both a brush, and a small finger small pillow. Make eyebrows thicker oil allows usmy, amly, castor oil.

Home care products for eyelashes and eyebrows

Any oil is better to use not in its pure form, but in combination with other components. For example, castor oil, a well-known growth activator, is unpleasant to apply to the eyelashes due to its dense texture. You can eliminate this disadvantage by mixing it with light oils: almond, apricot, grape. Before the first use, the product must be tested for allergies: for 1–2 hours before the procedure, apply the composition to the inner side of the wrist and observe the skin reaction.

A mixture of oils for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows may consist of castorca, jojoba and wheat germ. Each ingredient take 5 ml. The second option is to mix 5 ml of flaxseed, grape and burdock oil. Pour half a teaspoon of sea buckthorn extract to them.

You can also prepare macerate for lush and long eyelashes. Make an infusion based on burdock and castor oil. First, put chopped parsley (table. L.) And dry nettle extract (2 tables. L.) In a bowl. Herbs are poured so that their oils are fully covered. At the end add 15 ml of fresh aloe juice. Insist means day in a warm place. Then the macerat filter through gauze, folded in half. Herbs squeeze. Ready infusion is poured into a glass container. Store the macerate in a closed place in a dark place.

This miracle creates oil for the growth of eyebrows, obtained from the fruits of woody woops, better known as usma. In the East, women from ancient times used the plant for dyeing hairs. However, woad is rich not only in pigments, but also in alkaloids, flavonoids, glucose, and vitamins. Linoleic, oleic and stearic acid predominates in the oil. This whole set of active substances stimulates cell division of the hair follicles.

Usma gives a good effect in combination with burdock or almond oil. The ingredients are taken in equal parts. Eyebrow oil can be prepared from camphor (1 part) and usma (3 parts). Apply the composition of the massage lines, incubated for an hour, and then washed off with warm water. Apply the oil every 3-4 days.

Despite the simplicity of the composition and method of preparation, such tools give an excellent effect. The hairs are noticeably strengthened, becoming thick, bright and shiny, which provides the look with a special charm and undoubted attractiveness.

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