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Exercises for the face: an effective complex from Jacqueline Kennedy

Gymnastics beauty: exercises for youth face

Female beauty begins to slowly but surely fade after 25 years. Of course, in the first 10-15 years this happens almost imperceptibly, but at the turn of the third and fourth dozen, many ladies notice grooves on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, an increase in nasolabial folds.

The vast majority of procedures, even the most expensive, gives a temporary effect and questionable benefits. Cosmetics also can not work wonders. However, there is a tool that helps to return and prolong youth, tighten the oval and reduce wrinkles. It is absolutely safe and extremely simple to use. These are exercises for the face.

Operating principle

The principle of manipulation is to lift — tightening the muscular structure of the face. As in other parts of the body, the contour of the chin, cheek, forehead holds a corset of special fibers. Some of them are involved in everyday work (conversations, expressing emotions, chewing food), others are passive. Because of this, lymph stagnation begins, weakening, the appearance of wrinkles.

Gymnastics for face lifting allows you to strengthen the muscles just as we do with the press or buttocks in the gym. As a result, you can buy a trim oval and blooming appearance even at the age of 40 years.

What happens with regular execution?

  • The facial muscles return to tone and elasticity, they cease to be flabby, do not sag, take shape.
  • In the skin, metabolic processes are restored: collagen and elastane, which are responsible for elasticity, begin to be produced more actively, moisture remains longer, and lymph stagnation is eliminated.
  • The epidermis gets rid of toxins, pores begin to accumulate less dermal debris.

Performance conditions

Exercises for face lifting are without exception on all women. They have no contraindications, are safe during pregnancy or other conditions, do not take a lot of time and do not take money at all. However, there are several rules, the implementation of which determines the effectiveness of gymnastics.

First is the regularity. As with any work with the muscles, facial exercises should be carried out relentlessly, consistently and carefully at regular intervals. Experts say that if you practice every day, the effect will become noticeable in two weeks. Therefore, if you want to achieve a result, free up a few tens of minutes during each day.

Secondly, properly prepare your face for training. To do this, it should be cleaned with the help of your usual means (in addition to the usual evening or morning procedures), apply the cream. It is preferable to take a child or a special nutrient, it is good if it is sufficiently fat. Ideal — high-quality crude oil. Suitable olive, sesame, almond, apricot seed oil or wheat germ. Lightly rub it into the skin.

Any girl knows, even from school gymnastics lessons, that strength exercises, running, jumping or active games are preceded by a warm-up. Charging for the muscles of the face — is no exception. In this case, the massage can play a warming role. It will prevent the appearance of stretch marks and increase the effectiveness of the complex. Make it soft movements, each of which end, with the power of holding the fingertips to the temples and then down to the neck. This will help to disperse the lymph and activate the processes in the skin.

Exercises to tighten the oval face should be performed in front of a mirror in good light. You should see your work, observe and correct it.

A sign that the complex is performed correctly is a slight burning sensation and tingling in the muscles.

Jacqueline Kennedy Exercises

This complex is not just tested by time — for many years it was performed by the first lady of the United States, doing without plastic surgery and serious cosmetic procedures.

  • Pronunciation of vowels Open your mouth wide, pull your upper lip down, try to press it against the plane of the upper teeth. Intensively pronounce A, O, U, E, Y. make the muscles of the lips, around the mouth, neck work. It is carried out from 10 to 15 times. The exercise affects the nasolabial folds, removes wrinkles around the mouth, makes the lips fuller and more prominent, fights with the second chin and flabbiness of the neck.
  • Move your chin back and forth. We try to keep the language still, we achieve the effect not due to amplitude, but due to the uniformity of repetitions: approximately one action per second. Some advise you to set a ticking alarm clock next to you or to put a timer that allows you to achieve continuous execution. The time of this exercise for tightening the skin of the face is 1 minute. The impact occurs primarily on those muscles that surround the lower jaw and support the chin, saving him from unpleasant sagging and a layer of fat.
  • Exercise for the lips is very simple, many girls daily repeat it, distributing lipstick on the skin. Pull the lips inside the mouth and push them out. Repeat 15 times. Regular repetition of this part of the complex, even thin and expressionless lips, will make them more plump and beautifully decorated.
  • To make the cheeks have a beautiful and tender contour, inflate them one by one, as if rolling air from one part of the mouth to another. The voltage should be strong enough. Try to keep your mouth still. Perform in a minute. Bonus for diligent women will be a healthy and gentle blush, regardless of the age at which they are located.
  • The following exercise is similar to the previous one, only the cheeks are not alternately inflated, but the lips are first upper, then lower. It is important not to hurry and strain your muscles strongly enough. This is another important action that protects the area around the mouth from the appearance of wrinkles, as well as removing clamps. Especially they are peculiar to people whose profession is associated with constant conversation — teachers, guides, singers, managers working with clients.
  • Exercises for facial contours include work on the eyelids. So that they do not hang, they are elastic, emphasize the beauty of the eyes, perform the following action. When fixing eyebrows with fingers in a neutral position, we open our eyes wide, we stretch our eyelids and relax them, closing but not closing our eyes. Perform 12-15 times. It is important not to rush. When performed correctly, some of the earliest wrinkles are smoothed out — those that appear around the eyes.
  • One of the most important, the key complex exercise that neutralizes lip creases, cleans bags under the eyes, works on the oval of the face. Open your mouth wide, pressing your upper lip tightly to your teeth. Head down. We press the chin to the dimple at the bottom of the neck and quickly blink intensively with our eyes 30 times. After that, we relax for 10-15 seconds and repeat the exercise.

A set of exercises for tightening the face and neck would be incomplete without training the frontal muscles. Many of the girls have gotten horizontal and vertical wrinkles before the age of 30, frowning, or just too emotionally leading a conversation. To smooth out the folds, place your palm on your forehead, pulling the skin from top to bottom. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible. Daily performance of 15 to 30 times can remove wrinkles and smooth forehead.

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