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Evening hairstyles on the car

Evening hairstyles for short haircut — text, photo and video instruction

Evening hairstyles on the car — This is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the owners of short hair still manage to come up with different variations of evening hairstyles, even for an elongated bob, even for a bob bob, and even for a bob with bangs! True, it is not easy to make an evening hairstyle, and the diversity is not that great, but we will try to help you.

I would like to note that large and small curls will look great for owners of an oval and thin face. Any girl will be able to make them, and later they will make a great evening hairstyle, if you correctly pin down your hair. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the options of evening hairstyles that you can do on your own car at home.

If you do not have much time, and you need to do a haircut on the basis of a car quickly, then this simple option will suit you perfectly.

Take a hot curling iron and wind the hair with large curls, after having smeared it with a hair mousse.

With the help of a small comb, make a bouffant at the top to give your evening hairstyle more volume.

Begin to twist the hair in one direction, gradually fixing them invisible.

When you reach the opposite ear, use a rubber band to form a tail, which you will need to fasten with invisible hairs on a twisted back of a bundle of hair.

Do not forget to fix the hair with lacquer.

If you add ribbons and other accessories to your hair, then such an evening hairstyle can easily be suitable for a wedding and any other special day.

Another beautiful and simple hairstyle, which is perfect for theme parties, and just for those who are delighted with the hairstyles of the 80s, she will also like it. And to make it very simple:

Comb your hair thoroughly.

Take a strand of hair from the side, make a bouffant on it and drop it on the back of the head.

Do the same on the other side.

The remaining curls on the sides twist upward and secure with the help of invisible women at the crown.

On the other hand, do the same.

Do not forget to sprinkle your hair with lacquer to keep it in better shape.

This evening hairstyle on the square is perfect for owners of an oval and elongated face.

And here is another original version of the evening hairstyle for a short and long square. Any girl can make this hairstyle to herself, as the process of hairstyle creation is incredibly simple.!

Using a curler, wind the hair curl after curl.

Do not make curls too small, let your hair look like waves.

On the back of the head with a rubber band make the tail, leaving a few strands on the sides free.

Twist the tail into a bundle and make a bun out of it, securing it with studs.

From the remaining hairs on the sides, form a pigtail.

Secure it on top of the bun.

Do the same on the other side.

Having securely fixed the hair at the back with hairpins and varnish, you can add some beautiful hairpin to give a little charm to your image.

In order to make an evening hairstyle on the square with the help of this method, you will need a special gum for hair, which can be purchased at any store with hair accessories. And you can make such an evening hairstyle in this way.:

Spray hair with lacquer or moisten with mousse, then comb it.

Using a special or ordinary curling, make light waves on the hair without twisting it.

Comb the waves with a comb with rare teeth.

On the sides you need to do a little bouffant so that the hairstyle seems more voluminous.

Hair gently twist the back of the gum so that there are a few carelessly protruding strands.

Sprinkle your evening hair with lacquer to keep her shape better.

Thus, following our tips and lessons from the article, you can make a stunning hairstyle for short hair from a square. You can also watch the training video to create a unique image for yourself, even having the shortest hair, which can also be beautifully laid at home with your own hands.

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