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European cuisine — traditional national recipes of popular dishes with photos

European cuisine — traditional national recipes of popular dishes with photos

European cuisine — This is a fairly conditional category for the generalization of dishes. In fact, in itself, it combines recipes only on a territorial basis. Many dishes from different parts of Europe are sometimes diametrically opposed in the principles of their preparation, and the products can be used a variety. So, for example, traditional Ukrainian soup is difficult to compare with the French soup. In the first case, it will be more likely a liquid dish cooked in meat broth with the addition of pieces of vegetables, in the second case you will most likely see “too much mashed potatoes” with crackers. The difference is obvious!

It should be understood that the East European, South European, North European, Western European cuisines differ significantly, and therefore it is simply not possible to combine them into something one whole! So what then is the notorious cuisine of European countries?

The classification sign «European cuisine» most often refers to the national cuisines of such countries: Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, England, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Thus, it is obvious that the backbone of the countries belongs to Western Europe, to some extent southern Europe is present, and in addition, England, which geographically refers to northern Europe. Such unity, by the way, is quite easy to explain by the common history, which, quite a lot, influenced the culinary tendencies.

Common for these countries is the presence in the diet of appetizers, salads, first courses (soups), hot main dishes, desserts. As for snacks, for the most part they are represented by all sorts of sandwiches (meat and sweet), as well as toasts. They are usually served with a glass of fresh juice or with a cup of coffee or tea. The first dishes are represented by a large variety of mashed soups. They can be purely vegetable, and with the addition of meat components, as well as fish.

Special attention in the traditional European cuisine should be given to hot main dishes. Their diversity is so great that it simply amazes! This meat in different culinary processing (mainly beef) and meat products (fried, smoked, boiled sausages and sausages), as well as fish. In addition, poultry meat (chicken, turkey, goose, duck) and offal are widely used in the preparation of main dishes. Italian pasta and ravioli are also quite well-known foods belonging to this category. As a side dish most often are vegetables and cereals.

The most popular dishes of European cuisine are desserts, since their choice is wide, the gustatory palette is diverse, and accordingly they can satisfy almost any taste predilection. In the menu of restaurants and cafes you will find all kinds of cakes, cakes, pies and pies, cookies, muffins, casseroles, meringues, puddings and much more.

A unique feature of traditional European cuisine is the widespread use of eggs in the preparation of many dishes. They are not only fried and boiled, and then served as an independent dish, but also added to soups, main dishes, desserts (for example, biscuit dough), and even some drinks!

When analyzing the characteristics of European cuisine, it is worth considering the fact that the traditional French cuisine, which introduced all sorts of sauces, had the strongest influence on it. They are not intended to create the main taste of the dish, but only to emphasize it, subtly emphasizing the basic flavor notes. In general, the creation of sauces in European cuisine is a whole science. Another feature that is traditional for European cuisine is the generous use of vegetables in preparing dishes: snacks; salads; second courses; side dishes. At the same time products are selected with the utmost care. They must be environmentally friendly and comply with the mass standards.

In general, European cuisine is a mix of the best dishes of Western European and Southern European countries, as well as England. Therefore, we advise you to indulge yourself at least occasionally. And for this it is not necessary to go to an expensive restaurant. A real extravaganza of taste can be organized at home! To do this, just use the recipes with photos (step by step pictures) that are shown on our website. With their help, the preparation of even the most complex dishes will be quite a feasible task, in some ways even fascinating!

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