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Egg mask from black points: effective disposal of greasy traffic jams

Egg mask will relieve acne — black spots on the face

Egg is a product that is widely used in cosmetology to eliminate various defects. Egg mask will get rid of black spots, will give the skin a healthy look, radiance, cleanliness and attractiveness.

How the egg mask affects the face

Due to the content of a number of microelements, vitamins and amino acids, the mask from the egg has a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

  • Egg white is perfectly absorbed into clean and relaxed pores, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, has a protective effect against germs and dust. Protein is useful for oily and combination skin, as it quickly cleans it, tightens pores and eliminates unpleasant shine.
  • Protein is rich in vitamins B, D, A and trace elements, which have a moisturizing and tonic effect on the skin.
  • The yolk is especially useful for dry skin, as it restores the balance of cells, moisturizes the face, gives it a healthy look.
  • The mask for the face of the egg helps get rid of acne. The tool tightens pores and pulls out dirt, sweat, grease. After application, the skin becomes lighter in color, and the pigment spot, if present, will become less noticeable.
  • The mask of eggs in combination with honey gives the skin elasticity, and the combination with aloe juice — tones.
  • The specialty of a chicken egg is that it contains the vitamins and trace elements that the skin needs. Regular use of egg masks helps delay the aging process.

If you use an egg white face mask regularly, you will soon be able to see a positive result in the form of clean, fresh, health-breathing skin.

Recommendations for use

Egg mask for acne and black spots will bring maximum benefit if you follow certain recommendations:

  1. Owners of oily skin should use this mask no more than 2-3 times a week. With dry skin — once a week. After completing a course consisting of 10–12 sessions, it is necessary to take a break of 1 month. Neglect of this rule can lead to disruption of the sebaceous glands.
  2. Eggs need to use home (or farm).
  3. Pre-clean and steam the face. This will help the black dot removal process.
  4. In the area around the eyes of the composition does not impose.
  5. When performing the procedure, you need to take care that the facial muscles are relaxed.
  6. If after applying the mask there was a feeling of tightness, then the composition should be washed off before the time indicated in the recipe.
  7. Additional ingredients should be introduced only after the protein has been whipped.
  8. The prepared mass should be used immediately. The mask can not be heated, so all the ingredients must be removed in advance from the refrigerator and let them warm at room temperature.
  9. After removing the mask, you need to wash with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

The mask has a pronounced drying effect. In this regard, its use is contraindicated in women with dry sensitive skin.

The mask of egg white from grayish and black spots is not suitable for those who have damaged skin or large moles on the face.

Preliminary preparation

Before applying the egg mask skin should be prepared. The face needs to be steamed so that the pores are maximally open, and the blood circulation in the capillaries improves. This procedure will facilitate the purification process.

For steaming in boiling water, add 2 drops of any essential oil. You can use herbal teas (fit linden flowers, succession, celandine, calendula, pharmacy chamomile).

In the event that you are prone to the manifestation of allergic reactions to ether or any medicinal herbs, you need to use pure boiling water.

Steaming out bath takes 5–15 minutes. During the procedure, the distance from the face to the water should be at least 20 cm, otherwise the face can be burned with steam.

After steaming, you do not need to wipe your face, just blot it with a towel or napkin.

Chicken egg-based masks are easy and simple to make yourself at home. There are a lot of recipes, each of them is aimed at solving a specific task.

Mask with a napkin and an egg

Highly effective protein mask with a napkin, which has a cleansing effect like medical strips. The principle of operation is based on the pulling out of sebaceous plugs, which stick to the napkin and are removed together with it. This procedure evens out skin color, eliminates irritation and redness. So, the procedure:

  • Beat egg white into thick foam.
  • A napkin (it can be replaced with toilet paper) can be broken into many small pieces so that they can be laid flat on the face (like a mosaic).
  • Whipped protein superimposed on the problem areas of the face. On top of it are paper pieces that fit in size. It is very important that they stick well to the skin.
  • The paper layer on top is covered with protein. The thicker its layer is, the more time it will take to dry it.
  • The approximate time of keeping such a mask against black dots is 20 minutes. But you still need to navigate at the time when the composition starts to dry out.
  • After that, the hardened mask is removed. This can be done in two ways. So that it does not hurt, the paper is moistened with water before removal. But for greater effect, paper with protein must be removed with a sharp movement. In this case, stuck sebaceous plugs will probably be removed.
  • The second stage involves applying to the face of whipped yolk in order to remove irritation. Hold for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Sugar mask for deep cleansing

A face mask of protein and sugar allows you to completely remove dirt and eliminate black spots. Only when properly applied can you count on deep cleansing.

  • First, separate the protein from the yolk.
  • To him add a teaspoon of sugar. Mix the mixture thoroughly with a fork.
  • The resulting mass is divided into two equal parts.
  • First apply the first part. As soon as it dries well, apply the remaining mass.
  • You need to pat your face thoroughly until stickiness disappears.
  • Wash you need warm running water.
  • At the end of the procedure, the face should be rubbed with a tonic to narrow the pores.

Women with oily skin can apply this composition all over their face, and owners of dry skin can only apply to problem areas.

Cucumber application from black points

  • Grate half the cucumber, squeeze the excess cucumber juice.
  • In the remaining mass, drive a whole egg and add ¼ tsp of baking soda.
  • The resulting mass should be applied only to those areas where there are black dots.
  • After half an hour, rinse the composition with warm water.
  • At the end of the procedure, the face should be rinsed with cool water.

Protein with aloe against black spots

This mask will not only get rid of sebaceous plugs, but also disinfects the skin and prevents the appearance of pimples. Aloe juice is a great healing remedy that dries acne and eliminates inflammation. How to cook it?

  • The protein separated from the egg is combined with 1 tablespoon of aloe juice and the same amount of lemon juice.
  • Mix all ingredients with a mixer.
  • Apply half of the composition to the steamed and cleansed face.
  • As soon as this layer dries, apply a second.
  • After 30 minutes, wash off the mask with cool water and moisturize the skin with a cream.

Egg masks are able to strengthen the epidermis tissue, improve blood circulation in the vessels, level and whiten the skin surface, eliminate unsightly black spots. Regular use of these unsophisticated products will significantly change the skin of the face, make it healthy, clean and radiant.

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