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Eel mask with gelatin and charcoal: useful properties, cooking

Acne Mask with Gelatin and Activated Charcoal: Effect on the Skin

Since childhood, the familiar activated carbon has been widely used for adsorption of toxins in case of poisoning, water filtration, respiratory protection, and even weight loss diets. Today it is widely used as a skin care product. Activated carbon for the face is a safe and effective solution to many problems.

Beneficial features

Activated carbon is obtained from natural organic materials such as charcoal and hard coal, coconut shells and others in a charring process. This is followed by activation for the opening of many tiny pores. Due to their large number, coal has a huge specific surface absorption — up to 1500 square meters per gram of substance.

Its main quality is high adsorption capacity, but it also preserves all the useful properties of natural raw materials from which it is obtained. Cosmetics based on coal are suitable for all skin types and are not limited by age. They are able for a short time to cope with the most unpleasant skin problems.

  • The beneficial effects of coal on oily skin are explained by the restoration of the function of the sebaceous glands. Reducing fat production prevents the appearance of congestion in the pores, and, consequently, the formation of acne. Eliminate excess shine.
  • With regular use, this substance helps smooth the skin, removing all roughness, and fine wrinkles become completely invisible.
  • Coal perfectly cleans pores, removing black spots, dust and other impurities that collect on the skin. Being a natural sorbent, it actively absorbs all toxins and other harmful substances formed in the process of metabolism in cells. Especially effective for such purposes mask with activated carbon and gelatin.
  • The appearance of acne can be associated not only with the inflammatory processes of the skin. Sometimes they are caused by diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, in the fight against acne, coal is used in the form of masks, as well as consumed inside. After a few weeks of this treatment, acne disappears, and the skin becomes clean and smooth. Before such treatment is better to consult a specialist and clarify the real cause of acne. Do not stand alone, without medical recommendations, take activated charcoal inside.
  • Sometimes coal is able to cope with such inflammations on the skin, from which even expensive cosmetic products cannot help.

Rules of application

Based on this simple substance, you can prepare a variety of face masks and at home. But to get a quick and desired effect, you should follow some rules.

  • Only fresh activated charcoal tablets are suitable for skin care, because with the expiration date, they reduce the size and number of pores, they become hard and do not warm up well.
  • The tool is safe to use and is hypoallergenic, but still a sensitivity test is needed.
  • Activated charcoal for acne will only help with regular care. With the frequency of procedures at least once a week, the course should be a half to two months, with a repetition after a two-month break. Then a positive result will be noticeable.
  • The mask should be applied to a pre-cleansed, steamed face. Enlarged pores are more easily affected by beneficial components.
  • Properly selected composition of the tool will help the effective healing of the skin. The components that form the mixture with coal should be determined taking into account certain features:
  1. type of skin and its condition at the moment;
  2. characteristic age-related changes;
  3. problems to be solved.
  • Some components added to masks increase its effectiveness. These include, for example, gelatin. The mechanism of its action is to create on the face of a thin film that collects on itself the toxins and particles that are absorbed by coal.
  • For dry skin, it is recommended to add milk to home care mixtures, as it softens and moisturizes perfectly.
  • Apply the mask with coal should be carefully, avoiding getting the mixture on the area around the eyes.
  • It is better to stab your hair before the procedure, otherwise it will be difficult to wash them off.

Possible limitations

There are also certain contraindications to the use of coal for cosmetic purposes:

  • in the presence of spider veins, you can not use a mask that forms a film with gelatin, as it is applied to the face hot and can lead to a negative impact on the smallest vessels;
  • due to the high absorbing properties, carbon absorbs water molecules, therefore it is not recommended for exposure to too dry or too sensitive skin;
  • with coal masks should be postponed after chemical peeling or sunburn;
  • with open pustular inflammation before using this tool, it is better to consult a specialist.

Care products

Simple and affordable face masks with the use of coal can be very quickly prepared by yourself, if you choose the right recipes, which are many. The most popular of these are products with gelatin and other ingredients.

Effective penetration into the deepest layers of the skin is characterized by an acne mask with gelatin and charcoal, which can be easily prepared at home. First you need to grind the tablet and mix the powder well with the clay, then the mixture is diluted with warm milk into a creamy gruel. After adding gelatin, it should stand until it swells a little. After 20 minutes the mixture is gently, on low heat, heated on a water bath until gelatin is completely dissolved and immediately applied to the face.

A few 30-minute sessions with this mask will already give an amazing result. The face will shine clean. It is necessary to ensure that all the components are fresh, and it is better to take milk homemade.

Aloe mask will have a unique effect on problem skin. It consists of ingredients, each of which has a cleansing or healing effect. A mixture of pounded coal tablets and sea salt is diluted with aloe juice. Before applying to the face mask, you can add one or two drops of tea oil. This tool perfectly cleanses the pores, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, smoothes and tightens the skin. Thanks to the drying and anti-inflammatory action, it will get rid of acne. Several such procedures are excellent healthier skin.

The disinfecting and moisturizing effect is known mask, made from activated carbon with lemon juice and yogurt. The tablet is mixed with the rest of the components and applied to the face for about 15 minutes. Fruit acids penetrate deeply into the skin, and carbon absorbs toxins released by metabolic products of the cells.

Excellent anti-inflammatory effect is a very simple mask from acne. This is a classic use of coal. The tablet should be grind and mix with clean filtered or boiled water. The resulting gruel should be applied to the face for about half an hour. Then rinse with cool water. The mask cleans the skin of impurities well, and over time it will relieve acne.

Coal can also be used to narrow pores that quickly become dirty. Rubbed pill, you need to dissolve it in a hundred grams of boiled water and freeze in molds. It is necessary to wipe the face with these ice cubes every day, once a week supplementing it with a gelatinous mask.

A wonderful soothing effect on tired skin after a tense day will be a mask that is prepared by mixing coal with rose water. In the tool you can also drop the essential oil of tea tree. If you apply it before bedtime, in the morning your face will look fresh and rested.

Masks made of activated carbon in their action will not yield to expensive cosmetic products or hours of salon procedures, if they are prepared according to all the rules. They are effective at any age — and for young girls in a transitional period with problem skin and the presence of acne, and for mature women, on whose face there are signs of wilting and numerous wrinkles.

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