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Dutch (Dutch) cuisine — national recipes with photos

Dutch (Dutch) cuisine — national recipes with photos

Dutch (Dutch) cuisine or national cuisine of Holland (Netherlands) — these are quite simple dishes, however very nourishing! Simplicity is due to the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century, specialized schools for girls began to be taught in the household, in which women from the beautiful half of humanity were taught how to cook cheap and tasty. It is believed that because of this the kitchen of Holland was so impoverished.

During the day, the Dutch are content with snacks, but a full meal takes place at dinner, which begins only after six o’clock in the evening.

The specialty of Dutch cuisine is that a full meal is usually dinner, which begins only after six in the evening. At dinner, the Dutchman can afford the first and second course, as well as dessert. The rest of the day food is limited to the usual snack. Breakfast and lunch are usually limited to coffee or tea sandwiches. By the way, fast food is quite common in the Netherlands. Only here it is in no way similar to traditional American! For example, as a “fast food” in many Dutch eateries you will be offered lightly salted herring with onions, or a sandwich with this tasty fish. By the way, fast food restaurants in the Netherlands abound with all sorts of sandwiches, hot dogs, and pancakes.

If you go to a restaurant while in the Netherlands, please note that hot dishes are served only after six. Until that time, you can only rely on snacks and desserts, in combination with any drink.

Holland’s culinary business card is the herring of all possible cooking methods. The most famous dish is haring or haring — it is slightly salted herring with chopped onion, as well as with pickled cucumbers. In addition, roasted herring is also known under the name Panharing, which, although it has a rather specific smell, but nevertheless has an excellent taste!

The Dutch are generally very sensitive to the gifts of the sea. So, for example, is appreciated in the Dutch cuisine eel. He is considered a delicacy. The most famous dish of eel, perhaps, is Gebaken paling met sling. Prepare it, roasting fish in molasses. It turns out very tasty! However, since the eel fish is not cheap, then be prepared for the fact that such a dish will have to spend money.

Also a traditional fish dish in the Netherlands is Kibbeling or Kibbeling, the cooking recipe of which is extremely simple, and therefore you can easily cook it even in your own home cooking. It is a delicacy of a cod, rolled up in batter and deep fried.

As for the first courses, they are present in the national cuisine of Holland. Quite often, these are canned soups, which need only be heated before serving. By the way, this method of cooking is quite common even in restaurants. In general, the traditional soup of the Dutch cuisine is Snert (Schnert or Snert). Something he recalls Russian borscht. The basis of this soup is peas. Also add pork fat, meat, sausages, as well as all sorts of vegetables. It turns out the Schnert is very satisfying, and therefore the Dutch are especially fond of including it in their menu in the cold winter period.

The most famous main dishes include Stampppot. It is a potato and vegetable puree with meat balls or smoked sausage. It is also quite popular dish hot pot or hot pot, which is nothing but vegetable puree (potatoes, carrots, onions) with slices of beef boiled or stewed. In addition, they like the Dutch and another hot dish. It is called Gutspot. For us, it is quite usual, because it is a beef stew.

Also in any restaurant the waiter will recommend you to order for a second Outmaker (fried eggs with ham or pork bacon, served on a slice of the freshest white bread). In addition, chicken sauté can be advised under a nut sauce called Kipsate (kipsyte).

Love for sweets is characteristic of the Dutch. So the most common desserts are pancakes with various fillings (pannenkoek), pancakes (poffertjes), and apple pies (appelgebak).

Of course, there are still a lot of dishes of Dutch cuisine, but we offer you to get acquainted with them in more detail in those photo recipes that are given in this section of our site! Successful culinary experiments.

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