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Dumplings and dumplings — homemade step-by-step making recipes with photos

Dumplings and dumplings — step by step recipes with photo cooking at home

Features of making dumplings at home

Dumplings and dumplings — dishes of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, respectively, with similar principles of cooking. The basis of one and the other is unleavened dough. However, for ravioli and dumplings, the recipe for its preparation is still different. The main difference between the two dishes is the filling. In dumplings, it is usually meat or fish, but in dumplings it is most often vegetable or fruit. However, more details about these two delicious dishes will go further.

Everywhere, dumplings were made in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries of our century, and until then it was distributed only in the north-eastern part of Russia (meaning the European part of the country). Presumably, the appearance of ravioli on this territory was influenced by the culture and culinary traditions of the countries of Central Asia.

These dumplings are dumplings Siberian or Ural. They are always prepared from simple unleavened dough, as for homemade noodles. As a filling, they use minced meat from various types of meat: beef (45%), lamb (35%), pork (20%). Also in the composition of the filling may be present such products: onions, seasonal herbs, black pepper, salt, wheat flour, meat broth.

Making dumplings at home is quite time-consuming and complex process. But actually it is not! Of course, our grandmothers spent quite a lot of time behind sculpting dumplings, but today, in the age of technology development, everything is much simpler. There are many devices and devices that will simplify the manufacturing process. Therefore, do not rush to the store for semi-finished products. Homemade dumplings get much tastier! But to prepare them correctly will help such recommendations:

  1. The dough for dumplings should turn out pretty steep, but it still has to be elastic. To do this, you must strictly use the amount of ingredients that is indicated in the recipe. Flour before kneading should be sifted several times in order to enrich it with oxygen. Knead the dough from the edges to the center. The more thoroughly the kneading procedure is carried out, the better will be the dough for ravioli. So at this stage no hurry!
  2. Be sure to let the cooked dough rest at room temperature. It will take about half an hour. This period of time is necessary so that the gluten in the dough is well swollen, and the dough itself becomes quite elastic.
  3. Stuffing for ravioli can be any. However, most often in its quality is used minced meat. At the same time, the dumplings will be tastier than if different types of meat are combined in the filling. As a rule, the best combination for a particular type of ravioli is indicated in the corresponding recipe. To make the filling more juicy, you can add a little beef broth. It will become more tender thanks to the addition of semolina, denser — thanks to wheat flour. In addition, you should not forget about the addition of minced onion, ground black pepper and salt to the mince. These ingredients greatly enrich the taste of the filling.
  4. Roll out the dough for the dumplings need one large layer, so its thickness for each dumpling will be the same.
  5. You can make dumplings in the old-fashioned way by hand, using a glass to cut out each dumpling. Pinch the edges and connect them also have their own hands. However, this stage of cooking dumplings at home can be accelerated by such a device as a dumpling.
  6. If the dumplings are harvested for the future, then after the modeling stage, they should be immediately frozen. By the way, it is the frozen dumplings that turn out to be more delicious, and not just the version made.
  7. Boil dumplings should be in boiling water, about 10 minutes after floating. In the process of cooking they need to be stirred periodically. Otherwise, dumplings can firmly stick to the bottom of the pan.
  8. Ready dumplings seasoned with butter or sour cream, sprinkled with herbs. Suppose the option of serving in the broth.

Here, perhaps, are all the main features of making delicious dumplings at home. All other nuances and recommendations, depending on the type of dish, can be found in the recipes with step-by-step photos of this section of the site.

Dumplings — originally Ukrainian dish. However, it is also considered to be quite common in the territory of Ukraine’s neighboring countries. Prepare dumplings, as well as dumplings from lean dough. However, test versions on milk and dairy products are also allowed.

It is very important that the dough on the dumplings is well boiled, but it remains strong enough. To do this, it should be cooked in a cool room, away from heat sources. Knead the dough should be in ice water or on another cooled liquid basis.

In each recipe you can see a note that the dough for dumplings should be steep and elastic. Only in this case from it to turn out to mold. In addition, the dough only with such characteristics will not break during cooking.

Stuffing for dumplings, as a rule, vegetable or fruit and berry. However, the use of meat and fish products is permissible. The main feature of the dumplings is that whatever the filling is, it should be ready when sculpting. At the same time juicy stuffing before laying should be well pressed.

They make dumplings by hand, as in the case of dumplings, only dumplings are shaped like a crescent. The seam must be tweaked carefully. In the case of a fruit and berry filling, it can even be flagellated. So the seam will be much stronger.

Ready vareniki send in boiling water, stir them until the moment of floating. Then cook the required amount of time in accordance with the recipe, usually about three to four minutes.

This homemade Ukrainian dish is served in combination with the appropriate dressing: with sour cream, butter, fruit or berry based syrup, honey, toasted onion or lard and with some other dressings.

You can store dumplings by freezing.

Of course, the above recommendations for cooking dumplings are not exhaustive. More information about the preparation of varieties of this dish can be found in the step-by-step recipes of this site.

Dumplings and dumplings — incredibly delicious dishes, the rush in the preparation of which is simply unacceptable! Each stage of cooking requires a scrupulous attitude. However, all works will return a hundredfold. The enthusiastic reviews of your household will have no limits!

Cook with pleasure, and our recipes with step by step photos on cooking dumplings and dumplings at home will be your faithful helpers!

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