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Dishes on the grill — the best cooking recipes with photos

Dishes on the grill — the best cooking recipes with photos

Dishes on the grill — This is a category of meals designed for a picnic, because it is difficult to imagine that in the conditions of a normal city apartment a hostess will cook in the heat of ember. It’s no secret that this kind of food is, as a rule, kebabs of any kind: meat, fish, vegetables, mushroom or any other. Less common are recipes made in a cauldron on the grill. It can be an ear or some kind of soup, pilaf, goulash, etc.

In order for the dishes cooked on the grill to turn out really tasty you should know some rules and tricks. You need to cook only in the heat of the coal, and therefore an open flame in the grill is unacceptable. Because of it, you risk just burning the dish.

The best wood for barbecue is fruit trees. It is she who gives that unique taste and smell of the fire. In no case should not use logs of conifers. Because of them, the dish that you will prepare, will acquire a specific smell and taste. In addition, you can use ready-made charcoal, which today are sold in all supermarkets.

In cooking on the grill, there are some tricks. So, for example, if you are going to bake the fish entirely, then keep in mind that during the whole cooking process it can be turned over only once. If you do this every minute, you risk overdrying it. In addition, such manipulations will contribute to the fact that the already finished fish will fall apart.

Vegetables are very tasty on the grill. Just keep in mind that it will take very little time to prepare them, much less than for meat or fish. Therefore, do not overdo them. Otherwise, you will have to eat vegetables with a taste of «burning».

In addition to the standard kebabs, on the grill you can cook and rather unusual dishes. For example, you can bake fruits over the heat of the coals and fill them with some sweet sauce. As a result, you will get a wonderful dessert, which with pleasure will be enjoyed not only by the kids, but also by adults. By the way, you will find a lot of such recipes on this site.

In general, if we talk about the best dishes cooked on the grill, then the first place, of course, will be kebabs. This is a simple to prepare and very tasty dish. It is popular among millions and is truly «popular.»

So, if you are going on a picnic and pick up dishes that you would like to cook, then welcome to our website. Here is an extensive collection of photo recipes. Among them you will find both quite familiar foods and very unusual and original ones. All recipes are provided with detailed descriptions of each cooking step. In addition, each stage contains a photo, and therefore the preparation of dishes will not be any difficulty. Join now!

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