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Dishes cooked on the fire — delicious cooking recipes with photos

Dishes cooked on a fire (in nature) — recipes for cooking with photos are delicious and original

Dishes cooked on fire in a hike or on a picnic in nature — this is a special category! Recipes for the creation of such foods differ in some nuances in the preparation of products before heat treatment, as well as directly by the process of heat treatment. Let’s deal with this issue a little more!

As a rule, the products from which it is planned to prepare the dish are prepared in advance. So, for example, meat for kebabs is marinated long before a hike on nature (it takes at least 5-6 hours). If the dish is multi-component, for example, goulash or some intricate soup, then all the ingredients are better prepared and cut ahead of time. At a picnic, cutting carrots and other vegetables, as well as carving meat will be completely uncomfortable. However, if you are a happy owner of a country house, then such a problem will most likely not be relevant to you!

So, we have dealt with the preparation of products, so now it is the turn of the question of their heat treatment. For the preparation of a dish is important to stock up on necessary utensils and some appliances. If you, going on a hike, are going to cook a stew or to cook some second course, then you can not do without a pot! It may be of different sizes, and therefore the camp dish prepared in it can be eaten both at one time, and in several receptions by a whole company of tourists. At a picnic, it is better to use a large cauldron, and especially if you go to nature in a big company! In it, you can, as in a pot, prepare the first dish, as well as a hot main dish. For cooking meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc.), as well as fish, you can use skewers and special grills for barbecues.

The peculiarity in cooking on the fire is that the time of their production cannot be “standardized”, as is the case with recipes that you embody in your home kitchen. In this case, the role is played by a lot of factors: weather conditions, intensity of fire, dishes for cooking, as well as the volume of the dish you are cooking. Thus, starting to cook on a fire, be prepared for the fact that it can take up to several hours. Therefore, do not forget to stock up on something for a snack!

Dishes cooked on the fire have a special taste and aroma. Even the boring in the ordinary life of the dishes gobble up for both cheeks! So do not be surprised if the most ordinary and simple soup, will be eaten to the last spoonful. The aroma of the fire and the taste with which it saturates the dishes will do its job!

If you are just planning the menu, going to nature, you can use the photo recipes of those delicious dishes that are listed on our website. They will not only be able to give you a new idea about food for a picnic, but also tell in detail about the technological features of cooking one or another food on the fire. In addition, step-by-step photos in the recipes will be a hint that helps even newcomers in cooking to orient themselves in the cooking process!

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