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Desserts — delicious photo cooking recipes at home

Desserts (with baking and without, cold and hot, simple and complex) — delicious photo cooking recipes at home

Types of desserts that can be prepared at home

Dessert — This is a delicious sweet dishes, which, as a rule, end the meal. This order of serving sweet dishes was finally formed only in the nineteenth century. However, at present no one so strictly adheres to this sequence. At home, the dessert appears on the table at the exact moment when it is appropriate.

Until recently, dessert was considered a luxury and in most cases only wealthy people or people with modest incomes could afford it, but only on holidays and special occasions. Today the value of sweet dishes is not so high. People with any level of wealth can afford dessert. The complexity is rather a choice of sweet dishes, because their diversity simply amazes the imagination. Moreover, difficulties arise not only at the time of purchasing a dessert, but also when choosing a recipe for its preparation at home. Even one particular pastry has dozens, if not hundreds, of cooking variations.

The question naturally arises, and what are the desserts? Types of many! For example, it is possible to divide desserts depending on the products that underlie them. Thus, desserts can be fruit, berry, nutty, chocolate, dairy, flour, etc. In addition, sweet dishes can be served cold, such as ice cream or hot, like hot chocolate. The division into types of desserts are also on the basis of whether baking is required for their preparation or not. Also, sweet dishes are often divided into simple and complex. This feature concerns both the preparation procedure itself and the composition of the dessert (a single-component dessert, respectively, is considered simple and a multi-component — complex). More desserts can be quick in preparation, as they say, in a hurry, or long. Continue the list of types of desserts can be indefinitely, because this will stop, but the desserts with baking and without, cold and hot, simple and complex, we consider a little more.

Recipes for desserts that involve baking are, as a rule, flour products, for example, muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, cakes, pies, rolls. In this case, the very word «baking» should not be scared. It seems that behind him lies a long and tedious process of cooking. But this view is not entirely correct. Today, there are many devices that facilitate and simplify the baking process. For example, using a microwave, you can bake delicious muffins in no more than five minutes.

As for desserts without baking, there are no less of them than desserts with pastries. These include jelly, mousses, candy, ice cream, fruit salads and even sweet dessert soups. Of course, the list is far from complete. Desserts without baking, there are much more. But the time of their preparation, despite the lack of heat treatment, can be much more than that of sweet dishes that need to be baked.

According to the serving temperature, desserts can be divided into those served cold and those served hot. Cold dishes are a dominant majority. These include not only ice cream and jelly, but also many types of pastries, which are also commonly served chilled. The brightest representative can be called a cake. Even those variants of this dessert, which are subjected to heat treatment, are invariably served after hours of exposure in the refrigerating chamber.

Hot desserts include some dessert drinks (cocoa, specially prepared coffee, as well as hot chocolate), baked fruit, and besides, some flour products that are usually served on the table in a warm form.

Desserts are simple and difficult to prepare. Even a person who has no experience in the field of cooking can cope with the creation of simple sweet dishes, but to prepare complex desserts you will have to “arm yourself” with some tricks and secrets, and also with enough free time. However, having studied the recipes of cooking one and another type of desserts, you will understand that the indicator of complexity is conditional. One or the other can be cooked easily. In addition, desserts can be divided into simple and complex by the number of components that are included in them. So a simple dessert is usually a sweet dish consisting of one or two ingredients, and a complex dessert is a multicomponent sweet dish.

In this section of the site you can find all listed types of desserts. Choose a recipe for a sweet dish that you like and start cooking it. It will be easy if you act in accordance with all the recommendations of a specific step-by-step recipe with a photo. By the way, the text description of the cooking process is accompanied by step-by-step photos, which means that not a single nuance of cooking escapes you!

All recipes for cooking desserts contain very specific instructions regarding a particular cooking process. However, if you really want to master the confectionery art, then you need to know some dogma of work with a particular product. These are the tricks that must be in your «arsenal»!

  • A component of many desserts is chicken eggs. They must be fresh, but otherwise you will not see a delicious dessert like your own ears. To determine the freshness of eggs, you can use a fairly simple method. It lies in the fact that eggs should be omitted in a ten percent solution of salt. Fresh product immediately sink to the bottom. By the way, eggs are not the first freshness very badly whipped.
  • If you have to work only with chicken yolks, then it is best to remember to rub them, preheating. In a warm condition, they will be more pliable than in a cold one.
  • But whip proteins better chilled. You should not use aluminum cookware. When in contact with her proteins begin to darken.
  • If you need to whip cream for dessert, then you need to pre-cool them, like proteins. In addition, only fat cream is suitable for this purpose.
  • In that case, if it is necessary to use gelatin to make a dessert, it must be diluted in a ratio of one to ten, that is, one tablespoon of gelatin is poured with ten tablespoons of liquid. To dissolve the crystals of the above substance, it must be soaked for up to one hour. The liquid should be at room temperature. Only after this manipulation gelatin is used for the further process of preparation.
  • When choosing a sponge cake as a basis for dessert, remember that you only need to cut it after it has cooled completely. Hot and even warm biscuit will crumple and break.
  • When baking something on a baking sheet, do not be lazy to cover it with baking (parchment) paper. So it will be easier to separate the baked product, and do not have to wash the pan.

Good luck to you in preparing desserts at home! And if you doubt your abilities, be sure to check with the desired step by step photo recipe.

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