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Dandruff at home: how and from what to cook

How to choose a remedy for dandruff at home

It is easy to find a suitable dandruff remedy at home, but its use will bring temporary relief if the main cause of seborrhea remains.

Folk remedies for dandruff in the home allow you to moisturize the scalp, nourish it with nutrients that normalize metabolic processes and improve the condition of the sebaceous glands.

The choice of anti-dandruff should be done with regard to the oily hair. For dry and normal hair, you can use various oils of vegetable origin. Household or tar soap is recommended for very oily hair.

Dandruff can be withdrawn using different methods, but one should not forget about the timely change of the selected agents, so that there is a variety of beneficial substances that nourish the scalp.

What vegetable oils can you use?

Oily mixtures intended for the treatment of dandruff of the head are often poorly washed out, after using them the effect of dirty hair remains. Therefore, the treatment they need to plan for the time of rest in the family circle, so that the appearance of hair does not irritate unfamiliar people.

To apply the oil, the fingers are dipped into the finished product and massaged with it on the scalp. After putting on insulation, which is held for at least half an hour.

Against dandruff at home often use burdock oil. This is an oil extract of burdock root, infused with vegetable oil. In the roots of this plant there are a lot of tannins, mucus and bitterness, which have a skin-toning property and eliminate itching.

Using this product for a month is enough to relieve an allergic reaction, saturate the dried layer of the epidermis with useful components and remove dandruff for a long time.

There is a recipe that allows you to cook burdock oil yourself. To do this, dig burdock roots in early spring or late autumn, when they are saturated with nutrients. They are washed, cleaned, cut into pieces and grind in a meat grinder. Juice squeezed, mixed in equal parts with any vegetable oil. Cold-pressed linseed, sesame or peanut oil is best.

Home-made is much lighter in texture, but cannot be stored for long periods. To prepare such an oil in stock, you need to dry the pieces of the roots, then grind them, pour them into the jar and pour the powder from the roots with hot vegetable oil of any origin. Such a mixture can stand for a long time, because it contains almost no plant juice, but only useful substances.

Getting rid of dandruff requires a systematic approach. It is necessary to stimulate the hair roots, to suppress the growth of pathogenic fungi, to maintain the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. To enhance their function, castor oil is recommended. It temporarily replaces the lack of fat, relieves dry scalp. Castor oil is a traditional product used to fight dandruff. Oil when applied eliminates itching and prevents peeling.

A very good effect can be obtained from a mask made from linseed oil with dry dandruff. It is saturated with acids that can actively deal with flaky skin on the head. The oil is well absorbed into the dry layers of the epidermis and fully nourishes its layers with beneficial substances. It is well washed out and does not weigh strands.

If the scalp is heavily dried, sea buckthorn oil comes to the rescue. It promotes skin renewal because it has a powerful regenerating potential.

What essential oils will help

If you can not tolerate greasy hair from oil, you can choose a prescription for treatment, which uses a variety of essential oils. They are weightless for hair, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, improve the microflora of the head, moisturize the epidermis. They are most often used for the prevention of dandruff.

Essential oils can be added to shampoo or water intended for rinsing hair. For heavily drained hair, they can be mixed with coconut or olive oil to make masks.

The most commonly used recipe is that they mix tea tree oil with grapefruit in equal proportions. This mixture has a delicious unobtrusive smell, inhibits the growth of fungus, normalizes the sebaceous glands. It is suitable as a remedy for dandruff for men, most often suffering from oily seborrhea, complicated by fungal lesions of the scalp. These oils are added to the water for rinsing at the rate of 1 drop per 1 liter of water, and this is enough to keep the hair without dandruff.

It is often recommended to make a mask with olive oil with the addition of two drops of essential oil of tea tree. After applying the product, they keep the hair under the insulation for an hour and rinse with shampoo. Dry seborrhea disappears long after the first procedure.

Lavender oil has a soothing effect on the skin. It eliminates irritation, makes hair shine and stimulates hair growth. The use of this essential oil will help increase the elasticity of the hair and prevent dandruff. For the treatment of dry scalp with dandruff, it is added to sesame oil. The composition can enter 2 drops of eucalyptus oil and make a mask for 2 hours. After all, wash off with dandruff shampoo.

The use of jojoba oil is perfectly reflected in the appearance of the hair. It improves their elasticity, makes them soft and obedient, gives shine. The use of this oil for a month improves hair growth and normalizes the sebaceous glands. This tool allows you to get rid of dandruff caused by overdrying of the skin.

Care for dry hair with dandruff can be done with the use of almond oil. It has nutrients that moisturize the epidermis and improve hair growth. It can be mixed in equal parts with fir oil and used to suppress dandruff of fungal origin.

To combat dandruff, you can use a mixture of essential oil of lemon and coconut oil. They rub it in at night, put a cap on so that the skin breathes, and the mask does not stain the bedding. In the morning, wash off and admire the beauty of healthy hair.

Juices and extracts from seborrhea

Juice of onions can give a good result when fighting for healthy hair. The recipe for its use is simple. You need to take half of a large onion, grate it on a medium grater, put in a handkerchief or in several layers of gauze. Tie into a knot so that the juice can flow when pressed, and the pulp is isolated with a cloth. The resulting bag massage the scalp. Then it is recommended to put a heater on the head and walk like that for an hour and a half. After the procedure, rinse all with a suitable shampoo. This treatment is well suited for women suffering not only dandruff, but also hair loss.

Onion peel extract is traditionally used to treat dandruff. It has antifungal effect and benefits hair. He has another positive feature. Saturated infusion is used as a method for dyeing blond hair in chestnut color. The darker the hair, the more intense and noble the shade.

Folk recipe recommends pouring a handful of husk with a glass of boiling water and boiling it for 10 minutes over low heat. The mixture is rubbed into the head for an hour before washing the head. This is a good way for the male half of humanity with dark hair and dandruff.

Aloe juice from the first application removes itching, which is very annoying with dry dandruff. It can be used as an independent effective remedy for dandruff, and as a part of masks.

To prepare the juice, which helps both to get rid of dandruff and normalize the metabolic processes of the epidermis, you need to pre-cut several fleshy leaves with a length of at least 17 cm, put them in the freezer for complete freezing. This method allows you to turn the mucus, which are many in the plant, into juice.

After hardening the sheet, it is removed, cut off the edge into a tall glass and wait until the flesh thaws. After squeezing out the juice and rubbing it into the scalp before each wash. Keep aloe juice is recommended for at least 1 hour. If the procedure is regular, dandruff will quickly disappear.

Lemon juice mixed with olive oil helps to get rid of dandruff. They are mixed in equal parts and applied for a few hours on the dried hair.

You can use lemon juice to rinse hair. To do this, take one fruit, squeeze it into 1 liter of hot water. Squeezes cut into 4 parts and leave to infuse in water. Before rinsing, the crusts are removed, the infusion is diluted with hot water and rinsed to the head after washing. This gives the hair shine, while the scalp is moisturized. The sebaceous glands will then function normally.

You can fight dandruff with a nettle broth. Its preparation will require a water bath. 1 cup of dry raw materials and 1.5 liters of hot water are mixed in a 2-liter jar, which is placed in a high saucepan with water and heated. After the appearance of saturated color of the broth, turn off the stove, cover all with a lid and slowly cool. The result is a healing decoction that helps get rid of many skin diseases. It is useful for itchy skin, fungal lesions, dandruff of any type and hair loss.

Home remedies for dandruff will not bring lasting effect if diseases of the internal organs are to blame for the appearance of dandruff. To help people’s methods, you need to determine the cause of seborrhea, and if necessary, contact the trichologist so that he examines the problem area and decides if you need a medicine for this kind of pathology or if folk methods can come up.

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