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Cupcakes — homemade recipes with step by step photos

Cupcakes (with filling and without) — simple and tasty cooking recipes at home with step by step photos

Simple secrets of cooking delicious cupcakes

Cupcakes — confectionery made from sweet dough, which quite often supplement with various fillings (dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts, jam, jam, condensed milk and many others). They can be made in different sizes and shapes.

The variety of recipes for cooking muffins at home is so great that there simply is not enough patience to list all their variations. At the same time, not only the recipe of the dough and the filling, but also the method of baking is different. So, for making muffins, they use not only an oven, but also a microwave oven, a slow cooker, a double boiler, a convection oven, and also some other kitchen devices.

Muffins are a wonderful dessert in every way! Preparing in haste, and it turns out incredibly tasty. You can bake such confectionery at least three times a day, but you still shouldn’t get carried away. This product is very high in calories, and therefore, its excessive consumption can quickly lead to weight gain. However, occasionally you can indulge yourself with such a delicacy.

Although there are many recipes for cooking delicious muffins at home and each of them contains its own instructions, you can still highlight general recommendations:

  1. The dough for the muffins kneaded quickly enough. It does not require «rest» before baking.
  2. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the proportions of products given in the recipe. Regretting butter, sugar or eggs you can not get the tasty result that we would like.
  3. The correct consistency of the dough for muffins, like that of sour cream.
  4. A softer and softer cupcake is obtained if each egg in the dough is replaced with two yolks.
  5. Flavored pastries will turn out if you add vanilla, cinnamon, crushed almonds.
  6. A little starch or crushed nuts in a cupcake will help to prolong its life. Thanks to these ingredients, the confectionery product will stay fresh longer.
  7. During baking, it is not recommended to open the oven, as the temperature difference may cause the dough to settle.
  8. Remove the muffins from the molds only after they have cooled completely. Otherwise, the baking can be deformed, because of which it will lose its appetizing appearance.
  9. If at the end of baking, the cupcake was covered with a golden crust, and inside it remained raw, then it should be “baked” covered with parchment paper.

Here, perhaps, are all the basic secrets of cooking delicious homemade muffins, both with filling and without it. More details about the creation of this baking can be found in the selected recipes with step by step photos. They will describe in detail the procedure for preparing the dough. The whole cooking process, in general, will be illustrated in a phased photo.

Making homemade cupcakes is a real pleasure! Necessary products, as a rule, are always available, and the technology of preparation is as simple as possible. Yes, and preparing such baking, as they say, hastily. Even the absence of an oven in the house will not be a problem for baking cupcakes. For this purpose, suitable and microwave.

It is with cupcakes that young housewives should start their acquaintance with baking. To spoil them is simply impossible!

In the collection of step-by-step photo recipes given on this page of the site, one can find both classic versions of cupcake preparation and rather original versions. Here are recipes for every taste!

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