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Cuban cuisine — national recipes with photos

Cuban cuisine — national recipes with photos, as well as its features

Cuban or Cuban cuisine — this is not just a familiar set of dishes, it is a mixture of different cultures that have layered on each other throughout the history of the Island of Freedom. It combines Spanish and African notes, as well as notes of local Aborigines. As in many other countries, the cuisine of Cuba is subject to a territorial division into the kitchen of the central part of the country, as well as eastern and western.

Central Cuba is characterized by the use of a variety of seafood. The most popular of them are langoustines and shrimps. Spiny lobsters are a restaurant product, they are practically not cooked in ordinary home conditions. However, in the menu of almost all restaurants they are present. Mussels and squids are almost never used. Cubans simply do not like them! The cuisine of western Cuba, that is, the part where the capital of the island is located, Havana, is mainly represented by meat, fish and seafood dishes. The peculiarity of the cuisine of the Eastern part of the island is due to the influence of African culture. Here you will find mainly pork in combination with beans. In the preparation of dishes used quite a lot of garlic. In addition, Cubans from the eastern part of the island often cook dishes from corn, as well as simply love fried green bananas. In general, this type of Cuban cooking is considered national, in our understanding of the village.

If we talk about the features of the national cuisine of Cuba, we can note the following points:

  • Cuban salads practically do not eat, and even more so, they do not like to include vegetables in their composition;
  • fruits that grow in this country in abundance, are used in cooking rather widely, the most popular among them all is mango;
  • soups are cooked extremely rarely and mainly serve them during illness;
  • sauces are prepared for almost all meat and fish dishes;
  • Also, Cuban cuisine is not distinguished by the variety of spices, often using simple salt and ground black pepper.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that Cuban cuisine is extremely simple in terms of technology. Wise recipes in it you will not find. Cubans themselves simply do not like to spend too much time on cooking. However, this does not affect the taste of dishes! By the way, speaking about tastes, it is worth noting the fact that Cubans are very fond of sour, and therefore they often use lemons and limes in cooking.

And, of course, speaking of the national cuisine of Cuba, it is impossible not to mention the real Cuban rum. It is not just used as an alcoholic drink, but also used in the preparation of many dishes. So, for example, almost all foods using seafood are flamed using rum. This gives them a special savory taste. In addition, various cocktails have received worldwide fame: Mojito, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Cuba Libre and many others.

In general, Cuban cuisine is a real extravaganza of taste! The dishes, as we said earlier, are very easy to prepare, and therefore you can easily make them at home. You can make sure of this by studying those photo recipes that are listed in this section of our website. They are really very simple!

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