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Craquelure manicure — master class on nail design with step by step photos

Craquelure manicure — master class on nail design with step by step photos

Manicure «craquelure» Today it is considered one of the most popular manicure options. This unique nail design looks very impressive and allows you to complement a variety of images. To create it, it is not necessary to visit the nail salon, since in its design it is quite simple and does not require special expenses for additional devices and materials. A lacquer with a craquelure effect does not differ in value from ordinary lacquers, the price varies solely depending on the manufacturer. So, to create an original design, you will need a couple of types of nail polish, a base, a fixer and a little bit of perseverance and accuracy.

This type of manicure is no longer one season in trend. The special effect of the coating is the original cracks of the upper layer, which are obtained after application and, thus, the lower layer is shown through. With the help of such nail art, you can create a manicure to any image from a business to the most extravagant, you just have to choose the right combination of colors. Pastel shades are better suited for business style, but for other images you can experiment. By the way, if you apply the varnish vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in a circle, you can get a completely different effect! The number and thickness of cracks will depend on the thickness of the coating layer; the thinner the layer, the thinner and more elegant the cracks will be.

To create a manicure in the style of Craquelure you will need the following cosmetic (and not only) products:

  • clear lacquer base;
  • varnish of the color that you chose for the lower translucent layer;
  • craquelure varnish;
  • fixer (optional)
  • alcohol (necessary for nail degreasing).

We suggest you make this elegant nail art on your nails at home with the help of our master class with step-by-step photos, and you will always be the center of attention! So follow our instructions:

  1. The nail should be cleaned from the slightest remnants of the previous manicure and degreased with a special tool or alcohol.
  2. We apply a transparent varnish basis. We are waiting to complete its drying. It is possible to use both usual, and medical or leveling.
  3. We take a varnish for the lower layer and carefully make a single or two-layer coating. It is very important that everything is well dried, it is worth waiting for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Take the craquelure and apply it gently, starting from the middle of the nail. The coating will crack just a few seconds, so you will see the effect almost immediately.
  5. The final step will be applying the fixer to give a gloss manicure. If you want to leave it matte, then fixer can not be used.

Having gotten a bit more, you can achieve the desired effect and experiment with the images, creating a chic manicure with craquelure effect!

However, before applying it is necessary to follow a few rules to avoid an ugly result. For example, do not use old craquelure varnish, standing on the shelf for a long time, lumps can form in it and the cracking effect will no longer occur.

You should not use this type of manicure on short nails, it will look untidy, because There is very little room for “creativity” for lacquer and the desired effect will not work.

It is best to use lacquers in bright contrasting shades, pastel colors are suitable only for the base, otherwise you can get ugly earthy shades. Although the combination of milk and white, can create the effect of «old porta», ideal for everyday working option. Classic combinations are black with white or red, green with white and many others. The simplest option would be to select a range of colors, just choose the opposite shades. Lacquers themselves should have a pearly brilliant texture.

We hope that this article inspired you to experiment and another tool will be more on your shelf. Observing the technology, you can achieve amazing results.

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