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Color types of appearance (spring, summer, autumn, winter) — makeup features for them

Color types of appearance (spring, summer, autumn, winter) — how to determine your color type and what are the features for creating makeup for each of them?

Appearance color types — This is one of those parameters that makes us unique, because our world is beautiful in its diversity. No one could appreciate the beauty of the summer green landscape of the peephole, which had never seen winter frosty charms, snowdrifts under the window and trees covered with frost. A spring bloom would not cause a romantic mood, the awakening of the body from the winter slumber. And what would have happened if we had not enjoyed the autumn golden crimson colors of nature, the air of which seems to be the lightest web.

Similarly, it is impossible to find two people with identical appearance. We all differ in eye color and hair color, skin tone, body structure, character and opinion on the same things. What causes such a huge difference in the appearance of people who live on our planet?

Characteristic features of a person’s image are shaped by the place, nation and region in which he is born. They are inherited from their ancestors, while mixing features from mom and dad. And that means from all ancestors from both sides, which sometimes gives quite unusual combinations. So, for example, here is how some physiological features are formed:

  • The shade of the skin of every nation becomes just that much because of the amount of sun. Therefore, in Africa there are many black and dark people, their organisms in historical epochs used to produce a large amount of melanin to protect against ultraviolet radiation.
  • The cut of the eyes of Oriental people of interesting shape, slanting. And this is not just so, because in places of their life strong winds have long been blowing, and the hanging eyelid and short distance between the centuries allowed to protect the mucous eyes from dust, sand and dirt.
  • Hair will also be different for all nations due to many reasons. This will be the amount of sun in the area where the ancestors come from and many other conditions. The hair will be different not only in color, but also in density, density, texture and many other characteristics.

But at the same time, the general features will still be present in people, which, of course, is connected with the crossing of different types of appearance. The main, most prominent features by which certain groups can be combined are the colors and shades that are present in a person’s appearance. Therefore, in cosmetology, the art of makeup can be divided into four groups of people, which, by analogy with nature, were named after the four seasons:

  • color type winter;
  • blossoms spring;
  • color type summer;
  • tsvetotip autumn.

Each color type is distinguished by its characteristic features, such as hair color and shade, skin tone, eye shade, and many others, which together give a certain generality.

Determining correctly and correctly your color type is extremely important for every girl, because almost every one of us uses makeup, at least sometimes. What is the purpose of applying any makeup? Make yourself even more beautiful, skillfully emphasize all your virtues, modestly hiding some imperfections. And it is necessary to do this with the condition that you know your color type, because only certain color and texture combinations are suitable for each type of appearance. This, moreover, concerns not only the selection and application of makeup, but also the choice of hair color and the selection of your own wardrobe.

How to determine your type of appearance? To do this, just look carefully at yourself in the mirror and know some features of your body, for example, the degree of your tan and the speed of its acquisition. Therefore, consider in detail what characteristics are inherent in each category, in order to know your version of the color type.

Winter — This is a clean cold version of the color type. Very easily, it is determined by the fact that the hair color contrasts sharply with the skin color, because the winter girl is a luxurious brunette with a shade of hair from bluish-black to dark blonde. In this case, eye shades are most often green, olive, black, blue, nutty, violet or brown with different variations. Such a girl is a happy owner of a luxurious porcelain skin structure with the intrinsic transparency of this material, with clearly looking pink or blue veins. But what is interesting, with this aristocratic pallor, winter girls sunbathe very easily, acquiring a light olive tint. The most advantageous with this type of appearance look cold metals such as silver, platinum or white gold.

Spring — the rarest color type inherent in our region. So the spring girl has soft features, in all her appearance a warm honey note slips.

Most often, the spring is blonde or light brown with warm strands, there are also possible spring-type options that have light brown, straw and reddish hair. Pretty often the most distinctive feature of the girl-spring are freckles, which occasionally occur under the warm rays of the sun, as well as scattering the face and body even in the winter cold. The shade of the skin at the spring color type also leads to transparency, but at the same time it is deprived of excessive pallor as in winter. It can be golden undertones with peach notes, and ivory with pinkish veins. Spring tans wonderful, easily and smoothly covered with delicate golden «clothes». Eyes are found in this type of blue, gray, cornflower and green with various options. A distinctive feature of the eyes of spring are the irreducible golden sparkles, hidden in the color pigment.

Summer — the most common form of appearance in our lands, referring to the cold type. A common characteristic feature is the mutedness of any shades inherent in the appearance. In fact, the color options of the summer can be a great many, but it is the softness of the midtones and the excellent color compatibility perfectly smooths out any “irregularities”. The skin in these combinations is even, grayish-beige, does not tan very well, burns quickly and becomes red, then darkens and can get a grayish tan. Hair color is unsaturated, light brown, chestnut, blond, most often there are ashy or gray notes. Eyes can also be any variations, while they will not stand out brightly on the face, because they will be as if hazy. There are gray, blue, green and brown eyes.

Autumn — a rich, luxurious in saturation color palette type, which is perfectly underlined by the nobility of gold jewelry and accessories. But, unfortunately, and still quite rare in our open spaces.

Refers to the pure warm version, and at first glance immediately causes associations with luxury and wealth. Skin tones are always very warm and soft, from the brightest tones, such as ivory and cream, to rich southern ones, such as olive and milk chocolate. At the same time, saturated orange freckles often appear. A distinctive feature of this type is the almost complete absence of a natural blush, because the skin is clearly not prone to redness, has a dense texture and deeply located blood vessels. At the same time, it is very easy to sunbathe and become a real “dark face”. The hair colors of the autumn are rich tones, always having rich copper and bronze sparks. So they can be from golden chestnut colors to a hint of dark chocolate. The texture of the hair is very dense, and often there are very curly curls, curled by nature.

Of course, it is impossible to find absolutely pure color types, because all people are different, and therefore they will have different features. It is difficult to imagine that the seven billion population of our planet can be tailored to the specific standards of the four options. But, nevertheless, the predominant option will still be present, which means you will know what to start with when using cosmetics and selecting make-up tools.

Make-up for the autumn type should be selected very carefully in order to emphasize the luxury and richness of natural shades:

  • Base makeup — it must be pleasant warm, peach shades. In no case should not use the pink and red bases, so as not to give the face a painful look and not add pallor and earthy tint to the skin.
  • Tonal means — depending on the type of skin you should, of course, choose the textures of the tonal means, but this type of skin can afford dense coatings that give a uniform, even effect. Depending on the degree of tanning, peach or bronze shades of tonal means for the autumn type. Even the corrector, which is used to disguise circles under the eyes, is better to acquire a yellow tone, it perfectly hides the effects of sleepless nights.
  • Powder — you can allow yourself to experiment with textures and colors. Because both the transparent colorless variants emphasizing your natural gorgeous skin tone, and the rich dense textures with the bronzing elements contained in them ideally merge with the texture of your epithelium in a “perfect duet”.
  • Blush — here you should make a start from what effect you want to get: get a light blush, as if after a refreshing run, you will be allowed to have a peach or salmon blush. And for the evening, festive makeup autumn can apply terracotta, bronze and copper shades. Be sure to remove from your arsenal smooth, pastel and cold, frosty hues.
  • Eyeshadows — such a bright image as yours perfectly emphasizes the shadows, which radically contrast with your shade of eyes. A great combination with the tone of your skin and rich hair color will be emerald, purple, bronze colors that will play along with shading lavender, peach, brown and honey shades. Kayals and pencils for eyeliner also select from a warm series, but do not neglect black, because it will elegantly highlight the eyes. And as an interesting detail focusing on the eyes can serve as pencils from a cold palette. But in any case, do not use blue shades. They can kill all the beauty of your «gold».
  • Mascara — type «autumn» can perfectly play with hints of mascara. In addition to the classic black version, you should try to shade your eyes with emerald green or purple highlights playing in the frame of your eyes.
  • Lipstick — it is much easier to say that it is not suitable for this type of appearance. And do not suit any shades, in which there will be bluish pigments. Therefore, no matter how fashionable the fuchsia lipstick is, it cannot look at all advantageous for girls of the autumn type. And it should be used for daily use peach, beige, flesh tones lipstick. Coral, salmon, copper will also perfectly emphasize the shape of your lips for use as part of everyday makeup. And for the evening release, “autumn” can and should afford the colors of ripe tomato, eggplant, as well as red, orange, red-cherry lipstick.

Women of this type will look harmonious with any, even the most saturated and bright make-up. But it is important to maintain harmony, and focus on one part of your face. So bright eyes with violet shadows and rich framing of black arrows and resin eyelashes will tolerate near only bodily, beige lipsticks. And she also loves the autumn type of such a technique as sculpturing, in particular, brightly marked cheekbones.

Summer is the most common type of appearance. But, unfortunately, many girls in this category consider themselves undeservedly gray, nondescript mice. And they begin to compensate for this with the help of bright, clearly unnatural colors to their clothes, make-up and hair color. But this does not work well, so more often than not these attempts are crowned with the fact that the girl is simply lost among all these colors, her personality is completely erased and transformed into a standard template. But this is easily avoided if you know what to use as the basis of makeup for the “summer” color type:

  • Base makeup — to achieve the goal of equalizing the overall tone of the skin and masking protruding vessels and capillaries, use a white base for makeup. And, at the same time, it is possible to avoid the effect of a mask, if you apply a pink base for makeup on all protruding parts of the face. In no case do not use a purple or blue base, it can enhance the natural pallor inherent in this type.
  • Tone means — first of all, you should think about using a corrector, which can be a mint shade for accurate masking of flaws. And tonal creams themselves should be of natural cold shades, which will allow them to merge with the natural tone of the face. If you purchased a light tan, then use natural beige with a gray pigment.
  • Tanning — it is absolutely forbidden for this type to use tanning, because they always contain orange pigment, which is strictly forbidden to “fly”.
  • Powder — should be used as a daily option transparent colorless powder, for example, rice. But for an evening out it would be nice to have in your arsenal a product with silver or light pearl shimmer.
  • Blush — can be used only in the light version. So apply a grayish-beige tone to outline the shape of the cheekbone, to create its relief. A seductive ruddy cheeks you get, if the apples cheeks apply cold shades of pink or lilac. It is also remarkable that the face of the Shimmer will be sculpted on the bones at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Eye Shadows — use almost all the cool shades of the color palette, such as pink, blue, lilac, smoky gray and brown. Pearl shades are perfect for summer color type makeup, which will only add shine to your eyes.
  • Eyeliner — black would be ideal, as well as all its shades, gray, brown, blue, lilac, and so on.
  • Mascara — shine beautiful sparkling eyes with black mascara, which contains a small amount of blue, blue and purple pigments. Avoid bright colors for eyelashes, both upper and lower.
  • Eyebrow pencil — never under any circumstances, do not use dark tones for eyebrows, and even more so do not use a black pencil for these purposes. Only light, natural blurry undertones from beige to smoky gray.
  • Lipstick — in order to emphasize the richness of your lips, use cold shades of berry tones or natural beige and cream color. For the evening make-up of the summer model of the exterior, all the rich pigments of a cold palette, from light fuchsia to rich eggplant, are ideal.

You should not be upset about the inexpressive features of the face, they can play into your hands. No wonder all world stylists and makeup artists prefer summer women. After all, they can be the perfect blank canvas for a real work of visage art.

Imagine such a picture: a winter landscape with a rich, dark, contrasting snow-white snow horizon and bright patches of blue sky. This is all that best reflects the contrast of the appearance of the winter girl. To all, “Winter” is the most pronounced, cold type of appearance. And in make-up you should definitely emphasize and emphasize this.

  • Base makeup — in order to get rid of redness, blood vessels and capillaries, use a green or mint base. A white base with mother of pearl will allow you to make a face for dolls and porcelain. In no case do not apply the base with warm pigments.
  • Tonal means — should be an analogy with kaolin, from which the finest precious porcelain is made. If you have acquired a tan during a hot summer, then your tonal tool should have an olive tint.
  • Powder — the owner of a winter color type can experiment with powder, but still it is better to use a transparent tool for every day, and for evening make-up you can try either a silvery texture, or with gold splashes, but with a cool shade.
  • Blush — they should be only cold tones. For example, beige-gray for the formation of the cheekbone, and pink or burgundy to highlight the bullseye.
  • Eye shadow — here the space of your fantasy is truly not limited by anything. Winter can apply to the eye makeup all the most rich and rich cold colors. From silver lilac and blue to cold cherries and eggplant.
  • Eyeliner — here, as nowhere else, it would be appropriate to have a black pencil, which will not look vulgar, as it will ideally be considered with contrasting hair and eyebrows. Fine effect can give the selection of the inner eyelid silver kayal.
  • Mascara — like a pencil, can be a rich coal color, and for a variety, experiment with other fashion trends in terms of color.
  • Lipstick — it is the winter version of the appearance that even the daytime version can afford rich plum and wine colors, which only emphasize the unique beauty of the face. Moreover, these colors can be easily combined with brightly made up eyes, without focusing on one thing.

The winter color type was remarkably used in creating the already classic image of Snow White. Therefore, you can also very easily become a fairy-tale heroine when creating makeup, almost everything is allowed.

The spring color type is the most rare type of appearance in our latitudes, which immediately gives the impression of fragility and femininity. Girls and women of spring color type are like a gentle ray of sun, accidentally making its way to a flower glade. That’s why for spring make-up should be moderated, so as not to spoil this feeling of naturalness and naturalness:

  • Base for make-up — it is for such an appearance should be necessarily warm shades, which may contain golden spangles. Such a base will only emphasize the honey notes of your skin. And if there are any reddening, then the mint base will help to cope with them.
  • Tone means — first of all you should talk about the texture of tonal means for the spring image, which will be the easiest as a gossamer, so pay attention to liquid products or tonal mousses and souffles. The shades are only perfectly matched with honey skin tone.
  • Powder — try several products and use them in different situations: natural beige for every day, containing bronzers and gold particles for evening and festive makeup.
  • Blush — as a rule, the appearance of the girl-spring is so bright that the blush can be used only in minimal, transparent quantities, or completely abandon them. If you decide to highlight the cheeks, then the salmon, apricot and peach palettes will fall as best as possible.
  • Eyeshadow — when selecting this part of the cosmetic bag, use the principle of transparency, as well as when choosing powders and tonal resources. And to achieve the desired effect of highlighting the eyes better contrast of the pupil and the color on the eyelids. So with amber and brown eyes, use green, turquoise and mint tones. By the green suit gentle lilac, purple and brown. Also perfect lime, dairy and mustard color layouts.
  • Eyeliner — try to avoid black. Use brown, amber, gray, gold, emerald and turquoise kayals more.
  • Mascara — also black will be rarely appropriate. But brown ideally set aside your appearance, and will become a beautiful hint in make-up. Like turquoise, mint and emerald.
  • Lipstick — in the daily version it is better to completely give up lipstick, preferring transparent gloss and lip balm. And for the evening accent attention to the eyes, slightly emphasizing the lips in soft pastel tones.

Remember, your aura of softness, tenderness and femininity will not tolerate harsh lines in makeup. therefore Use soft transparent textures and slightly blurry outlines..

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