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Cocoa butter for the face: product properties, masks based on it

Cocoa Butter: Unique Facial Product Properties

Cocoa butter for the face can be a unique remedy for eliminating minor defects of the skin, restoring its water-fat balance, protecting it from the negative effects of the external environment. His possibilities are wide! Due to its versatility, the oil is applicable to different skin types, but is especially valuable for aging skin with its characteristic features.

Whitish-yellow butter with a pleasant odor is a fat that is squeezed from the ground grains of cocoa beans — the fruit of the chocolate tree. The native land of these evergreen plants is the tropical forests of the Amazon, but now it is intensively grown in the countries of Latin America and Africa. The Aztecs and Mayans considered the plant a sacred gift from the gods. Even then, the amazing properties of cocoa beans and how to use them to heal the body were known.

In the early 19th century, the Dutch developed a method for extracting oil from the fruit of the tree. The technology of this time-consuming process begins with cleaning the beans first on coarse sieves, and then on smaller ones. The next stage is roasting the fruit to separate the kernels from the husk and partially remove moisture. Subsequently, with the help of air and sieve, the raw materials are cleaned of husks and sent to alkalization, secondary roasting and grinding. The final stage of production is to obtain cocoa butter by pressing. The cake goes to the production of cocoa powder.

Cocoa butter is widely used in cosmetology, due to its composition.

  • The glycerides of oleic and stearic acids, the total content of which in oil reaches almost 80 percent, create on the surface of the skin a thinnest oil film. It protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, contributes to its restoration and prevents the evaporation of moisture. In addition, these compounds smooth the surface and make the epidermis smooth. Penetrating into deeper tissues, they supply cells with vitamins and other essential elements.
  • Lauric and linoleic acids regulate the water-lipid balance and retain water in the cells, helping the skin to fight wilting and dryness. These properties allow the use of cocoa butter against wrinkles. Possessing a high antimicrobial effect, they form a barrier and protect the face from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. With their help, skin rejuvenation occurs.
  • Palmitic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, thereby activating the processes of skin regeneration.
  • Valuable alkaloids — theobromine, caffeine, methylxanthine and others — stimulate blood flow and exchange reactions with the elimination of toxins, as a result giving the skin elasticity and slowing the aging process.
  • Tocopherol is responsible for the synthesis of collagen fibers.
  • Vitamin K stimulates blood clotting, which results in faster healing of skin microdamages when using oil. Its action determines the effectiveness of cocoa butter in eliminating unwanted pigmentation.

The rich chemical composition makes cocoa butter for the skin an indispensable product. Funds based on it contribute to:

  • deep hydration of the epidermis tissue and their nutrition;
  • preservation of moisture in the stratum corneum;
  • the disappearance of fine wrinkles;
  • elimination of age pigmentation and spider veins;
  • protection from the negative influence of the external environment;
  • launching recovery processes;
  • stimulation of regeneration reactions;
  • increase skin tone and elasticity;
  • inhibition of the aging process;
  • healing of microcracks and skin damage;
  • improvement of complexion.

A wonderful effect can be obtained using cocoa for the skin around the eyes. In cosmetology, a high purity product is used that does not contain impurities and chemical additives. Melting already at body temperature, it is perfectly absorbed. Therefore, you can simply wipe the face with a piece of oil, including areas with the most problematic skin. The tool attracts with its hypoallergenic, although individual intolerance is possible. Before using cocoa butter, it is best to perform a sensitivity test.

The indications for which it has a noticeable effect can be the following:

  • very dry skin, characterized by scaling and tightness;
  • some defects of the cosmetic plan, formed after operations on the face, squeezing acne, as well as spider veins;
  • loose skin with many wrinkles;
  • the presence of acne or acne, other rashes;
  • The treatment of burns is much faster if it is supplemented with cocoa butter applications.

Sometimes it happens that the product when used without additives clogs the pores, contributing to the emergence of comedones. In such cases, you need to prepare multi-component means, in which the composition of cocoa butter for the face will become more effective.

Rules of application

The effect of any care product is enhanced by observing the rules of its preparation and use. They are easy to remember and quite simple to perform.

  • The product must be natural, what you should pay attention to when purchasing it.
  • It is not always necessary to melt the oil in a water bath, sometimes it is enough just to hold the bar in your hands — this depends on the purpose of application.
  • Be sure to perform a sensitivity test.
  • For the preparation of multicomponent mixtures is better to use a blender. Then they will be more homogeneous.
  • The finished product should be immediately applied to the skin, before it hardens.
  • For a more effective effect, before applying a mask of cocoa butter, the skin should be well steamed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The mixture is applied to the face with light movements, taking into account the direction of the massage lines.
  • For areas with problem skin it is better to use different additives.
  • You should not overdo the mask on the face — 20 minutes is enough for its impact.
  • Remove the remnants of the mixture can be a soft cloth, moistened it previously in milk, and then blot with a towel.
  • After the procedure does not need to wash water.
  • After 8-10 sessions, it is recommended to give the skin a rest from the effects of fatty acids.

The function of a protective cream performs the oil in cold windy or frosty weather. If 30 minutes before the exit, wipe a face with a piece, he is not afraid of the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena. You can use it as a protection for the lips. And in the summer, under hot sunshine, the oil retains moisture in the skin, at the same time giving them a smooth and beautiful tan.

  • An excellent healing properties for inflamed or damaged skin is a mixture that is prepared on the basis of a cocoa product. It consists of components characterized by anti-inflammatory and healing effects — aloe juice, chamomile oil, and the additive in the form of cucumber juice perfectly moisturizes the skin. This mask is best performed at night and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.
  • With cocoa butter for the face, you can prepare countless mixtures, changing their composition depending on the skin condition and the nature of the problem. There is also a universal mask, ideally caring for the area around the eyes, skin of the lips and eyelashes. It is made from cocoa, sea buckthorn oil and is used at bedtime. Useful properties of the products that make up the mixture, nourish, tone up and rejuvenate the skin, strengthen the roots of the eyelashes, eliminate wrinkles. If a drop of pink ether is added to the product, the skin will acquire extraordinary softness and velvety.
  • On the basis of cocoa you can prepare a healing ointment for the lips, which have weathered and cracked in the cold. Mixing the base with beeswax, it is necessary to heat the mass and mix well. When it adopts a uniform structure, it is necessary to add wheat germ oil. In a glass jar ointment can be stored in a cold place. It has wonderful healing properties.
  • The mixture of honey and egg yolk based on cocoa will have a beneficial effect on the wrinkled and fading skin. It adds chopped parsley and a few drops of lemon juice. After a few sessions of anti-aging effects of such a mask, the skin will smooth out, wrinkles will disappear, and your face will delight you with amazing freshness.

Due to the unique properties and quick effect, cocoa butter in cosmetology occupies an increasingly wider place, replacing many popular care products. With proper and regular use, it will give the skin youth and beauty.

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