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Chinese cuisine — photo recipes cooking at home

Chinese cuisine — national photo recipes for cooking at home

Chinese cuisine or national cuisine of China — This is one of the fundamental parts of the culture of this country. Eating here is a real ritual, which is trembling, respected and cared for. The significance of cooking in China can be judged even by the statement of Confucius, who argued that the proper administration of the country is like the correct preparation of a small fish.

The history of the existence of traditional Chinese cuisine has no millennium. It was formed by and large under the influence of the climatic conditions of the country. For example, The staple food is rice, which is grown everywhere in China.. By the way, 90% of the global collection of this cereal falls on the countries of Asia. In order to understand the peculiarities of cooking in Chinese let us turn to the issue of traditional products of the country in more detail.

In addition to rice, as the main product in the preparation of most dishes, it is widely used noodles, which are often bean, wheat and rice. Not least, on the table of the Chinese, soybean and all sorts of products from it: milk, butter, sauces, as well as Tofu cheese. By the way, the popularity of this culture is also explained by the fact that it is widely grown in China.

Used in the manufacture of real Chinese dishes and all sorts of vegetables: various types of cabbage and lettuce, as well as greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, daikon, sweet potatoes, eggplants, zucchini and many, many others. They are chosen quite often from the point of view of aesthetics, so that the dishes are not only healthy and tasty, but also attractive. Quite often in recipes of traditional Chinese cuisine you can find mushrooms as one of the main ingredients. The most common of these are enoki, shiitake and muer. It is believed that they are not only tasty, but also able to have a therapeutic effect on the body. In more detail with this question you can find in other articles of our site.

Chinese cuisine also uses a variety of exotic foods, such as bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, rencon or lotus root, lemongrass, and many others. Although the exoticism of these products is quite conditional. For the Chinese, they are quite familiar and traditional.

All kinds of fish and seafood (shrimps, squids, octopuses, etc.) are quite common in the national cuisine of China. However, no less used and meat: beef, pork, chicken and other poultry. At the same time, the peculiarity of using these products in Chinese cuisine is to “mask” their true taste. So do not be surprised if the pork in your dish will taste like chicken meat.

As for spices and seasonings, ginger, turmeric (belongs to the same family as ginger) are used for cooking, kaffir lime leaves (used by the Chinese approximately as we use bay leaves), cassia (a type of cinnamon), chili pepper, Sichuan pepper, galangal (to taste this spice resembles ginger). In addition, Chinese and spice mixtures are used. The two most famous ones are the usanmaine (these are dill, ground cinnamon, licorice, cloves and star anise) ground into powder and “5 spices” (consists of equal amounts of crushed brown tree bark, fennel seeds, badian, carnation, chihui pepper).

As for the dishes that Chinese people prepare for everyday use, they are similar in appearance to European dishes that we are used to, but, of course, different in composition of ingredients and method of preparation. So, you will find both the first dishes in the form of soups, and the second main dishes (their variety is simply amazing!), And salads, and desserts, and all kinds of drinks! We give them a more detailed description!

Soups in Chinese cuisine are usually prepared on the basis of chicken or fish broth. They turn out quite liquid. The consistency is such that you can just drink the soup. The second or main course is subject to a certain rule, which is called “Fan Kai”. A fan is a portion of rice or another, usually grain side dish, and Kai is an addition to a side dish (fish, seafood, meat, vegetables in any kind of culinary processing). The fan is the basis, and therefore it is put on the plate first. Kai — may be present on the table in different variations, which can not be mixed in any case. All you need to eat separately. In addition to each Kai should go a separate portion of the fan. As for salads, they can be the most diverse, although they all have one thing in common: they look very impressive, because their importance is paid to their external appearance! For dessert, traditional Chinese cuisine, as a rule, offers fresh seasonal fruits, as well as sweet soups. In addition, this category of dishes combines many more confectionery: sweets, cookies, tapioca starch puddings, sweet rice cakes and much more. The most popular drink in China is tea, which in this country can be found in all possible forms and with all possible additives! In addition, Chinese are not indifferent to milk.

The names of many Chinese dishes are probably familiar to you. The most popular can be called Peking duck, Wonton, fried noodles, pork in sweet and sour sauce. Of course, this list is incomplete and you can continue it for a very long time!

In general, it is obvious that Chinese cuisine is quite diverse and is able to satisfy the tastes of almost any person! Therefore, you should join it, especially since for this it is not necessary to go to a restaurant or cafe. You can cook any dish with ease at home! It’s very simple, if you use those recipes with photos that are shown on our website. These are full-fledged master classes that describe in detail the procedure for preparing a particular dish, and also reveal a lot of secrets you don’t even suspect. In general, join us and please your loved ones with homemade dishes, which in their taste are just as good as restaurants!

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