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Cheekbone Exercises: Tips for Men and Women

We form a beautiful face shape: the best exercises for cheekbones, cheeks and chin

Expressive cheekbones in combination with a clear, toned face oval always give the appearance a special attractiveness and make its owner visually younger. But what to do to those whom nature has not rewarded with outstanding features of the face? How to correct the shape of the face, remove excessive swelling of the cheeks and make the cheekbones clearer? It may seem that only plastic surgeons can handle this task. But in fact there are more benign methods to tighten facial contours. Try to achieve this with the help of special exercises.

Why expressive cheekbones — is it beautiful?

Recently, especially a lot of attention is paid to beautiful, regular and symmetrical facial features. Foreign and domestic stars of show business tend to hide the flaws in their appearance, and not only cosmetics help them in this. Often, they seek help from cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, undergo expensive cosmetic procedures and serious surgeries. In pursuit of perfect cheekbones, many of them decide to use implants. But why are high cheekbones and skinny face a symbol of beauty?

It turns out that such standards have a very scientific explanation. Scientists have found that the expressiveness of the cheekbones is directly related to the onset of puberty: the cheekbones begin to grow from the moment a person enters into the age of puberty. This means that it becomes attractive to the opposite sex. In addition, it has been proven that the owners of such features cause burning interest in representatives of the other sex, this is especially evident in the observations made in the female audience: the majority of girls prefer men who have a beautiful strong chin and high cheekbones. Therefore, as it turned out, not only a woman, but also a man need to follow the oval of the face, especially since the stronger sex begins to undergo external age changes much earlier than the beautiful half of humanity.

Charging for the face: adjust the traits through exercise

The oval of the face loses its shape due to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity, becomes inelastic, flabby and sags somewhat. To avoid this, it is important to eat right, exercise regularly and give up bad habits. Fitness classes, weight training and morning jogs allow you to keep your body in good shape and have a positive effect on the skin. But if you seriously decide to pump up your cheekbones and make your face more aristocratic in appearance, you will also need special gymnastics. Tune in that the first changes will not be immediately visible. To achieve a positive effect, exercises for the cheekbones will have to be done regularly.

About 57 muscles are located on the human face. By training them in a special way, you can really make some changes in appearance — for example, to “remove” the cheeks. These exercises are suitable for both girls and men who want to learn how to pump up their cheekbones and make their face more expressive. It is best to start gymnastics in front of a mirror in order to avoid mistakes when performing. After you get used to the movements, you no longer need a mirror.

  1. Strongly inflate the cheeks, inhaling more air. Put palms on your cheeks and begin to put pressure on them, but do not let the air out of your mouth ahead of time. In this position, the face must be maintained for 5 seconds. After that, you need to relax and repeat the exercise again (8-10 times).
  2. Round your mouth in such a way as if you pronounced the letter O. Without changing the position of your lips, press your tongue to your cheek as much as possible. Do the same with the other cheek. The result should be 20 movements on each side.
  3. Open your lips slightly and smile as broadly as you can. Relax. Smile again. This simple and enjoyable exercise should be repeated at least 10 times.
  4. Put some air in your mouth so that you feel a small balloon no larger than a tennis ball. “Play” with him: with your mouth closed, move the air from one side to the other, first under the upper lip, then under the bottom. The duration of the exercise is at least 10 seconds.
  5. Retract your cheeks so that your lips become reminiscent of a «bow». Relax. Repeat again. And so — 6-8 times.
  6. Open your mouth wide and push your chin forward, straining your face muscles. Relax and do everything from the very beginning at least 5 times.

Gymnastics for the face, conducted every day for 10-15 minutes, gives the first noticeable results a month after the start of classes. With the help of these simple exercises, you can significantly adjust the shape of the face and make your cheeks thinner.

Beautiful chin — the dream of women and … men

Any girl will like a man with a beautifully defined chin. This is a subconscious feeling: such a chin looks like a symbol of masculinity. Some even recognize that this trait gives a man some kind of brutality. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex often think not only about how to build up the abdominal muscles, but also about how to give your face the very brutality. Of course, there are no special simulators for this. Therefore, you can perform a set of exercises aimed at improving the contour of the lower face. With the help of such activities, you can remove the “second chin”, and if you use them for prevention, then the occurrence of this disadvantage can be completely avoided.

  1. Put your elbows on the table, put your chin on the clenched fists. Try to open your mouth, while the hands should create pressure and prevent the opening of the mouth.
  2. Move your head to the left, down and to the right, each time pulling the chin.
  3. Put your thumb on your chin and pull your tongue out, trying to touch your finger;
  4. In the prone position, place your hands on the back of your head. Raise your head as much as possible and hold it in that position for at least 10 seconds;
  5. Open your mouth wide and do not close it for 10 seconds.

These exercises also need to be done regularly, otherwise the effect will not be achieved. By the way, the complex is intended not only for men, women can also use it for the prevention and elimination of the “second chin”.

A simple and easy exercise for the facial muscles is ideal for those who think about how to pump up the cheekbones at home. It will help to remove minor age deficiencies and align the contour of the face without compromising the health and the wallet.

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