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Chebureks (crispy and juicy) — homemade step-by-step cooking recipes with photos

Delicious step-by-step recipes with photo cooking crispy and juicy pasties at home

How to cook crispy and juicy pasties at home?

Chebureks — the famous oriental dish, which is a fried pies based on unleavened dough with meat filling. Traditionally, a variety of spices are added to the filling, including hot spices, which make the taste of this type of baking especially savory. In addition, in its composition is present all sorts of greens.

The word cheburek was borrowed from the language of the Crimean Tatars and literally means “raw pie”.

Traditionally, pasties were cooked with minced meat and fried in huge amounts of mutton fat. Surprisingly, eastern people have practically no problems with cholesterol.

Today, pasties have become more democratic. The stuffing in them is any ground meat (pork, beef, pork, beef, chicken), potatoes, mushrooms, and even hard cheese, which melts during the heat treatment and gives the dish a rather refined taste.

Every day the recipes for homemade pasties are becoming more and more and many of them are very different from the classic version of this oriental dish. But if you intend to cook traditional pasties, then you definitely need to ensure that the filling in them is sufficiently juicy, and the dough of the pie remains crispy. Of course, instructions on this subject can be found directly in the recipe, but we will generalize them into a number of such recommendations:

  • to make the dough crispy, you need to add a little alcohol, such as vodka;
  • knead the dough to be sure to uniform, at least ten minutes;
  • the dough should be rolled thin enough, then it will be well roasted and it will turn out really crispy;
  • but to make meat stuffing chebureks juicy can be, if you dilute the stuffing with water or broth to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Cooking at home delicious chebureks with a crispy crust and juicy filling is not difficult at all. The main thing — to start cooking in a good mood. Then everything will certainly work!

The recipes for chebureks are very diverse, but there are fundamental principles to be followed. We will get acquainted with them further.

  1. The classic pasta for pasties consists of wheat flour, a small amount of salt and drinking water (a teaspoon of salt and 350 ml of water are added to 1 kg of flour).
  2. Before kneading the dough, the flour should be sifted, then in the future it will be much easier to work with the dough.
  3. Crispy dough is usually obtained if you add a little vodka into it.
  4. To make the dough when frying it bubbly, you need to fold and roll it repeatedly, as in the case of puff pastry.
  5. The filling should be slightly watery, otherwise the pasties will turn out dry.
  6. The edges of a Cheburek smeared with a raw egg will connect much better.
  7. Chebureks should be sent to butter only when it is heated well.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic recommendations for the preparation of delicious homemade pasties. All the other subtleties of cooking these oriental pies can be found in the corresponding step-by-step photo recipes of this section of the site. Detailed text instructions describe the cooking process in great detail, and photographs of the recipe illustrate the main steps. Due to this, cooking homemade pasties will not cause any difficulties even for beginners in cooking.

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