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Chamomile for hair: properties of plants, recipes based on it

Chamomile for elegant hair: benefits, recipes, result

Chamomile can rightly be called the flower-symbol of Russia. Gentle, light, unpretentious, and also very useful, and, as health of the person, and for his beauty. It is not surprising that she took one of the leading positions in traditional medicine and cosmetology.

Very often, women at home make a decoction of chamomile hair, and also add its inflorescences to masks and balms-rinses. And for good reason! We will tell about them.

The benefits granted by nature itself

Chamomile is the smallest sun in the plant world. And it seems that she absorbed all the power of the heavenly body. After all, the composition of chamomile «golden», it includes the following substances:

  • micro- and macronutrients: calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, copper, manganese, etc .;
  • vitamins A, C, B4;
  • essential oils;
  • tannins;
  • biologically active components: flavonoids, coumarins, phytosterols, etc .;
  • organic acids: salicylic, isovaleric, caprylic, phenolcarbamic;
  • other «ingredients»: bitterness and mucus.

Cosmetic properties of this plant are known from time immemorial. Thus, Slavic girls had a habit of rinsing chamomile hair, thanks to which their braids acquired a beautiful golden hue.

However, this flower is useful for many other beauty procedures aimed at improving and decorating the curls. And we will dwell on each of them separately.

To keep dryness …

Baldness is a problem that faces not only men, but also modern women. There are many reasons: stress, poor ecology, junk food, hormonal disorders — all this leads to a significant thinning of hair. And you need to solve this problem in a complex way, by changing the style of your life (and sometimes even your place of residence).

However, if we supplement the work on ourselves with home-made cosmetic procedures, the effect will be only more obvious!

But will chamomile help hair loss? Yes, if you will be in the «company» of equally effective ingredients. Recipe number 1 for dry and normal, but prone to dry hair. To preserve their density, you will need:

  • chamomile flowers;
  • birch leaves;
  • nettle;
  • jar of glycerin.

So, we start to prepare an effective mask. To begin with, the green ingredients (all in half packs, this is about 30 g), you need to fill with hot water. Temperature — 100 degrees, that is, boiling water.

Water should completely cover the leaves and flowers, after which you need to detect the time. Approximately in 20-30 minutes we filter the resulting infusion and mix with glycerin. The mask should be applied to clean damp hair, along the entire length, carefully rubbing it into the roots. A cap or scarf should be worn above: heat will only enhance the effect of the active components of the mask. And distracted by household chores for an hour and a half. After that, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, paying special attention to the root zone to get rid of excess glycerol. Then you can rinse them with a decoction of chamomile to enhance the effect of the mask.

You can use this recipe 1-3 times a week. However, we repeat, it is absolutely not suitable for owners of greasy hair! And especially for them we present the second option, also with the participation of a solar flower.

… and very greasy hair

So, recipe number 2 — firming mask with the addition of chamomile, addressed to owners of oily scalp. Her cooking does not take much time; For this you need the following components:

  • chamomile flowers (20 g);
  • a tablespoon of honey;
  • egg yolk.

Flowers pour boiling water, insist about half an hour. We strain and cool to room temperature, then mix with honey and yolk melted on the steam bath. We put gruel on the head, not forgetting the zone of the roots: after all, there are bulbs that need intensive nutrition. We warm the head and forget about the mask for 1-2 hours. Then wash off with warm water.

Recall both recipes are designed for those who are faced with this «hairfall». The ingredients that each chamomile hair mask contains should awaken a sleeping bulb, saturate it with nutrients, improve blood circulation in the root zone, and also make the hair soft, shiny, supple.

Essential oils as a panacea

By the way, a mask for hair with chamomile does not have to contain inflorescences. Perfect and essential oil derived from this plant. Its color varies from green to brown, and the composition is saturated with very valuable substances — bisabol and chamazulene. This product is well combined with other oils. It allows the hair to return the power of life, to get rid of dryness and fragility.

Here is one of the effective recipes: mix 3 drops of chamomile essential oil with 50 ml of olive oil, add the liquid form of vitamin E, combine with lavender (10 drops). We lightly heat this incredibly fragrant and useful mixture, apply it to the curls and cover the head with a plastic bag or a mask. Wash off with plenty of warm water in an hour. The result is shine, strength and health of hair.

Dandruff — fight!

But what to do with another problem — dandruff? And in this case, the shy chamomile comes to the rescue again. After all, the components included in its composition have a beneficial effect on the scalp, as well as a powerful disinfecting effect. In addition, the flowers of this plant will help eliminate the severe itching, which is often the «companion» of dandruff.

And now — to real ways to solve the problem. How can chamomile help dandruff? There are many effective recipes, but we will focus on a couple of the most popular people.

The way to get rid of dry seborrhea will require chamomile, calendula and lavender (in equal proportions). A couple of tablespoons of raw materials should be poured boiling water, insist for half an hour, then strain. Regular rinsing of hair with this infusion will not only relieve the symptoms of the disease, but also, in some cases, eliminate its causes. But we repeat that it is necessary to rinse the hair with chamomile after each hair wash, otherwise the effect will be insignificant.

And now — to a more complicated case, to fat seborrhea. In the fight against it, in addition to chamomile flowers, burdock root is useful: this is another “enemy” of dandruff. The algorithm of actions is as follows: pour two large spoons of crushed roots with boiling water and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. At this time, pour in a liter of hot water two tablespoons of chamomile and send to the fire, where it should boil for five minutes. Next, we combine both decoctions and send them to cool to an acceptable temperature, after which we carefully rub the resulting “mix” of two herbs into the hair roots.

And do not forget about the regularity of the application. Ideally, these manipulations should be done every day. This will “pacify” the sebaceous glands of the scalp, minimize itching and strengthen the roots.

Shine always, shine everywhere

The next topic is not about problems, but rather about goals. Every woman knows that there is no limit to perfection. And still seeking to achieve it! If we talk about the details, then the owners of blond hair are ready for a lot, so that the pure shade and deep shine of the curls remain a part of the image for as long as possible.

And will help them in this rinsing chamomile hair. As we already wrote above, this tool has been tested by our ancestors. It is eco-friendly, useful and extremely economical!

In addition, all procedures will take a minimum of time. After all, there is nothing easier than preparing an infusion of chamomile hair at home. To do this, you will need, in fact, 50 g of inflorescences (purchased at a pharmacy or collected personally), lemon juice obtained from a single fruit, and boiling water. All ingredients combine and insist in a thermos for 3-4 hours. After that, you need to gently apply the resulting composition to the hair and wrap a warm scarf for an hour. After washing and drying your heads, you will see how a wonderful lightening agent is made from chamomile hair.

Especially well this effect is noticeable on gray hair, because this tool paints it too. However, there is an important nuance: this recipe has a cumulative effect. That is, from the first time to achieve a strong clarification will not succeed. A few procedures are necessary for the blond hair to acquire a deep golden hue. But chamomile hair will strengthen the hair, make it more silky, and most importantly — get rid of the need to use harmful chemical dyes.

Natural shampoo for 20 minutes

Another great beauty product from natural ingredients is natural shampoo. You can cook it yourself, but you can get more benefit than from the chemical products of the mass market. After all, the chamomile for hair and the benefits of this plant are marked even by official cosmetology. In addition, it is perfectly combined with soapworm. This is a plant that cleanses hair and scalp from excess fat, dust and other pollutants. And it is a natural and safe alternative to the infamous lauryl sulfates.

So, we will need:

  • soap root (30 g);
  • Chamomile inflorescences (30 g);
  • jojoba oil / olive / burdock (1 tsp);
  • boiled, and even better melted water (350 ml).

Chopped root pour water and boil for 10 minutes. 5 minutes before removing from fire add chamomile. Then combine with oil and cool. Pour into a convenient bottle and shake vigorously so that all the ingredients are well mixed.

Regular washing of the head with this shampoo will lead to excellent results: you will see how your hair is improving day by day! But we warn that it is necessary to store natural shampoo in the refrigerator and not longer than 10 days.

Now you know what is useful chamomile for hair and how to use this plant for good cosmetic purposes. Do not forget to combine it with various natural herbs and oils to get the maximum result. And do not reduce the role of the regularity of self-care, because this is the main secret of female attractiveness!

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