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Care for men’s hair: simple tips for every day

Balanced care for gorgeous male hair

A man’s hair is an essential element of his overall image and image. However, we can not talk about beautiful hair, if the hair is not healthy, breaking, have split ends, and the condition of the scalp leaves much to be desired. How to prevent these problems and that involves the care of men’s hair — consider in this material.

Tip number 1 Neat drying

Using towels to carelessly rub your head after washing is the most common cause of damage to male locks. Remember that wet hair is easily damaged, you first need to shake off excess moisture and then stroke the strands with a natural towel. Of course, it will take more time than the usual method, but it will contribute to the health of the hair.

The same applies to the hair dryer: it dries hair and scalp, so experts recommend refraining from using it, even if we are talking about long hair care: it is better to wash curls, long before going outside, so that they have time to dry naturally.

Tip number 2 Neat use comb

In order for wet hairs not to be damaged, it is necessary to use special combs, equipped with wide teeth. Also suitable for this purpose brushes. They preserve the integrity of the hair when combing and their structure, so your hair will be healthy and beautiful. It is not recommended to comb the strands with hard brushes with frequent teeth: they contribute not only to the loss of hairs, but also their cross-section, fragility, loss.

Tip number 3 Control the water temperature

Hair care for men involves compliance with the rules associated with the temperature of water used for washing procedures. Too hot liquid causes increased dryness not only of the hair, but also of the scalp. Too cold water causes discomfort during washing and leads to greasy hair. Therefore, the water used to wash the hair should be slightly warm — up to 37 degrees. It will keep your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful.

Tip number 4 Carefully choose cosmetic compositions

Usually, men use only shampoos for hair, without balsams, conditioners, masks. This is the wrong decision, because natural auxiliary formulations contribute to a greater strengthening of the hair. It is important to select natural cosmetics that do not contain hazardous components (SLS, dyes, fragrances, preservatives).

The fact is that the components that make up most shampoos only mask the problem, such as fat.

They wash away the protective layer of fat from the surface of the hair, during which the strands become vulnerable. As a response, the body begins to produce fat «in reserve», so the curls start to get fat twice as fast. Pay attention to organic shampoos and balms, as well as folk remedies. Properly selected formulations, together with the use of additional home procedures, will allow a man to grow hair and make them bulky, silky and docile.

Tip number 5 Frequent washing — the enemy of health hair

If you have water flowing from a tap with normal hardness and the absence of harmful impurities, and hair care products are 100% natural, frequent washing does not have serious consequences. But if the water quality leaves much to be desired, and you have not had time to find a good shampoo and balm, refrain from daily washing: it dries hair and scalp, “washes” the barrier layer from the hair and makes them more vulnerable, leading to fat.

Tip number 6 Follow the approach «from the inside»

The appearance of the hair depends largely not on the care of appearance, but on the general state of health. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to pay due attention to proper nutrition with getting enough vitamins, healthy sleep, moderate physical exertion. All this will contribute to rapid growth. It is not for nothing that they say that curls are a kind of reflection of health in the whole body.

Tip # 7 Control curly hair

Twisting curls provoked by the fact that they contain an insufficient amount of moisture and protein. In men, this problem, unfortunately, occurs no less frequently than that of the fair sex. Therefore, it is necessary to supply your diet with protein, to provide full hydration through nutrition and proper care. For laying it is necessary to give preference to the natural conditioner or serum. These tools are designed to ensure the obedience of the hair and their long shine.

Tip number 8 Straight hair and care for them

How to properly care for straight type hair? In fact, everything is simple. It is necessary to wash them every 2-3 days and use emollients for care. If you managed to grow long hair for a man, this is great, but in order to avoid damage, you should regularly trim the tips to remove the section and keep your hair in an attractive and healthy shape. Experts recommend trimming long curls every 6-8 weeks.

Tip number 9 Thinning hair: the subtleties of care

It is necessary to give preference to products for care, made on the basis of water, which do not leave a greasy shine and preserve the lightness of the hair. For hair care, men need to choose a high-quality shampoo and a full conditioner for it, capable of providing a solution for thinning hair. It is important when choosing products to carefully read the compositions: they should not include blowing agents that adversely affect the beauty and health of hair, dyes, preservatives.

Tip number 10 Care of the skin of the head

If a feeling of discomfort occurs in the scalp area, this fact cannot be ignored. Itching, flaking, inflammation, or dandruff are all signs of a visit to a doctor. After all, the current condition of the hair and scalp is not only the result of their care, but also a witness of health. Therefore, the rule number 1, which must be observed in this case — to consult a specialist.

Tip number 11 Regular nutrition of hair

It is possible to use masks prepared at home for this purpose, promoting nutrition with vitamins and other beneficial substances. The selection of products is carried out on the basis of the type of hair. If you do not want to use such compositions, you can nourish your hair from the inside in the same way. Consume as much iodine as you can (in large concentrations found in kelp, persimmon), copper (found in mushrooms, nuts and legumes), iron (contained in Greek), and vitamins of groups A (available in orange fruits and vegetables), B (available in oatmeal, buckwheat).

Tip number 12 Anti-dandruff

To grow hair and make a stylish haircut is problematic if there is such a problem as dandruff. The modern market (mass market) offers a huge amount of shampoos, emulsions and other anti-dandruff formulations.

But it should be understood that some of the means only mask this phenomenon, while others provide treatment, albeit for a longer period of time.

In general, dandruff is the result of malnutrition, stress and other disturbances inside the body, so when you first call you need to look for the problem inside. If the reason is found, the hair itself will be transformed beyond recognition.

Tip number 13 Sock hats

Proper hair care for men of any type involves wearing hats. In winter, it is worth choosing a warm hat to avoid hypothermia of the scalp. In the summer it is important to provide protection from UV rays with a cap or panama. As practice shows, 90% of men who neglect this rule go bald much earlier than those who wear headgear.

If you know how to care for your hair and keep track of them, you can get thick and luxurious hair as a reward. The main thing is to get into the habit of regular regular hair care, and a gorgeous hairstyle will not be long in coming.

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