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Care for curly hair: features curls, tips on the use of masks

How to provide curly hair with proper care?

Luxury curly curls at all times were considered a symbol of femininity and charm. Many representatives of the fair sex with straight hair try to turn them into beautiful curlicues.

However, women who have received wavy strands from nature do their best to straighten out naughty curls. They, in order to reduce the risk of various problems, should organize the proper care for wavy hair.

Features curly hair

They are characterized by strong rebelliousness, which is especially characteristic of too soft or hard strands. It will be quite difficult to draw them in any hairstyle. Moreover, this does not mean that the curls are damaged and unhealthy. On the contrary, it is quite normal for this type of hair. The main distinguishing features of curly strands are the following.

  • Unlike straight curly curls have an oval shape. For this reason, each hair is wrapped in a spiral. An interesting fact is that the volume mound of curls — an illusion. In fact, on the head of the fair sex with curly curls is no more than 100 thousand follicles. In women with straight strands, their number is 20 thousand more. The number of glands that cover the surface of the hair with a special protective secret also depends on the number of follicles. Thanks to its composition, the curls acquire strength and attractive appearance. As a result, it turns out that curls are protected from various negative consequences much less compared to straight hair.
  • Problems with shaping curls — this is not the main difficulty. Over-drying is considered more dangerous. It is enough for a woman to use lightening, perm or coloring only once, and her hair loses vitality, beauty and health. Regular carrying out of such procedures considerably complicates care of curls and restoration of a protective covering of curls. Negative consequences for curly hair come after application of the iron, hair dryer.
  • Another disastrous factor is improperly combing. The curls are confused, stratified, and the tips split.

If the care for curly hair is done incorrectly, then not a single, even professionally performed, styling will return the locks attractiveness and elasticity.

How to choose the right shampoo?

Choosing the right care products is important. Curly curls have a porous structure that requires the most careful treatment. Often the tips break and split due to the loose fit of the cuticle. As a result, the hair becomes weakened.

Recommendations of experts will help determine how to care for curly hair. For normal curly locks, you must select the appropriate shampoo, which is designed specifically for this type. In all other cases, you should be guided by the type of skin (sensitive, oily or dry) and features of curls (hard, thinned).

Dry hair requires intense moisture and nutrition. It is important to select shampoos with a high content of beneficial plant components: extracts of white lotus, cornflower, jojoba and coconut oils. Protection against negative factors and strengthening are necessary for weakened intersecting curls. Similar properties have caring means with horseradish, papain, sage.

Modern shampoos have a huge number of additional properties: giving obedience, volume, elimination of static voltage. It is better for owners of curly locks not to use hair styling products, since they have a destructive effect on the structure of curls. These shampoos are able to lift the hair scales, which leads to dehydration, or make the hairstyle heavier, forming a film on the surface. In both cases, the strands become brittle.

Before buying a shampoo, you should carefully examine its composition. Quality products should contain as many components of natural origin.

Applying means to care for curly hair, you need to carefully monitor their own feelings. If irritation, discomfort or with insufficient cleansing occur, it is worthwhile to choose a different composition. Do not use improper shampoo in order to save, as it will cause serious harm curly curls.

Nuances of selection of air conditioning

Caring balm provides hair with essential nutrients. Its action is aimed at repairing the damage that occurs in the structure of the curls. You should not use them when washing strands belonging to the normal type, because it doesn’t bring anything apart from weighting the hairstyle and reducing the volume.

The use of balm is especially important for weak fragile curls. It neutralizes the effects of shampoo, moisturizes the skin, keeps it in good condition. In addition, the procedure of combing greatly facilitated.

Normal hair care difficult do not require. A simple application of high-quality moisturizing conditioner will help women to make the curls velvety, obedient when combing and shaping hair.

Rules for washing and drying

Curly curls will curl and delight you with their impeccable appearance, if properly perform the basic procedures for caring: washing and drying. Only soft water of comfortable temperature is suitable for cleansing. It should not be too hot or cold. During washing, excessive rubbing of the scalp is unacceptable, as this activates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Sometimes curly hair gets dirty too quickly, so they need frequent washing — about 3 times a week. Daily cleansing leads to deterioration of the strands. Shampoo should be applied only to the roots of the hair, and during rinsing means the tips will rinse by themselves.

After washing it is not necessary to wrap hair in a towel for a long time. The only exception is procedures with the use of medicinal preparations, for which it is necessary to keep your head warm for a certain time. Care for curly hair at home does not allow friction with a towel, as this leads to the destruction of the keratin layer, entanglement of the strands, and increased tip section.

The best option for wavy strands will be drying, carried out in a natural way. Without extreme need not use a hair dryer. Exposure to high temperatures dries curls, detrimental effect on their structure. If you have to use a hair dryer, you should take care of applying protective compounds.

After drying, the strands are gently smoothed with a comb with rare teeth. It is recommended to use products made of plastic with the presence of an antistatic coating. You should not use cheap metal or wood comb. Most of them are not subjected to high-quality processing, so they pull out and damage hair. Scalding is done slowly. First, the tips are smoothed, then you should slowly approach the roots. The comb should be cleaned as often as possible so that dirt and grease do not accumulate on it.

Folk recipes

Care for curly hair at home is not without effective masks made from natural ingredients. These tools protect hairs, seal scales. For full hydration and nutrition, you should use a mask every 7 — 10 days.

Cosmetologists say that formulations designed to give elasticity are not applied to the roots, it is necessary to deviate from them by about 10 cm. Masks with a nourishing effect are distributed along the entire length of the strands. Dry curly hair will become healthy and beautiful with regular use of foams and oils with the addition of keratin.

There are many simple but effective recipes for masks that every woman can prepare at home. The compositions tested by time are absolutely safe, do not cause side effects. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to individual components.

  • Moisturizing mask with yogurt

Care for dry curls with the help of this useful product protects the strands from injury and delamination. For the procedure it is necessary to warm the yogurt to 37 °, and then apply with a thick layer. The head should be covered with polyethylene and wrap with a towel. The product should be kept for 40 minutes, then remove the film and reuse yogurt. It is re-distributed over the skin and strands. Within 5 minutes you need to gently rub your head and wash off the mask with warm water.

To moisten the strands, care for curly dry hair should include sea buckthorn and vegetable oils in a 9: 1 calculation. The components are mixed and gently rubbed into the hair roots. The head is covered with a film and a warm scarf. Mask is maintained for 60 minutes, then washed off using conventional means. It is applied twice a week, a full course consists of 10 procedures.

  • Composition with honey and olives

How to care for curly hair? They need good nutrition and hydration. For the preparation of a suitable mixture will require a small capacity. It mixes 100 g of slightly heated honey, necessarily natural, and 3 tbsp. l olive oil. The mass is applied to the roots and the entire length of the hair. After that, the head is covered with a film and wrapped in a towel. After 40 minutes the composition is washed off with water without the use of detergents.

To figure out how to properly care for curly curls, it is necessary to consult with a specialist who will determine the type of hair and will recommend suitable care products and procedures. As a result of the accurate implementation of all the tips, thick healthy strands will become a real pride for every woman.

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