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Can I wash my hair every day: expert opinions and recommendations

Can I wash my hair every day: the harm and benefits of frequent washing

Every woman wants to have a healthy, shiny and flowing shock of hair. Since ecological living conditions often leave much to be desired, many people prefer to wash their hair daily, believing that this way they get rid of dust and dirt accumulated in them throughout the day. However, this raises the question: what will happen if you wash your hair every day?

Daily hair wash: is it worth doing

Washing hair should be done only as it is contaminated. It is known that the rod consists of the smallest scales, which from the influence of harmful factors (they, unfortunately, do not put it anywhere) begin to flake off. As a result, you get bad combing, brittle and dull curls. Daily use of alkaline preparations leads to depletion of the hair shaft.

Of course, there is no clear regulation regarding hair washing, as well as the only true solution to the question: is it possible to wash your hair every day? Most women from an early age are accustomed to wash their hair daily and have beautiful lush hair.

In order not to harm your curls, it is worth washing them when you feel that they have become greasy.

This approach determines the frequency of washing in accordance with the needs of each woman. For example, if your work is associated with constant exposure to dust, dirt, you sweat a lot, of course, your hair must be thoroughly rinsed daily. If all day you are in fairly comfortable conditions, then this procedure becomes optional.

Dermatologists unanimously do not recommend frequent washing of the head. Hair is fiber. If we compare it with the usual wool fiber for us, then the same rule works: the more often it is subjected to washing, the worse it will look every time. If everyday hygiene procedures are necessary, then properly chosen care products will help reduce their harm.

Harmful factors with frequent washing

Most women do not think at all whether it is harmful to wash their hair every day, although in most cases this approach will cause more trouble than good.

Why you can not wash your hair with high frequency? Alkaline base of shampoo is designed to remove the natural hair grease, which is needed to give them elasticity and shine. Frequent washing leads to brittleness, dryness, irritation of the scalp. In addition to the chemical component of the detergent, hard flowing water adversely affects the state of hair. Stylists recommend: to keep the hair shape better when creating hair styles and styling, then at least one day before going to the hairdresser’s head should not be washed.

Hot water, as well as exposure to hot air from a hair dryer can disrupt the structure of the hair and cuticles, which leads to fragility and loss. The brightness of the colored curls at an accelerated rate loses its intensity with frequent washing.

Is it true that curls become fatty faster if you wash them daily? Dermatologists believe that the habit of washing your head often provokes a worsening of the problem of hair greasiness: regular contact with hot air and water makes the sebaceous glands more active, so the roots become fatter and the ends dry and brittle.

How often should I wash my hair?

To understand whether you can wash your hair every day, you must first determine what type they are. It does not take a lot of time: after watching the condition of the hair for several days, you can determine their tendency to dryness or oiliness. External factors influence the condition of the locks: nutrition, heredity, the condition of the scalp, internal organs, even being on a certain day and the menstrual cycle can affect their appearance. Scientists trichologists distinguish four types of hair:

Knowing your type, you will formulate the right products and a washing scheme for your care.

Fatty or normal curls should be washed when contaminated. A moisturizing conditioner is used to protect it from drying out. Cosmetics must match the type of hair. You should take care of greasy curls every other day, if they lose their freshness, you can use dry shampoos.

To care for dry, damaged hair should be treated with greater care and caution. For washing it is better to use only sparing and emollients. At the end of hygienic procedures, it is imperative to put on nutrition masks or conditioner Damaged hair needs intensive repair procedures that can be performed several times a week. Owners of this type of hair can not wash my hair every day, a sufficient number of water procedures — 1-2 times a week.

How to get rid of the effects of frequent washing

To keep the curls beautiful and healthy, you need to use high-quality care products. However, there are some folk tricks that can not only reduce the negative effects of frequent washing, but also give the hair a chic look:

  • you can wash your head with softened water, pre-boiling it or adding lemon juice (vinegar);
  • before hygiene procedures carefully combed;
  • do not use hot or cold water;
  • wash well from shampoo, balm.

Many people think that washing the head is the usual procedure for applying and washing off the shampoo. In fact, this procedure also has its own tricks. It is necessary to lather hair with fingertips, gently massaging and cleansing the skin. It is strictly forbidden to scratch the skin with nails, it not only damages it, but also can provoke inflammatory processes. In order not to have to wash the curls due to excessive fat, apply a balm solely on the tips. Proper drying is essential — dry your hair as naturally as possible.

A great alternative to frequent washing can be dry shampoo or home remedies that can in a few minutes return the freshness and shine to your curls.

From improvised tools suitable starch or rye flour. Just put a little powder in the curls and frequent comb to remove the remains.

So you can confidently say that the frequency of washing hair is a purely individual matter. Frequent washing will cause harm only if the hygiene products are not properly selected and used. Doctors trichologists are convinced that washing hair has an extremely useful effect, as it removes hair from fat, dirt and dead cells. However, this is normal only if quality care products are used.

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