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Cabbage rolls — step by step recipes with photo cooking at home

Cabbage rolls — delicious step-by-step recipes with a photo of cooking at home

Secrets of cooking recipes at home

Cabbage rolls — This is one of the varieties of stuffed vegetables, in particular, — a cabbage leaf, in which some stuffing is wrapped, as a rule, minced meat with rice. The history of the appearance of the dish is not known for certain, but it is still known for a long time. For example, some writings of ancient Rome mention a delicacy similar to stuffed cabbage.

Most of all cabbage rolls are common in Eastern Europe. In addition, a similar dish exists in cooking in Middle Eastern countries.

The girl’s ability to cook stuffed cabbage has always been considered the measure of whether she is ready to get married and whether she can become a good housewife. It was believed that the best result was five cabbage rolls that fit on one tablespoon.

To date, there are no such strict criteria for assessing cabbage rolls. They may well be big. In addition, the traditional recipe has changed many times. Some products were excluded from it, and some, on the contrary, were added. Also appeared, the so-called lazy cabbage rolls, which do not need to be folded at all with an envelope. They represent shredded cabbage stew with rice and minced meat. In fact, the taste is the same, but the dish visually does not resemble cabbage rolls. Thus, today there are hundreds of different recipes for cooking stuffed cabbage at home. Therefore, even the pickiest gourmet will find a variant of cabbage to taste!

It is almost impossible to spoil the taste of cabbage, but still there are some secrets in their preparation. For example, to make the dish more beautiful — you need to choose the right cabbage. It should be special — loose. Sheets of such cabbage keep their shape better, and the easiest to work with them. Vendors of vegetables even call this cabbage «stuffed cabbage.»

However, even the usual cabbage will fit for cooking delicious home-made cabbage rolls, only it needs to be properly prepared. After scalding, the hard streaks of cabbage leaves must be carefully repulsed. You can use this wooden tolkushku. But very thick streaks recommend even gently cut with a knife. In addition, cabbage cabbage can be frozen before cooking by placing in a plastic bag. Then it should be defrosted without removing it from the bag. Thanks to this manipulation, cabbage sheets for cabbage will become much softer.

The secret of home cooking of really delicious stuffed cabbage is the addition of a few pieces of butter when stewing, as well as the use of a vegetable pillow under the stuffed cabbage during the cooking process.

Many recipes for the preparation of cabbage do not give such advice, but you need to know it necessarily. For stewing should choose a thick-bottomed dishes, but otherwise the stuffed cabbage will burn. Also prepare the dish on moderate heat.

Cabbage rolls can be cooked not only by the method of quenching, they also can be boiled or baked in the oven or the slow cooker, which takes a little longer. However, the latter method of cooking will help to achieve a richer taste. To learn how to bake the stuffed cabbage, read the corresponding recipes with step by step photos.

As for the stuffing for stuffed cabbage, then it can be the most diverse. Different cereals and different types of minced meat can be used. In addition, the filling can be exclusively cereal, fish, mushroom, vegetable, or consist of one or another variation of ingredients. The secrets of cooking each of them can be found in the corresponding step-by-step recipes with photos of this section of the site.

Serve cabbage, cooked at home, the best, sprinkle them with fresh herbs and seasoned with sour cream.

Homemade stuffed cabbage rolls is one of the most delicious dishes in home cooking. With great eagerness they eat it all: from young to old. In addition, the preparation of cabbage rolls does not cause any particular difficulties, and therefore even a person who cannot cook at all can cope with them.

If you have to cook cabbage for the first time or have any doubts about this or that cooking stage, then welcome to this section of the site! Here you can find a suitable recipe for the preparation of cabbage and clarify all the points of interest. By the way, all recipes contain not only text instructions, but step-by-step photos. This means that the cooking process will not cause any special difficulties!

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