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Buns — cooking at home, types and storage of the product

Buns — description and types with photos, calorie and nutritional value; how to make and store at home (video recipe)

Calorie content: 339 kcal.

The energy value of the product Buns:
Protein: 7.9 g.
Fat: 9.4 g.
Carbohydrates: 55.5 g.

Buns are considered the second most popular type of bakery product after bread (see photo). They are produced absolutely at every bread factory and today they have a lot of types.

Known fact that the recipe for making rolls owned in ancient times. However, in antiquity, this flour product had a completely different look. In ancient times, buns were a usual round pastry, which included only flour, water, salt and sugar. Later, this product was supplemented with various ingredients: dried fruit, jam, etc.

Soft and airy buns at the same time are an excellent snack for tea and an ideal base for quick sandwiches.

Depending on the composition, as well as on the country of origin, the buns are divided into such types:

  • buns — for the manufacture of this kind of baking used dough, which necessarily includes eggs, dairy products, granulated sugar and butter;
  • pampushkas — traditional Ukrainian product, made from yeast salt dough, finished products are lubricated with garlic mixture and, as a rule, served with borscht;
  • burgers — sweet bakery product, which is necessarily made with a filling, in its quality can serve raisins, cottage cheese, poppy seeds, jam, nuts, cream and much more;
  • buns for hamburgers and hot dogs — this pastry is made from unsweetened dough, it can be supplemented with meatballs, sausages, as well as various additional ingredients.

In addition, buns can vary in shape. They can be both round, and square and triangular. Also, this bakery product is made in the form of roses, flowers, hearts, bagels and more. The formation of the rolls a lot.

Buns can be made on the basis of wheat flour, and also rye, corn, rice and even buckwheat. Also for the production of this delicious baking can be used different dough, for example, butter, puff, yeast, etc.

For each variety of buns, there is a separate GOST, which must be adhered to by bakery manufacturers. Such baking, as a rule, should clearly correspond to the technological map, and not only in composition, but also in weight and design..

To make tender and beautiful buns at home, you need to decide what ingredients the dough will contain. As previously mentioned, it may contain yeast or pastry. You should also know that you can make homemade fluffy buns not only with milk. The following components can be used as a liquid base:

In addition, there are many ways to bake buns. They can be baked not only in the oven, but also by means of a multivark, breadmaker and even aerogrill. Some housewives manage to make this kind of baking, even with a microwave and a conventional frying pan.

In the table below we will share the most original recipes for the preparation of this bakery product. We also recommend you to pay attention to the video below, which describes how to make delicious buns in the form of swans.

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