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Broths of meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms — homemade cooking recipes with photos

Good meat, chicken, fish, vegetable and mushroom broths — delicious homemade cooking recipes with photos; the secrets of how to cook clear broth and how to lighten it

Bouillon — it is a decoction that is prepared on the basis of various types of meat from animals, birds, fish, on bones, offal, as well as vegetables and mushrooms. Such broths can be used as an independent dish, and can be used as a base for soups. Also, quite often broths are used to make sauces and some other types of dishes.

Broths may have different levels of strength. It depends on the ratio of the amount of raw materials for cooking broth and the amount of water. In addition, you can increase the strength of the broth in the event that in a ready-made broth to re-cook a particular product. That is, the strength of fish broth will be higher if it is boiled fresh fish again.

To know how to cook different types of broth at home should every hostess, but in order to do it correctly, you need to know some secrets. More about this will be discussed in the following sub-paragraphs of the article devoted to cooking meat, chicken, fish, vegetable and mushroom broths, as well as step-by-step photo recipes given in this section of the site.

Meat broth is the most popular base for first courses. It is prepared on the basis of various types of meat: on beef, veal, pork, lamb. In addition, meat broths are prepared on the bones, usually on beef as well on the guts, the so-called, offal.

As for broths prepared on pure meat or on meat with bone, they will be tasty only if the products mentioned are really high-quality and fresh. Chilled rather than frozen meat is preferable. Broth from frozen meat is much inferior in taste to broth based on chilled meat.

In order to cook a really tasty broth, they use such a secret: it is necessary to fill the meat with cold water and only then send it to cook on the stove. Only in this way the meat will give the maximum of nutrients to the broth and only so will it give the broth its flavor. In this case, the cooked boiled meat is best chopped and 10 minutes before the end of cooking, return to the first dish. Use the same for cooking the second course is not worth it. To cook them, the meat, on the contrary, is boiled, sending it into already boiling water. So it remains more juicy and concentrates the taste inside. Moreover, useful substances are not digested from the meat cooked in this way.

Studying the recipe for cooking broth from meat, note that the cooking time is about two to three hours and by the end of cooking the amount of the specified water in the ingredients will be halved. If the broth is prepared on the basis of bones and meat, then first bones are boiled (about three to four hours), and only then the meat is laid (approximately one and a half to two hours before the end of cooking). If the broth is boiled only on the basis of bones, then they are pre-cut into not too large pieces, if possible, split along. So the bones will boil better and, accordingly, will give more nutrients to the broth. Boil bone broth should be no more than six hours.

Meat broth, whether it is from pure meat, meat on the bone, or just bones, in any case can not be digested. From this, he loses his taste and nutritional qualities.

So, remember that the cooking time for broth on meat should not exceed three hours, on the bones — six hours.

Chicken broth is cooked according to the same principles as ordinary beef broth, but its preparation time is much less. The chicken decoction will be completely ready in one to two hours after the start of cooking. Check readiness is very simple. It is only necessary to pierce the bird’s carcass with a fork. If it easily goes into the meat, then the broth is ready.

Boil preferably young chicken. The broth from it will turn out much tastier, and the time of its preparation will be small. The meat of an old chicken or rooster is quite tough, and therefore it will take more time to cook both of them than in the case of young chicken.

Recipes for fish broths are very diverse and offer almost any fish as the main product, even one that has a specific smell (in this case, the flavor of the dish is regulated by spices and spices). At home, for the manufacture of the above-mentioned Navar even small river fish are used, as well as fish waste. A broth cooked on the basis of fins, tail, skin, bones, heads, will turn out to be no worse than from whole fish. Only in the case of using fish waste, ready broth must be drained.

Fish broth will be tasty only if the fish is fresh. Before putting it into the pan, you need to clean it of scales and gut it. Be sure to remove the gills and eyes. Then the fish is cut into pieces, poured water and sent to the stove. Boil the broth without rapid boiling, that is, over low heat. By the time the process of cooking broth at home, as a rule, takes no more than an hour.

Vegetable broths in preparation are quite simple, but they are no less fragrant and tasty than meat or fish broths. As ingredients use any vegetables in any combination. Quite often, such broths include spicy root vegetables, such as celery root and parsley root.

For the preparation of vegetable broth vegetables are pre-cleaned and washed. Put in a pan, either whole or cut into large pieces. Then they are poured with water and sent to boil on the stove. After boiling water, the fire is diminished and boiled, avoiding boiling liquid. Otherwise, the broth and vegetables in it lose all its beneficial properties. Cooked vegetable fat for about one or one and a half hours.

In the end, the finished vegetable broth is filtered, getting rid of the vegetables from which it is boiled. They are no longer needed, because the whole flavor, taste and benefit of the vegetables gave the broth.

Mushroom broth is usually boiled from dried mushrooms. There is no wisdom. The mushrooms are washed in warm water, then sent to the pan and poured with cold water. After that, boil the broth for about one and a half to two hours. To speed up the process, mushrooms can be pre-soaked in cold water. The procedure takes from one to two hours. Boil the broth should be with the addition of the water in which the mushrooms were soaked.

Broth, boiled transparent, as a rule, is served as an independent dish. It is only salted and for greater satiety complement the pies. It turns out incredibly tasty. However, the question of how to cook the broth is transparent, and not cloudy, remains open. In fact, it is not difficult. You just need to follow some rules:

  • the broth is brought to a boil, after which the fire is diminished and simmered;
  • in the process of cooking from the broth periodically remove the foam, the first time after boiling, and in subsequent times as it is formed;
  • also for the preparation of clear broth in it put the whole peeled onion.

Clear broth can not be prepared from any product. Best of all, chicken and game meat, beef, fish are suitable for this purpose.

In addition, make the broth transparent and lighten it with a special quickdraw. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple, and therefore to implement it at home, it will work out without difficulty.

For cooking guys will need a glass of ready and not hot broth, three hundred grams of minced meat and one chicken protein. These components are mixed and insist half an hour. Then the resulting mass is poured into a saucepan with broth and cooked over low heat for about forty minutes. Then gently filter the broth.

There is a similar recipe for fattening, but instead of minced meat they use raw grated carrots.

It is best to lighten the fish broth with a stick of a dozen whipped whites. For this, the broth is cooled in the refrigerating chamber, and during this time the whites of ten eggs are whipped. The whipped squirrels are poured into the broth and boiled on a quiet fire for about half an hour, not forgetting to stir it constantly. At the end of the formed white foam is removed with a slotted spoon, and the broth itself is filtered.

Prepare a delicious homemade broth with good aromatic qualities, both from meat and from chicken, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, is quite simple. It is easy to make the broth clear and brighten it. The main thing is to know exactly how to do it. However, this is not a problem. Step-by-step recipes with photos presented in this section, explain in detail and illustrate how to cook at home a particular broth. So read, study photos and cook your own culinary masterpieces in the home kitchen!

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