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Broth — how to cook and whiten at home, calorie, benefit and harm

Broth — product description with photos and videos, composition and calorie content; how to cook at home and bleach; use in cooking; benefit and harm

Calorie content: 28.05 kcal.

The energy value of the product Broth:
Proteins: 3.61
Fat: 1.53 g.
Carbohydrates: 0.52 g.

Bouillon — An indispensable base for first courses, which can be made from meat, fish, vegetables and mushrooms. As a rule, the composition of this product usually includes more and spices. If the broth is cooked correctly, it will have a rich transparent consistency (see photo), good taste and aroma (see photo).

Meat decoction can be made from the following types of raw materialsI:

Salmon, trout and carp are also excellent for this tasty and rich fish broth. Some cooks such a product is prepared from ready-made canned food, for example, from saury, pink salmon and kilka.

Depending on the use of raw materials, broths are:

Mushroom base for soup is often made from mushrooms. However, it can be cooked absolutely from any edible mushrooms.

As for vegetable broth, almost any vegetables can be used for its preparation: onions, potatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, cabbage and much more.

In addition to the usual decoctions of liquid consistency, there are also instant dry broths. They are sold in the form of powder and compressed cube. Knorr, Maggi and Gallina Blanca are considered popular manufacturers of such products. Also on sale you can find dried fish broth «Hondashi» in packages. On its basis, Japanese soups and sauces are most often prepared.

The broth brewed from the purchased broth mixture turns out to be less tasty and useful than natural home decoction.

As the story goes, the first meat broth was cooked in ancient Egypt. It so happened that one serf hid a stolen chicken in a pot of boiling water. However, the thief was still calculated and delivered to Pharaoh along with the tank in which the bird was placed. The ancient Egyptian king liked the chicken flavor coming from the pot so much that he ordered the serf to be released and his chief cook appointed.

The fact that this product is incredibly useful for humans, was known in ancient Greece. At that time, the Greeks were feeding with strong broth all the participants of the Olympic competitions for recuperation.

“How to cook broth at home?” — this question often worries novice chefs, because on the basis of such a decoction, you can cook a quick soup or sauce at any time. The principle of preparation of this product is one, but the ingredients used may vary. In the table below we will share the most basic and simple broth recipes.

classic chicken broth

Place the whole chicken in a large saucepan and completely fill with water, put on the fire and boil for an hour. After this time, add some vegetables, such as onions, carrots and celery, to the light broth, then hold the billet on the fire for another sixty minutes. When the meat is well behind the bone, remove the broth from the stove, strain and use for its intended purpose. Note! In this case it is not necessary to use the whole chicken. You can make a product from chicken thighs, wings, breasts and even from bones.

pork broth in a slow cooker

Put the prepared pork (430 g) in the multicooker bowl, close the lid and install the “Quenching” program. While the meat will be languishing, chop the onion into large pieces, and add it to the meat after half an hour. Ingredients pour water (2 liters), salt and leave to prepare in the same mode for two hours. In this case, the pork can be replaced with lamb or beef.

dietary vegetable broth

In this case, you will need any vegetables, water and seasonings. Ingredients must be combined in one saucepan and boiled for thirty minutes. Before use, ready decoction is recommended to drain.

Georgian broth «Chikhirtma»

To prepare this dish, you need to take chicken meat (500 g), cut into small pieces, add water and bring to readiness. After that, the broth must be filtered, add crushed onions (2 pcs.), Cilantro and salt (to taste). When the broth boils again, it is necessary to add melted butter (2 tablespoons) and eggs (4 pcs.), Whipped with wine vinegar (0.5 tsp.). This rich broth can be consumed immediately after preparation.

In a six-liter pot, place the chicken frame and wings (1.5 kg), completely fill with water, boil and add a pinch of sugar. Within fifteen minutes it is necessary to remove the foam that forms. After that, add chopped ginger root (5 cm), garlic and green onions (to taste) to the broth. Cook the spicy chicken broth over a low heat for three hours. To remove fat, ready broth must be pre-cooled.

We also recommend that you watch the video below, which describes in more detail the process of making this product.

The advantage of homemade broth is that they can stock up on store. To do this, the finished product is only required to pour into containers and freeze in the freezer. In frozen form, it will be stored for six months, while fresh broth can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days. Some people prefer to stock up for the winter only with canned broth, since an ordinary storeroom is suitable for storing such blanks.

If you are not satisfied with the color of the finished broth, and you need to immediately lighten it, then prepare the egg quickdraws, with the help of which it will be possible to eliminate turbidity from any kind of broth.

  • For meat broths — add one beaten egg white to one hundred grams of grated carrots. Stir the mixture and refrigerate to cool.
  • For bone and meat-bone broths — two hundred grams of ground beef, pour the same amount of ice water and leave in the refrigerator for two hours. Then add beaten egg white to the meat mixture and knead well.
  • For chicken and fish broths — combine 200 grams of chopped chicken seeds and egg white in one dish. Instead of stones, you can use minced chicken, but without the skin.

Before use, every kind of delay should be cold. To start the clarification of the broth, it must first be heated to a temperature of seventy degrees. After the liquid, you must enter one part of the delay. When the broth boils, it should add the remaining mixture for clarification. Further, the product should be cooked until all the turbidity is collected on its surface. After that, the broth must be removed from the heat, cooled, cleaned from the upper muddy layer and gently drain. Thanks to this method of clarification, literally in one hour, the broth can be returned to its transparent consistency and beautiful golden color..

The possibilities of using broth in cooking a lot. On the basis of this product make very tasty and satisfying first courses, as well as the famous jelly and various sauces. The features of this broth are natural taste and rich aroma, without which any soup is inferior due to the lack of the usual meat, vegetable or mushroom flavor.

Porridge is often cooked in broth, including couscous and bulgur. Often this broth for juiciness is added to the stuffing for meatballs, meatballs and cabbage. And on its basis they prepare various kinds of gravy.

Home broth goes well with mushrooms, as well as chicken eggs and pasta. Also, the product is in harmony with greens, vegetables and even some dairy products (cream and cheese).

Another such broth goes well with fortified wine «Sherry», as well as with nuts, crackers and dumplings.

The most famous dish cooked on the basis of meat broth is “risotto” — Italian rice dish.

In addition, the broth made from meat is used to create the popular Italian sauce «Tagliatelle», as well as for the production of okroshka, beetroot soup, solyanka and other dishes.

The use of broth directly depends on the raw materials used for its preparation. If this broth is made from chicken, then an excellent remedy for colds and to improve immunity will come out. Also, chicken broth is recommended to take with gastritis.

If this product is cooked from beef, then it will be useful for people suffering from joint diseases and anemia. Due to its iron content, it is useful to drink such liquid at any stage of pregnancy.

As for vegetable broth, it is recommended to regularly eat it with pancreatitis and stomach ulcers. It is advisable to feed children with such a product, because not every child will force you to eat fresh, healthy vegetables.

Much is also known about the beneficial properties of fish broth. It contains a rich list of valuable substances through which a decoction of fish improves digestion and copes with diseases of the stomach. Doctors recommend drinking fish broth for problems with the thyroid gland, as well as after undergoing serious operations.

In addition, many scientists have identified the benefits of broth while losing weight, so today, on the basis of this product, many effective diets have been developed.

The harm of the broth is due to the fact that in the process of cooking it gets harmful organic compounds that slow down the work of digestion and the liver. In this broth and purines are present, and these substances are especially dangerous for the health of people who suffer from inflammation of the joints and blood diseases.

Bouillon cubes are very harmful to the body, as they usually contain a lot of chemicals extracted by chemical means.

Broth is a necessary ingredient for the manufacture of first courses and at the same time a very valuable medicinal product with which you can maintain health for many years!

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