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Breakfast — delicious and healthy recipes with photos for every day at home

Breakfast — delicious and healthy recipes of dishes with photos for every day at home

Breakfast is an integral part of the daily diet, which, according to dietitians, is considered the most important meal. The recipes of its preparation are so varied that for every day you can cook some new dish. The main thing is that it has time and desire.

The importance of breakfast is due to these three main reasons:

  • at night, when we sleep, the body actively consumes micro and macro elements, vitamins, in order to restore the body cells, therefore all these substances need to be replenished in the sutra in order to feel fresh and full of energy;
  • a balanced right breakfast triggers the body’s metabolic processes;
  • morning meal helps avoid overeating throughout the rest of the day.

So, what should be the breakfast ?! Let’s figure it out!

In the morning you need to eat hearty, but do not overeat. The optimal energy value of breakfast is from 400 tons to 500 tons kcal. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the food was not heavy, that is, fatty fried meat or a myriad of sweets exactly as a morning meal will not work. Breakfast should be balanced, containing not only fats and complex carbohydrates, but also proteins. It is also important that morning food is rich in various vitamins and minerals.

An excellent choice for a homemade breakfast will be cottage cheese, seasoned with sour cream or yogurt, with the addition of all sorts of seasonal fruits and berries. Also, oatmeal will be good as a nourishing morning meal. This porridge quickly gives a feeling of saturation, and besides, it is able to fight «harmful» cholesterol. But when supplemented with dried fruit or fresh fruit, it will become not just tasty, but also vitamin, which will undoubtedly benefit the body! Another option for a healthy breakfast that meets all the standards of proper nutrition is a smoothie (thick drink of ground fruit and berries with a base of juice or yogurt). Also the traditional product in the morning is eggs. They are quite satisfying, and therefore thanks to them you will not experience a feeling of hunger until dinner. However, please note that they are most useful when cooked and not fried! In addition, it is not a bad sutra to drink a cup of green tea (it protects cells from the effects of free radicals, which not only contribute to aging, but can even cause cancer, and it also contributes to weight loss) or a cup of custard coffee (it will not only charge You will be energized and energized, but it will also help minimize the risk of obesity, only you cannot abuse this drink).

Special attention is given breakfast for children! In general, the recipes for its preparation are practically no different from the recipes for making “adult morning meal”. Although the child’s coffee, of course, is not worth water. Food for the baby should be not only healthy and balanced, but also beautiful in design. The more interesting the decor of the dish is, the more willing the child will be to eat it! By the way, you can get acquainted with the recipes of such “beautiful dishes” in this section of our site.

In the festive and romantic breakfasts, you can be guided not only by the principles of rational nutrition, you can also please yourself and your loved ones, for example, with some sweets. Also, attention should be paid to the design of dishes, which we will discuss in more detail directly in the recipes for their preparation.

As we said earlier, the variety of dishes that can be prepared for breakfast at home is very large. However, sometimes we all catch ourselves thinking that the ideas on this matter are over. But it does not matter! Having studied our site, you will find a new and interesting breakfast option just for yourself. All recipes contain not only a description of the preparation steps, but also phased photos. Thus, all our recipes are full-fledged master classes that will help to prepare tasty and healthy food even to a person who does not know how to cook at all.

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