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Borsch — delicious homemade and simple step by step cooking recipes with photos

Borsch — tasty and simple step-by-step cooking recipes at home with photos (classic and not only)

History of origin and types of native Ukrainian dishes

Borscht — the original Ukrainian dish, which today has spread in the kitchens of countries neighboring Ukraine. It is a rather thick and fatty soup, the basis of which is meat, bone and bone broth, in which beetroot is necessarily added. It was she who gives this first dish a distinctive red color.

The history of the origin of borscht dates back to the time of Kievan Rus. At that time, the previously mentioned first dish was a soup based on broth from the plant hogweed with the addition of all sorts of vegetables. In Russia, the mention of borscht appeared only in the sixteenth century, and in Poland — only in the eighteenth.

To date, classic Ukrainian borscht, as well as many of its variations have become one of the most popular first courses. Prepare such beet soup, not only at home, but also in restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments, which only confirms the universal love for borscht and its demand.

As for the types of borscht, they probably can be counted at least a hundred. For example, borschs are distinguished by regional basis. Their difference is usually in broth-based. Broth, as mentioned earlier, can be meat, meat and bone, bone, and in addition it can be prepared on the basis of various meats, including poultry meat. So, for example, Poltava borsch is cooked exclusively from goose, and Odessa baked exclusively from chicken meat. In addition, the composition of vegetables in a borsch may differ, as well as the method of processing the main component — beets. For some types of the aforementioned first course, it is fried, for others it is baked.

Also, the types of borscht are divided into two broad categories: hot and cold. The first variety is the most popular. They cook hot borsch year-round, whereas cold borsch is mostly spring and summer.

The classic version of borscht is a red borscht cooked in meat and bone broth, mostly beef. Its obligatory component is beet stewed with vinegar. In addition, its components are potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, tomato puree or tomato paste, as well as dressing from ground fat with greens and garlic. But green borsch for classic borsch is a very distant relative, because for its preparation beets are not used at all, but they use sorrel. And, in general, the list of ingredients of such a dish is significantly different from the traditional one. Perhaps it would be better to call green borsch oxal soup. Despite the ambiguous attitude to the classification and such soup has the right to exist.

In addition, we must not forget that each hostess in his arsenal has its own recipe for borscht, which means that there are more kinds of this dish than we can assume.

The basis of any borscht is broth, which is cooked both from pure meat and from meat with bones, less often from bones alone. The meat used is beef, pork, lamb, chicken, goose. An ingredient such as fat is also added to borscht, for example, in the classic version — it is salted pork lard pounded with garlic and greens, but goose fat is added to Poltava borscht.

The ingredient present in this soup is beetroot. Of the other vegetables, it most often contains potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, and tomatoes. In some variations of borscht, Bulgarian sweet peppers, beans, zucchini, kohlrabi, turnips can also be found. Even green sour apples can be included in the ingredients of this first dish.

In the event that the composition of vegetables for borscht does not contain fresh tomatoes — their place is taken by tomato paste or tomato puree.

As spices for cooking borsch, fragrant, red and black pepper, bay leaves, garlic, parsley, parsley roots and greens, and also celery are often used. Basil, angelica, lovage, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, as well as some other spicy herbs are used less frequently.

Occasionally, passaged wheat flour is added to borsch for thickening.

To make borscht more acidity, beet infusion or starter, sour beet juice or kvassirov are added to it.

Here, perhaps, are all the ingredients that can be found in the most common borscht recipes.

Secrets of cooking recipes at home

Cooking borscht at home is a completely trouble-free and not difficult job, albeit a long one. As a rule, cook such a first dish should be from three to six hours. The longest procedure is cooking the broth, especially the broth on the bones. They just have to boil for 5-6 hours, adding meat only at the third or fourth hour. And, although such a broth is boiled for quite a long time, but it turns out very rich and tasty. Bones and cooked meat are removed from the broth. The broth is left on the stove, gradually laying vegetables in it. The meat is returned to the borsch in chopped form only 10-15 minutes before the end of cooking.

Lay vegetables in broth in this order:

  1. potatoes — half an hour before readiness;
  2. cabbage — 20 minutes before readiness;
  3. pre-prepared beets — 15 minutes before readiness;
  4. stewed in tomato paste onions and carrots — 10-15 minutes before readiness;
  5. spices and spices — 5-8 minutes until ready;
  6. garlic — two minutes before readiness.

In addition, a few minutes before the borsch is ready, a dressing of lard, herbs and garlic is added to it.

Many recipes offer beets to sauté in a frying pan with a little vinegar or citric acid. And it is no coincidence! The secret is that the acidic environment allows the beets to not lose their color and the soup from this becomes saturated red. However, if the recipe recommends beets to pre-bake or boil in the peel, then vinegar or citric acid in a small amount can be added directly to the pan. The effect will be the same.

Potatoes and cabbage are laid in raw form, but chopped onions and carrots are pre-fried in a pan, at the very end, adding chopped tomatoes or tomato paste to them. Stew until zazharka evenly stained.

Returning to the broths, it should be noted that for, for example, one and a half liters of broth, initially you need to take twice as much water, Ie three liters. During cooking, it evaporates strongly.

Here, perhaps, are all the basic secrets of cooking really delicious Ukrainian borscht. Although, of course, each variety of this dish has its own characteristics. You can learn more about them in simple step-by-step photo recipes of this section.

Due to the fact that all the recipes are detailed and supplied with step-by-step photos, at home you will not have any problems with their implementation. Everything is easy! Cook with pleasure and enjoy cooked culinary masterpieces!

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