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Blue clay from cellulite — recipes for masks for wrapping

Blue clay from cellulite Not once proved its effectiveness. At the moment, it is actively used worldwide as a mask for the body and even for hair. Due to its beneficial properties, blue clay can be easily applied even to pregnant and lactating women. At the same time, masks and wraps can be easily done at home, as there is nothing complicated about it. You only need blue clay, which can be supplemented with black, as well as several other ingredients, which we will tell you in the next section.

Blue clay is a very unusual way to fight cellulite. The fact is that clay accumulates electric charges, being deep underground, which subsequently stimulates the work of skin cells. Due to this, the rate of cleansing cells from harmful substances and slags, as well as the rate of splitting of adipose tissues significantly increases.

Before making blue clay wraps, you need to note a few recommendations that will help make this process more efficient:

  • Immediately before the procedure take a hot bath or go to the bath. This will help wash away dirt and sweat so that they do not prevent the clay from penetrating deep into the skin. Also at the same time, the pores will open, which will facilitate the penetration of the wrapping agent into the skin.
  • Use peeling scrub, to cleanse the skin of dead and horny particles. Due to this, it will become smooth and silky.
  • The mixture for wrapping is best prepared before the procedure, as the blue clay tends to dry out quickly.

After studying these recommendations, you can make anti-cellulite wrapping with blue clay as effective and high-quality.

There are many recipes for creating masks and blends for anti-cellulite wrapping using blue clay. You can add a bit of black clay to the mix, as it has slightly similar properties to blue clay. In general, the ingredients necessary for the preparation of the mask can be obtained at any pharmacy. We are sure that you will love the wrap with blue clay from cellulite at home, and you will be able to see the first results after a couple of weeks.

We selected for you the most effective recipes, with the help of which you will be able to independently prepare a body mask for cellulite.

  • Take one hundred grams dry blue clay powder and fill with water so as to obtain a mixture resembling sour cream in consistency. Next, add a few drops of citrus essential oil, stir it all up and start applying the mixture evenly to those areas of the body that need correction. After applying the composition, wrap the body with cling film and turn into a warm blanket. Having created the effect of a sauna, you need to be at rest for thirty to forty minutes, after which you should wash off the mask with warm water. It is useful to apply a nourishing cream on clay-treated areas. If you massage the cream, This will greatly accelerate the effect of the clay mask against cellulite.
  • Warm up a little milk or kefir and mix it with blue clay powder until smooth. Then add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the mixture, and also add a couple of large spoons of ground cinnamon. All this should be carefully mixed and applied to the problem area with cellulite. Wrap the body with cling film and lie down for half an hour under a warm blanket. It should be noted that you may feel a slight burning sensation, however, you should not worry, because this is a normal phenomenon. If the burning is unbearable, it is necessary to immediately wash off the mixture.
  • Take the same amount of blue clay powder and coffee grounds, add a pinch of hot pepper, mix with water, bringing to a uniform consistency, and apply on problem areas, rubbing the mixture with massage movements. The principle of action of this mixture for wrapping against cellulite is the same as in the two previous recipes.

Before you prepare such a wrapping agent, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to this or that product. Read more about clay in the video below.

Blue clay wraps also have contraindications. For example, pregnant and lactating women can only put the mixture on the hands or feet, avoiding the abdomen, breasts and buttocks. In addition, anti-cellulite wraps are contraindicated for people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Also, if you have fresh wounds, acne or corns on your body, then it is better to postpone the blue clay masks against cellulite until the damage disappears.

In general, if you comply with the recommendations, wraps from cellulite with blue clay can only bring benefit.

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