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Black Cumin oil for hair: strengthen the roots and get rid of dandruff

Black cumin oil as a means for luxurious hair

The homeland of the black cumin is Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean. Nowadays, this plant is cultivated in various countries of the world. Black cumin is one of the oldest spices and belongs to medicinal plants, it is not in vain that eastern women have been successfully used for caraway seed oil. Let’s find out how this tool they liked so much.

The composition of black cumin oil

The main value of cumin is that it contains over 100 useful microelements, among which are accelerators of natural cell regeneration: lipase, tocopherols, enzymes, alkaloids, flavonoids.

The fruits of black cumin are 35% composed of oil, they contain vitamins of group B, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, that is, a complete natural composition, especially useful for the body.

Black cumin essential extract is a yellow liquid with a raspberry smell. The oil includes such valuable ingredients as:

  • Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids that are not synthesized in the body;
  • vitamins A, E and B;
  • phytosterols;
  • zinc.

The popularity of caraway extract is that it has an active effect against hair loss, dandruff, fragility and split ends.

In addition, this tool is a strong antioxidant, and scientists have proven that it is superior to antibiotics such as ampicillin, gentamicin, tetracycline with its antibacterial action. Therefore, the tool is actively used in inflammatory processes of the scalp, bacterial and fungal infections, it promotes the regeneration of skin cells and strengthens the hair roots, preventing baldness.

Black Cumin Mask Recipes

It is best to use cumin oil for hair in the form of healthy masks. This product must be combined with other beneficial ingredients, as it is too concentrated, which can trigger allergies.

Black cumin oil for hair is considered to be a wonderful remedy, as it has anti-inflammatory, firming, regenerating and protective effect. It is useful to use oil for any type of hair, you only need to adhere to the recipe.

  • Mask for loose strands. For exhausted and damaged hair, special care is required to strengthen the roots. The following tool will help solve these problems: 1 tbsp. l seeds of black cumin pour 100 ml of olive oil, mix and insist for 10 minutes. Add 1 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar, shake. Store the mixture in a glass bottle. If necessary, rub the tool into the scalp for 20 minutes. After that you should wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Mask to strengthen. This mask is suitable for normal and combined type of strands. If you do it every 3-4 days, it significantly activates hair growth. Components: 30 ml of black cumin extract, 5 ml of burdock and castor oils, 1 yolk. All components combine, beat and apply on hair. Wash off with shampoo after 20 minutes.
  • From baldness. The use of caraway seed oil is also effective in baldness. In case of formation of bald patches, it is necessary to apply the agent directly to these zones, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse. The tool activates the hair follicles and prevents the formation of baldness.
  • Mask for getting rid of dandruff. This remedy with cumin is suitable for oily hair. Its use helps to eliminate dandruff and normalize the work of sebaceous glands. Ingredients: 5 ml of caraway seed oil, 5 drops of rosemary extract and 200 ml of nonfat kefir. All the ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the scalp, rinse after 30 minutes, wash the hair as usual.
  • Mask from falling out. Effectively used black cumin oil from hair loss. The mask is easy to prepare, it is suitable for any hair. For cooking, combine cumin and olive oils in equal volumes. Apply the mixture on the strands for 10 minutes, then wash your hair. Mask is prepared and applied twice a week.
  • For hair growth. To enhance hair growth, you need to increase blood flow to the scalp for better nourishment of hair follicles. In addition, this mask makes the curls soft, radiant and silky. We will need oils: red pepper, coconut and caraway. We act in two stages: first, rub the red pepper extract for 15 minutes into the hair roots. Then wash the hair and put on them a mixture of other oils. For best effect, the second stage should last at least 2 hours.

  • The following hair mask activates the hair follicles. To obtain the mask combine the following components: 30 ml of black cumin, burdock and castor oil, and 3 drops of essential lemon extract. Heat the prepared mixture in a water bath, beat 2 yolks. It is necessary to rub everything well and apply on the hair and scalp for half an hour.
  • For shine. Oriental girls to add shine and silkiness to their chic curls are preparing another remedy with black cumin oil: in equal parts combine the black cumin oil, olive oil and onion seeds. The mixture needs to be slightly heated and rubbed into the scalp for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse hair thoroughly.
  • From split ends. Often there is such a nuisance as damaged hair ends. To get rid of this problem, you should try a mask of black cumin extract, olive oil and cream. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. Then a thick layer of hair covered with prepared means, rubbed into the scalp. Mask should be kept for 10 minutes, then rinse.
  • From greasiness and dandruff. To reduce oily hair and eliminate dandruff, you need to use cumin seed oil. Recipe: 200 ml of kefir, 5 ml of caraway oil, 12 drops of rosemary oil. All mix and apply on hair for 15 minutes.

As you can see, there are really many recipes, there are plenty to choose from. Try, look for your mask. Most importantly: the longer the exposure time, the better. For a sufficient period of time, nutrients will have time to penetrate the structure of the hair and skin. So do not regret the time for self-care. Your curls will thank you with health, strength, brilliance and beauty.

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