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Biowave eyelashes — the pros and cons, contraindications procedure

Biowave eyelashes — This is a procedure in which your cilia acquire an expressive bend. In this case, no pain or discomfort you will not feel, the procedure is completely painless.

The effect after biowave can last from one month to three, with no restrictions. A girl can continue her usual lifestyle, go swimming and wash herself as she did before.

When biowave eyelashes are used only funds on a natural basis, which are most carefully belong to the cilia, without destroying their structure. This procedure is recommended only in the salon with the help of professional tools, however, at home you can also make a biowave. We will tell you about this a little later, and now we will consider a question that has bothered many girls and women. What is better to choose: biowave or lamination lash?

Biowave eyelashes and their lamination — these are two completely different procedures, which, for some reason, many are often confused. In order for you not to be disappointed in the result and choose exactly what you need, we suggest you find out the differences between the biowave and the lamination of eyelashes.

  • First, the formulations for the procedures are radically different. Compositions and means for biowave are much cheaper than means for lamination, as the latter have a healing effect on eyelashes.
  • The biowave of eyelashes is giving them a form, curling hairs. The structure and density of the eyelashes remains the same. When laminating hairs become thicker, darker. They can also be shaped using special rollers.
  • Lamination of eyelashes creates protective layer, thanks to which hair is protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, frost and dryness. As for the biowave, she cannot boast of such qualities.
  • After biowave eyelashes can lighten a little, lamination, on the contrary, makes eyelashes darker and more expressive.
  • The cost of procedures is also significantly different: lamination is more expensive than biowave.
  • Lamination can be done much more often than biowave, which can be repeated only three months after the first procedure.

Before a biowave or lamination procedure, it is recommended to talk with the master in the salon, learn more about the compositions, as well as get acquainted with the certificates of the master, read reviews about him, so that the procedure was most productive.

Like any other salon procedure, biowave eyelashes has both advantages and disadvantages. You can read them in a special table to determine for yourself whether you need it.

  • The effect of twisted eyelashes lasts up to three months;
  • After a biowave, you do not need to observe a special regime and refuse to visit the pool;
  • The eyes become more open and expressive;
  • You can continue to use cosmetics;
  • The biowave procedure is absolutely painless;
  • It is not forbidden to visit the bath;
  • Makeup removers do not spoil the effect of twisting;
  • No need to make a correction for a long time;
  • The procedure does not harm the eyelashes.
  • After biowave eyelashes can lighten;
  • If the procedure is performed incorrectly, there is a chance of loss of eyelashes;
  • When pregnancy and breastfeeding biowave may be harmful.

As you can see, the advantages of biowave lashes are much more than minuses. However, the final decision still needs to be taken by you. Do not forget to clarify the details you are interested in your master.

Contraindications for the biowave procedure are as follows.: You can not expose the procedure to very thin and short eyelashes, since this will not make any sense at best. At worst — eyelashes will be even thinner and lighter. In addition, you cannot make a biowave for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for people who are allergic to biowave products.

There are also a few recommendations for the care of eyelashes, which must be followed to the effect of biowave lasted as long as possible.

  • Within twenty four hours after biowave do not touch the eyelashes with your hands, wet or twist them, as well as apply makeup.
  • It is possible to paint eyelashes only after two days only with special paint.
  • You can and even need to strengthen hairs with castor oil.

When it will be two days after the biowave procedure, you can safely apply make-up and wash it off with the help of special lotions.

It is not difficult to make a biowave at home, however, you will need a kit, as well as materials in the form of special glue and rollers. If possible, it is better to attend courses or watch video training on biowave, so as not to confuse anything.

Biowave technology often requires professional materials, the leaders among which are the Kodi (Kodi) and Dolly’s lash kits. These chemical compositions will help you make a high-quality biowave with your own hands at home. If you get a bad biowave, you can always fix it if you visit the salon. An excellent solution is eyelash extensions.

So, if you have stocked up the necessary paraphernalia, purchased formulations, sets and hair curlers, then you can proceed to the biowave procedure.

  • Take silicone roller and put it on the eye under the eyelashes, smoothing and straightening them. The roller should be pre-lubricated with special glue from the eyelids.
  • Pick up the roller so that its length is twice the length of the eyelashes.
  • Now apply glue to the roller on the side of the eyelashes, after which, having moistened a cotton swab in a softener, begin to press the eyelashes with it to the roller.
  • Curling time of eyelashes directly depends on their condition. If you are the owner thin and brittle eyelashes, while curling time is no more than ten minutes. If you have thick thick eyelashes, hold them on a roller for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Now take dry cotton pad and blot your eyelashes, removing the extra softener that is not absorbed into the hairs.
  • The final touch is fixation. Using a clean cotton swab, apply a means for fixing on the eyelashes and wipe it with a cotton pad after a certain time, which should be indicated in the instructions.
  • Now you can clear eyelashes from glue and gently remove the roller, also clearing eyelids from glue.

At this home biowave eyelashes coming to an end. Now you need to give cilia a rest, and after a day you can continue to live a familiar life without limiting yourself to anything. Your beautiful eyelashes will look stunning at any time!

In order to make sure that the biowave is a great idea for owners of long but straight eyelashes, we suggest you to look at the photos before and after the procedure.

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