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Belly slimming wrap: returning the waist and beautiful bend of the hips

Wrap for slimming the sides and abdomen or how to quickly regain the waist

A feature of the female body is the fact that fat deposits primarily appear in the waist, sides and lower abdomen. But there is nothing accidental about it, this is how nature arranged it. Since the main function of a woman is to conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy child, nature initially made sure that this process proceeded as safely as possible. It is the fat layer that protects the baby from all kinds of injuries and injuries.

As a rule, fat can begin to accumulate, not only during pregnancy, but also in the normal state of a woman. This is due to the fact that some kind of malfunction occurs in the body. Perhaps this is a consequence of malnutrition. Or maybe, under the influence of strong stress, an imbalance of the hormonal system arose. Or so age changes manifest themselves? It often happens that the cause is a combination of factors.

In any case, such violations lead to the fact that the female figure loses its contours, the stomach sags, the fat deposits become pronounced, the skin stretches, loses its elasticity, making the woman look unattractive. Therefore, many are wondering how to remove this fat and make the waist thinner.

To make the stomach and sides again become slim and elastic, they use special cosmetic procedures that can be performed not only in the salon. For example, a wrap for quick weight loss of the abdomen at home is very effective. This procedure will be a great addition for those who are in the process of losing weight. It will greatly enhance the effect of diet and intense training.

The essence of the procedure

During wrapping for skin tightening, a significant improvement in the tone of the upper layer of the epidermis occurs. Due to active blood circulation, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, the volume of the body is noticeably reduced. Thanks to the additional ingredients, the skin is nourished and well moisturized.

In the beauty salon, a wrap for slimming the hips and abdomen is a demanded procedure. Beauticians use a variety of professional tools that give amazing results after just a few treatments.

In fact, the wrapping of the abdomen by the mechanism of action is no different from a face mask. The effect of the mask is achieved by limiting evaporation from the skin surface, ducts and pores are well dilated. Under these conditions, all active ingredients penetrate much deeper and faster than conventional creams. Wrapping practically does not differ from a mask, except for what is applied on a large volume of area (on the whole body).

Despite the fact that the modern cosmetology industry has invented more modern methods of body correction, they still could not force out simple and effective wraps.

Types of wraps

Wraps are hot, cold, contrast and isothermal. This is due to the fact that some components for the activation of nutrients must be heated to a temperature of at least 40º, while others, on the contrary, must be cooled.

  • If you need to get rid of cellulite, burn subcutaneous fat, or achieve a relaxing effect, then use hot wraps. They warm up the skin well, dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing blood circulation, expand pores. Due to this thermal effect, the active substances of the mask better penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it. A good example is honey wraps for slimming the abdomen.
  • Cold wraps are needed to increase blood flow and narrow blood vessels. They resemble cold compresses. You can apply them locally to prevent hypothermia of the whole body. With the help of this type of wrap, it is possible to eliminate puffiness, give the skin a tone, relieve inflammation, create a tightening effect. This wrap is considered safe even for varicose veins.
  • A stunning effect gives the alternation of hot and cold procedures. Such manipulations are called contrast wrapping. With the help of procedures you can tighten the skin of the abdomen in a very short time.
  • With isothermal wrapping, the active components do not heat up at all. The result is achieved only due to the action of the active substances in the composition of the mask.

What is included

Homemade wrap for quick weight loss abdomen always combines active and neutral substances in the composition of the mask. Thanks to the active components, a change in the skin condition occurs, the general state of health improves, important biochemical processes in the body are activated, cellulite manifestations are reduced, the figure lines are corrected. Neutral components are designed to form the necessary consistency of the mask. This may include thickeners, flavors, etc.

Most often effective wraps for the sides and abdomen include the following components: essential oils, mud, cosmetic clay, sea salt, extracts of medicinal plants, algae, honey, vinegar, and more.

Procedure technology

In order for wraps to give maximum effect, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • Consultation with a doctor is required. It helps to eliminate contraindications to wrapping, as well as to determine exactly the type that will give the best effect.
  • It is necessary to limit food intake a few hours before the procedure.
  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the body using mechanical peeling. This allows you to release healthy cells from dead skin, which will prepare the skin for exposure to the active components during wrapping.
  • The mixture is applied with a thick layer either on the entire surface of the body, or locally on certain areas, for example, on the stomach.
  • In advance, you need to prepare a special bandage (a long strip of cotton cloth), soak it with essential oils or herbal infusion. The whole body is wrapped with this cloth. The classic version of the wrap suggests fixing the bandages starting from the feet and moving up to the chest along the lines of the lymph flow. If there is overweight, it is proposed to wrap the entire body completely. With a hot wrap, you need to take cover with a thermal blanket.
  • The duration of the procedure is 30–60 minutes. After the bandages are unwound, the mask is washed off. The duration of the entire procedure is approximately 2 hours. Homemade wrap for the abdomen is carried out in the same way as in the beauty salon.
  • After the procedure is not recommended to take a bath, go to the sauna or swimming pool, solarium. This is due to the fact that some of the active ingredients are still on the surface of the skin and continue their action. It is also forbidden to carry out other cosmetic procedures that contribute to injury to the skin or violation of its integrity (various types of depilation, mesotherapy, injection biorevitalization.)
  • A lasting effect is possible if you take a course of wraps (from 5 to 15 procedures once a week).

Wrap for weight loss at home can be done independently. It will only be necessary to purchase the necessary ingredients for a mask and a piece of cloth or a roll of food film, which will replace the bandage. The mask is prepared depending on the selected recipe and is applied to problem areas. Then these areas of the body are wrapped with a cloth or film (made bandage). In the wrapped up state, you need to lie down for an hour under a warm blanket. Some girls prefer to practice wraps late in the evening. They believe that the period from 22:00 to 00:00 contributes to the natural cleansing of the body.

Wrapping results

Immediately, the skin is noticeably transformed, smoothed, it becomes tightened, the hillocks of cellulite disappear. You can even keep a diary of records of measurements of the volume of the body. Such data will show the downward trend.

Women after the procedure feel flexibility throughout the body, lightness and losing weight belly. Edemas disappear, appetite appears, thanks to a relaxed state, mood improves.

Homemade recipes

Belly wraps at home are very popular. It is connected with home convenience and comfort. Experience has shown that the most effective and fast belly wrap for weight loss is obtained by using the following ingredients: honey, natural chocolate, algae, various types of cosmetic clay, vinegar. So, we share recipes:

  • Honey wrapping is the most popular and effective procedure. To prepare you need to mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with honey (3 tablespoons), add 5 drops of citrus essential oil.
  • Chocolate mask — an effective wrap that allows you to feel the luxury and exclusivity. You need to take two tiles of natural dark chocolate and melt in a water bath. Warm chocolate mass can be supplemented with a few drops of any citrus essential oil. This mask is well suited for skin elasticity.
  • Blue cosmetic clay. Make a mask of this tool can be very quickly. It is enough to dilute 1 sachet with warm water to the consistency of a liquid slurry.
  • Apple cider vinegar wrap is considered the best to tighten the skin. Natural apple cider vinegar is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2. With this solution, moisten the prepared bandage and impose on the body. It is the acetic wrap for slimming the belly that has proven to be one of the best and most effective means for losing weight at home.
  • Algal For this wrapping use kelp. Dry layers of algae need to pre-fill with hot water and let it brew. The preparation of this mask takes several hours. As soon as the algae swell, they are placed on the abdomen and wrapped in food film. This mask has a pronounced fat burning effect.

Find time for yourself, do a regular belly wrap at home. And soon you will be able to feel smooth and toned skin without signs of cellulite.

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