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Beef entrecote — how to cook meat at home, the calorie content of the product

Description of beef entrecote and its photo, caloric content and composition; how to cook meat at home

Caloric content: 220 kcal.

Energy value of Antrekot beef product:
Proteins: 29.6
Fat: 11.2 g.
Carbohydrates: 0 g.

Beef entrecote — This is a French dish, which literally translates as «meat between the ribs.» Initially, in France, it was decided to use only ox meat for cooking entrecote, but over time the range of raw materials expanded. At the moment entrecote can be made from any meat.

Often you can meet in cafes and restaurants entrecote of pork, but the most popular meat dish of beef. This tenderloin has a delicate structure and juiciness, and is also excellent for quick roasting, after which the meat does not necessarily need to be quenched. Thanks to this, a ready-made entrecote of beef is obtained more elastic and at the same time tender than a dish made from another part of the tenderloin.

In appearance, the finished entrecote resembles a steak, so many people confuse these meat dishes. The main difference between them is that for cooking steak, usually selected meat of young bulls is used, which are grown according to strict rules. At the same time, meat for steak is necessarily cut across the fibers and is quite expensive. Entrecote is made from meat on the rib beef bone.

In good restaurants before cooking unrequited beef, they are usually kneaded with a hammer for beating meat or softened with the help of special means for meat.

You can experiment and make homemade beef entrecote and pork entrecote at home to determine which one tastes better. How to cook this tasty meat dish, we will tell in our article.

Cooking beef entrecote is best at home. So you can independently adjust the amount of spices and the degree of roasting meat.

For cooking entrekot you will need such products: beef, salt and pepper, the desired seasoning, as well as oil for frying. The process of cooking this dish is as follows:

  • Rinse the beef in running water and drain with paper napkins. After that, you need to beat it with a kitchen hammer.
  • Now you should rub the meat with salt, pepper, chopped garlic, add the desired seasonings and spices, fold into a deep container and cover with a lid. Leave the beef to infuse in the refrigerator for at least three hours. The longer the meat will infuse, the more it is steeped in spices.
  • Take a regular frying pan or grill, pour a little vegetable oil and put on the fire to warm up. When the oil begins to boil, carefully put the beef in the pan.
  • Frying entrecote on each side takes about three to four minutes. At the same time, it is not necessary to add more oil, as the beef will produce juice when frying.
  • Put the prepared dish on a plate, pour with meat juice and serve hot.

Beef entrecote is usually served with side dishes such as potatoes, vegetable salad, peas, Mexican mix and cabbage stew. However, you can also experiment with this by selecting the side dish that you like the most.

The principle of cooking entrecote on beef bones is not limited to roasting only in a pan. Many hostesses have learned to cook this dish in the oven and the slow cooker, wrapping it in foil or sleeve. Also, the meat is often marinated before cooking, to make it softer and more fragrant. White and red wine, lemon juice or lime juice, as well as other products suitable for marinating meat are often used as marinades.

As a sauce, beef entree, pepper, cranberry, mushroom and onion are usually served to the beef entrecote. You can cook them yourself at home by searching for step-by-step recipes on the Internet, or buy ready-made sauces in the store.

Soft homemade beef entrecote will be an excellent occasion to invite friends or loved ones for dinner, as well as boast their culinary skills. The calorie content of this product is quite high, so if you follow the figure, control the amount of meat consumed.

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