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Beef dishes for a second (festive and simple) — delicious homemade recipes with photos

The best dishes of beef for the second (festive and simple for every day) — delicious homemade cooking recipes with step by step photos

Beef dishes on the second — a real memory from childhood! Surely, many will remember the fragrant pieces of meat in gravy, served with buckwheat porridge. Our moms did not cook this dish by chance. Beef is not just very tasty meat, it is also very healthy. It contains many vitamins and other elements necessary for maintaining health, including iron. This microcomponent is recommended to fill in the organism to pregnant women and children. Beef for this purpose is the best option!

Beef dishes are very tasty, but for inexperienced hostesses they become a real challenge! Incorrectly cooked beef can simply simply become rubbery. To avoid this effect is simple, you just need to know how to handle this type of meat.

In the case of beef, you should not act at random. First you need to study your favorite cooking recipe and pay attention to all the subtleties of working with such meat. Only then the beef entree will turn out really tasty.

Beef dishes have one secret of the most delicate taste, which lies in the youth of the meat itself. Young beef — veal — pale pink, elastic, shiny. If under the guise of veal they sell you a piece of rich red color — this is beef, and, quite elderly. Yellow fat will also indicate a respectable age.

In Russian cuisine, they traditionally prefer the meat of young calves and cows, while European cuisine, considers beef second-rate, preferring dishes from the bull, of which a huge amount is offered.

Beef suitable for all types of heat treatment. As a rule, for the stewing and frying, the top of a rim, entrecote, sirloin grill or tenderloin is used, other parts of the carcass are used for minced meatballs or ground beef. It is not recommended to use minced meat or chopped pieces in pure form, because during heat treatment the meat that is not very fat is still shrinking and the product becomes rubbery and tasteless.

Cut the beef should be strictly across the fibers. For a long time to wash under water and even, especially, soak, such meat is impossible. So it will lose its juice and the soft one will never work out. Various marinades will help soften the beef. Mustard, vodka and red wine are best in this role. In addition, the meat can be made softer by carefully beating it from both sides.

Beef should be not only soft, but juicy. This is very easy to achieve! The best way is to seal the meat juice in a piece of beef. To do this, fry the meat in a hot frying pan until the crust appears. That it will prevent the overdrying of beef inside. In order to preserve juiciness, it is also necessary to salt the meat only when it is already well roasted, and not raw.

Here, perhaps, are all the main secrets of cooking beef for second courses. Follow these recommendations and recommendations of the selected recipe. They will help to make the second beef dishes really tasty!

The question of what dishes of beef can be prepared for every day, worries many hostesses. The variety of recipes for cooking this meat is confusing, and to choose a particular dish can be quite problematic.

The most common dishes of beef are those prepared by stewing. Thanks to the addition of liquid or sauce in the cooking process, the meat is tender, soft and quite juicy. The most striking examples of such dishes are beef stroganoff and goulash. In general, beef stew goes well with such side dishes as vegetables, rice, potatoes.

Good for every day and those dishes from beef, in which the meat is processed by frying. However, this method of preparation requires the implementation of certain rules. The part of the carcass from which the meat is to be cut is usually indicated in the recipe. It is necessary to use the specified piece. If substitution is permissible, this will also be indicated in the recipe. In addition, you need to have some experience in roasting beef, as it is very easy to dry it, making it tough. It is best to strictly follow the recommendations of the selected recipe.

Schnitzels, steaks, chops, roast beef — all these dishes are perfectly suited for everyday cooking.

A lot of wonderful recipes with step-by-step photos of cooking beef dishes for every day, you can find in this section of the site xcook.info.

Festive table can decorate almost any dish of beef. One has only to arrange this or that dish in a special way, serve sauce and solemn delicacies to it. Do not worry too long over what kind of festive dish of beef to cook. Choose any recipe to your taste and go to cook. Beef in any form — a win-win option. But only, of course, if you cook it right!

Whatever dish of beef you did not intend to cook, simple for each day or festive, first of all, learn the recipe of its preparation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the subtleties, otherwise you risk cooking “rubber” meat, more resembling a sole.

This section contains only the best recipes for beef dishes. By choosing any of them, you can cook a very tasty second at home!

By the way, all the recipes, in addition to the step-by-step recommendations, have also been supplemented with step-by-step photos that will help to quickly penetrate all the details of cooking.

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