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Bath for nails: means for strengthening, growth and beauty of plates

Recipes for baths to strengthen and grow nails at home

Beautiful well-groomed pens are important for women. So that they are always in perfect condition, you need to regularly soften them and carry out the prevention of fungal diseases. For these purposes, ideal bath for nails. It normalizes blood circulation, tones, removes delicate skin from peeling, strengthens the structure of the plates. It does not necessarily hold in a beauty salon. Using the simple ingredients available, a healing bath for complete care is easy to do at home.

Why spoil the nails?

Nail plates need careful care. Without it, they begin to exfoliate, turn yellow and break off.

With constant contact with water and detergents, the skin and marigold deteriorate, and the risk of infection with a fungal infection increases. To avoid this, make it a rule to wash the plates with rubber gloves, and more often lubricate the handles with a nourishing cream.

Often, the nails are destroyed by improperly covering the gel varnish. If the plate does not breathe, then it is gradually deformed, becomes yellow. To avoid such problems, carry out the staining procedure only with a proven master.

A frequent cause of skin flaking and flaking of the plates is a lack of vitamins. Therefore, for the beauty of the hands of one bath for nails at home is not enough. It is necessary to revise the diet, include products enriched with microelements, and drink more pure water.

Hand care

Regular manicure is a necessary condition for beautiful well-groomed pens. It can be done in a professional salon or at home. If you prefer to fix your nails yourself, get a good manicure set. Use it weekly, and do not forget to treat the instruments with medical alcohol for disinfection.

  • During a manicure, you should regularly cut off your nails a little.
  • So that they do not exfoliate, file them in one direction. It is desirable for this to use glass tools or made on a cardboard basis.
  • Carefully cut the softened cuticle and burrs with pointed curved scissors or forceps and be sure to disinfect any damage.
  • When the nail plates are too fragile and brittle, do not try to grow them as long as possible. First they need to be strengthened.

Manicure is necessary to provide nail care at home, and strengthening and growth guarantee healing baths.

Preparation for the procedure

To each nail was strong and healthy, the bath should be done 2 times in 7 days during the month. Then you need to stop for 30 days and only after that continue the caring procedure.

First of all, you should clean the plates of varnish with a special liquid without acetone, wash your hands with soap and give nails the shape of a nail file.

  • Water for baths should not be hot. The optimum temperature is about 45 degrees.
  • The timing depends on the ingredients used. On average, the session lasts a quarter of an hour, but if the hands are very sensitive, it is better to shorten the time by half.
  • After the end of the pen and nails should be smeared with a moisturizing cream.

Features of the bath for nails at home is that for each problem there are separate recipes. When there are not enough vitamins, and the plates begin to exfoliate, procedures based on medicinal herbs or fruits help. Dry and flaky skin prevents healing oils. Fortress nails provides a simple salt.

Recipes for strengthening

To strengthen the nails, spend a course of baths with sea salt. There are several simple and effective ways.

  • Pour 250 ml of warm water into a wide bowl, dissolve a large spoonful of iodized salt extracted from the sea, a couple of droplets of lemon essential oil and put fingertips into the liquid for 15 minutes.
  • In a half cup of warm water, stir a spoonful of salt, pour in 100 ml of freshly squeezed juice from oranges, use the liquid as a bath for 5 minutes.

There is a good recipe that makes your nails strong and healthy. To use it, measure a spoonful of chamomile flowers, cover with a glass of boiling water and strain over time. In a warm liquid dissolve a spoonful of salt and hold fingertips in it for 15 minutes.

Growth recipes

Many women are faced with the fact that the nails stop growing, thinning and breaking. This is due to different factors. The main ones are:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • stressful condition;
  • avitaminosis.

To get rid of the problem, you need a comprehensive treatment, which must include baths for the rapid growth of nails.

  • You will need to prepare a special collection of medicinal herbs. Take 2 large spoons of Hypericum, burdock root, pharmaceutical chamomile, mix with each other and place in a canvas bag.
  • Measure out 2 tbsp. l collection, pour 250 ml boiling water and leave for several hours. Then filter the infusion, warm it slightly and hold the knobs in it until the liquid has cooled.
  • To ensure a lasting effect, perform the procedure twice a week for at least a month.

Useful bath for the growth of nails from milk and honey. Heat a glass of milk or homemade whey, add a spoon of honey. Stir until completely dissolved. Immerse your hands in liquid for 20 minutes. Take a bath regularly once a week a month. The skin will become soft, beautiful, and the structure of the nails will improve.

What to do from peeling nails?

The condition of the nail plate is strongly influenced by a low percentage of calcium in the body. Shortage leads to delamination and breaking. For the treatment of such a problem, nutrition enriched with calcium, vitamin D and firming baths for nails are necessary.

You will need to grind the herb celandine with a grinder, measure 2 tbsp. l , steam a glass of boiling water and insist. Strain the infusion through cheesecloth, stir in a warm liquid 2 tablespoons of sea salt and hold your fingers in it for about 10 minutes.

Perfectly strengthens nails and plantain rescues from delamination. Spoon of dry grass pour 100 ml of boiling water, strain it in half an hour, use liquid for the bath.

Olive oil contains many vitamins. Therefore, healing baths based on it are one of the best ways to care.

  • In three spoons of warm oil, stir 3 drops of lemon and mint essential oil. Grease each nail or hold finger pads for 15 minutes.
  • Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, pour it into 200 ml of heated oil and put your fingers there. When the oil has cooled, heat the composition slightly again and repeat the procedure. This bath is desirable to do every three days for several months, and the nails will be surprisingly strong and healthy.

Bath to strengthen the nails from the vegetable juice fills the nails with all the necessary vitamins. To make it, squeeze 2 tablespoons of juice from cabbage, carrots and potatoes, mix, lower fingers and hold for a quarter of an hour.

Recipes for beautiful hands

Remarkably strengthens the nails and softens the skin of the decoction of potato tubers. In a glass of broth it is necessary to stir a spoonful of vegetable oil and leave hands in it for 15 minutes.

If you want to have healthy nails — the best beeswax remedy. Do the procedure in the evening. Melt the wax. Dip your fingertips in there and wait for it to harden. Put on gloves from natural material and go to bed. In the morning, clean the wax residue, wash your hands and lubricate with cream.

To get rid of the yellow shade of the plate, you can use the procedure with a bleaching effect. It will require an infusion of chamomile flowers. Use it in a warm form for the improvement of nails three times a week for 20 minutes. To whiten more intensively, wipe the plates with lemon juice once a day.

To nails become light and strong, try a recipe based on mineral water. Squeeze 2 spoons of juice from the cabbage, mix with the same amount of warm black tea and pour the ingredients into half a glass of mineral water. Use the resulting liquid for the procedure.

Baths to strengthen nails at home are necessary for a beautiful manicure. They will keep their hands in perfect condition for a long time if they are done regularly. For the effect to be fast and persistent, it is important not to forget about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition for the beauty of skin, hair and, of course, nails.

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