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Banana — description with photo; benefit and harm; growing at home

Banana — calorie, healthy properties, recipes for cooking and canning

Calorie content: 96 kcal.

The energy value of the product Banana:
Protein: 1.5 g.
Fat: 0.5 g
Carbohydrates: 21 g.

Banana — banana plant family. They belong to one of the most ancient fruits that are cultivated by man. Banana is considered the birthplace of the tropics of Southeast Asia. To date, the cultivation of these fruits in popularity is the 4th place.

Fruits grow in several pieces on long branches. In the wild, the fruit pulp contains many bones, and in the domesticated variants they are not. Bananas are covered with a thick skinned (see photo). Its color, as well as the flavor and taste of fruits, depend on the type of fruit. They are sweet as honey, they are with some sourness, and there are those who cannot be eaten raw at all. In addition, these fruits still differ in shape, which can be cylindrical, triangular, straight or rounded. The length of bananas can reach from 3 to 40 cm, and in diameter the fruits reach no more than 8 cm.

“Is a banana a fruit, berry, vegetable or herb?” — this question interests many. Scientists are inclined to believe that a banana is a berry. This statement is related to the fact that a banana is a perennial herbaceous plant called a “banana tree”. But this is not exactly the right name.

Herbaceous plants have no woody parts, they possess only a very fleshy stem, which, having borne fruit, dies. In the same way grows a banana. Its stem is only a multitude of green leaves closely adjacent to each other. It is on it that the inflorescences bloom, and then the fruits ripen.

Within one year, only one crop can be harvested from such a plant, then the trunk dies, and in its place another new stem grows from the remaining rhizome.

Since bananas do not grow on trees and shrubs, they cannot be treated as fruits. As for the berries, it is covered with a leathery shell, inside which there are seeds. So, the banana is also covered with such a shell and contains many seeds. It is considered a herb that belongs to the banana family.

There are many varieties and varieties of bananas in the world and not all of them are yellow in color, although you probably won’t find many varieties in stores. Let’s look at some of them (see the table below).

Grade name


It has a yellow peel on the outside and a creamy texture on the inside. Such fruits grow no more than 7-8 cm in length, have a pronounced aroma and a very sweet honey taste.

Java Island Blue Banana

From the name you can immediately determine the color of the banana. It has blue skin, small size and specific creamy taste.

This fruit has an unusual, almost square shape, the skin is bright yellow, and the flesh is light cream. It has a peculiar lemon flavor.

The most common variety, the size of its fruit is 15-25 cm. The color outside is yellow. These bananas are more likely to be seen in stores.

Its fruits grow short and thick; when ripe, the skin should acquire a brownish tint.

This kind of banana is not suitable for use in raw form. Most often, plantine is fried or stewed.

When buying bananas choose those fruits, the peel of which will be without greenery. You can safely buy bananas, if the skin is bright yellow or has small brownish specks, but it is not devoid of elasticity. If there are a lot of brown spots on a banana and it is soft to the touch, then you should not buy such a fruit, it is already overripe and can be rotten inside.

Store bananas in a cool dark place, the temperature should not exceed 15 degrees. It is not recommended to keep bananas in the refrigerator.

If you have acquired greenish, undiluted fruits, then you should put them in a warm place to ripen, but not in the sun.

The beneficial properties of bananas are very diverse. So, the fruit contains a large amount of potassium, which is simply necessary for the normalization of the heart. In order to get the daily rate, it is enough to eat only 2 fruits. Since the fruit contains beneficial amino acids, among which tryptophan occupies a special place, It can be considered an excellent natural antidepressant.. In addition, a banana contributes to the production of seratonin in the body, which is a «hormone of happiness.»

If you regularly use the fruit, you can minimize the risk of depression and insomnia.

Bananas contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, and they also have a positive effect on the digestive tract. In addition, the fruit contains quite a lot of ascorbic acid, which improves the condition of the vessels. Vitamin C also counteracts the early aging of the body and the action of free radicals. Thanks to ascorbic acid, a banana increases and strengthens the immune system, which in turn helps the body resist the effects of various viruses and infections.

Banana also contains essential vitamin E and carotene, which counteracts the development of thrombosis. It is also worth mentioning the B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

In cooking, such a product has found wide application, but more often than not, bananas are eaten exactly in raw form. Use the fruit for making a huge number of desserts: jelly, mousses, baking toppings, cream, ice cream are prepared from them. More often, the fruit is simply eaten whole. Also use bananas to decorate various dishes.

In addition, from the fruit you can make an incredibly tasty jam, jam or nectar. In some countries, use bananas in the alcohol industry. Also recently, fried bananas are gaining popularity. More fruits can be dried and eat as chips or as candied fruits.

Although mostly bananas are eaten raw, You can cook a variety of different dishes, and it’s not just desserts.. In different countries, bananas are cooked in different ways, using various technologies and additives for cooking.

In Latin America, most often bananas are simply fried in olive oil, before cutting them in half diagonally.

In the eastern part of the island of Haiti, these fruits prefer to bake with beef, pre-cooked and kneaded them. The mashed bananas are mixed with eggs and flour, milk or cream, butter, spices are added and poured over the cooked mixture of roasted meat, sprinkled with grated cheese and baked in the oven.

In Puerto Rico, they love to cook such a dish: under-cooked bananas are cut, fried, added to them are pork fat stews, seasoned with garlic and spices.

Banana pancakes are made in Ghana. To make them, flour is used to make dough by mixing onion, pepper, salt and ginger with chopped bananas of the Plantain variety. Then pancakes are fried in palm oil.

Bananas can be harvested by canning, for example, you can boil them with jam or pickle, if you have a lot of them and you do not know what to do with a large number of such fruits or you just want something new and unusual. Here are some ways to preserve bananas:

  • Green bananas are boiled right in the skin. Separately prepare the marinade from vinegar, garlic, onion, olive oil, add various spices, seasonings and salt, then pour the cooked marinade peeled fruit and leave it for a day.
  • Here is another way of harvesting the fruit: prepare a syrup from water, sugar and lemon juice, then add peeled, chopped bananas to it and boil until the mass darkens. Once this has happened, you can roll up the jam in jars, or you can eat right away, here is your choice.
  • Finely chopped pieces of peeled and melon seeds are folded in an enameled bowl, covered with sugar, covered with a lid and left so for the night. In the morning, add a lemon cut into small pieces, as well as a banana, and boil over low heat until a homogeneous mass is obtained, then increase the heat and boil until the jam thickens, then pour it into jars and seal the lids.

Canned blanks from bananas are always very tasty. Such supplies accurately diversify the assortment of customary conservation for the winter.

The benefits of bananas are due to their rich composition of vitamins and microelements. For example, since the fruit contains a large amount of dietary fiber, their doctors recommend using patients with gastritis or gastroduodenitis in their diets.

It will be useful to use bananas for people with edema, as the fruits help remove excess fluid from the body.

Since the fruit contains starch and pectin, bananas have an enveloping effect. Given this, it is recommended to use the fruits of people with gastritis.

Bananas are useful for both the woman’s body and the man’s body.

As for women, bananas can be eaten during pregnancy, as well as during menstruation to relieve muscle spasm.

In addition, doctors are allowed to use the berry during breastfeeding, but only three months after childbirth. You need to start with a small piece and it is better to eat it in the morning. If the baby feels good, he will not have a colic in his tummy, swelling, allergic rash on the skin, then bananas can be eaten further, only gradually. Three days after you tried to eat a small piece, you can already eat half a banana, and after three days you can eat a whole banana. Experts recommend eating no more than one banana per day, so as not to harm the health of the child. If after a certain period, a newborn has a negative reaction to this product, you need to give up the banana for now.

Bananas provide enormous help to the body of a man. They are useful to eat to get rid of impotence. Also, the product is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. He is able to increase libido, increase sexual desire.

The use of bananas is recommended for liver diseases such as hepatosis, cirrhosis and hepatitis.

With pancreatitis, experts are allowed to eat bananas, but only mature and in small quantities. Fresh, they can not be eaten, so doctors advise to grind bananas in mashed potatoes and steamed or baked. On the day you can eat no more than one banana, and it is best suited for breakfast. If after eating the product there was a very strong pain in the pancreas, then bananas should be discarded.

With cholecystitis, bananas can be eaten baked, but not more than three times a week for breakfast and in limited quantities (no more than one piece per day).

In case of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, bananas are allowed for consumption. It is best to eat them in the morning forty minutes before the main meal. However, if there is bloating and pain in the stomach, bananas should be eaten only three hours after eating and not drinking something for about one hour.

In case of colitis, this product is allowed to eat only in the morning three hours after eating and not drink it with tea, water or juice.

You can also eat ripe bananas for heartburn, reflux esophagitis (preferably in the morning after taking a meal), hemorrhoids, diarrhea (not more than two pieces per day).

When food poisoning, bananas can be eaten only after the body begins to recover, but not more than two bananas a day, and only in baked form.

For intestinal infections, bananas can be eaten only on the fourth day after recovery, and only if the doctor allows.

When constipation, doctors recommend eating no more than two fairly ripe bananas a day.

For cholelithiasis, bananas are advised to use only in the form of baked.

Also, doctors are allowed to eat bananas for urolithiasis.

With kidney stones, you can eat bananas. However, with oxalate kidney stones, bananas should be discarded.

For gout, experts recommend eating no more than two ripe bananas a day twice a week to reduce joint pain. However, if at the same time the patient has high blood sugar levels, bananas should be discarded.

For urticaria, you can eat banana puree, which is added to various dietary dishes (rice pudding, oatmeal porridge). You can also eat ripe bananas for psoriasis.

During a rotavirus infection, it is better to eat bananas in baked form. Eating bananas helps to reduce body temperature, as well as alleviate sore throat when coughing, bronchitis and sore throat.

In the sport for a set of muscle mass, you can make a protein shake (mix banana, protein, cottage cheese and milk). While drying the body, bananas are best eaten in the morning and after exercise, that is, no more than two berries a day. However, after training for weight loss nutritionists do not recommend eating a banana, because it is a high-calorie product. To lose extra pounds, you need to eat foods rich in protein.

Doctors recommend that bananas be included in the diet for people with high blood cholesterol, anemia (helps to increase hemoglobin in the blood), hypertension, atherosclerosis, and HIV infection.

Drinking a banana will be useful for heart attack and stroke (unless the patient is diabetic).

Along with the beneficial properties of the use of bananas can cause enormous harm to the body. It is not recommended to eat bananas for intestinal dysbacteriosis, flatulence, celiac disease, cholestasis, dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting, pyelonephritis, cystitis, allergies, atopic dermatitis, diathesis, eczema, varicose veins, epilepsy, gastric and rectal cancer.

With candidiasis, the use of bananas is not allowed, so as not to aggravate the development of thrush.

Due to the large list of positive qualities, bananas are also used in alternative medicine as a therapeutic agent.

Pain in the joints and muscles

For the preparation of therapeutic infusion should grind the skins of six ripe bananas and pour them five hundred milliliters of vodka. Infusion to keep in a dark place at room temperature for six weeks. After the specified period of time, it is necessary to rub the diseased joints and muscles with alcohol infusion every night for three weeks.

To get rid of the depressed and depressed state, it is necessary every day in the morning, before the main meal, eat two ripe bananas.

For healing wounds, burns and bites

Rub the damaged area of ​​the skin with the inside of the banana peel. The procedure can be done only once a day. The course of treatment lasts until complete healing of the wound.

For weight loss

During the day, you need to eat three bananas and drink three glasses of kefir. Or you can mix these products together to make a healthy yogurt, which is able to saturate the body for the whole day.

For the resorption of the bone on the feet of the feet with a deviation of the big toe

The procedure must be performed up to four times a day for thirty minutes. To do this, you need to wrap the bone with the inside of the banana peel, secure it with scotch tape and put socks on top. After the procedure, the leg will be enough to wipe with a wet cloth.

To remove warts

Place with a wart must be wrapped inside the banana skin and secure with a plaster. It is better to do this before bedtime. The peel needs to be changed every day. The course lasts until the wart completely disappears.

To remove splinters

Wrap the place with a splinter inside the banana peel and wrap with a plaster. Twenty-four hours from the splinter will not remain a trace.

To strengthen the immune system

It is necessary to prepare such a cocktail: combine freshly squeezed orange juice, carrots, banana pulp, a little liquid honey, lemon juice in one container and beat with a blender. This cocktail is best to drink before a meal during the day.

You must first brush your teeth, and then the inside of a banana peel should rub the surface of the teeth for a couple of minutes. After that, you need to brush your teeth again to remove the rest of the banana.

The inside of the banana skin should be lubricated with the affected skin. The course of treatment lasts until the disease recedes.

The following banana infusion will help get rid of annoying cough. It is necessary to peel one fairly ripe banana and mash it. Then combine the pulp of a berry with half a teaspoon of natural liquid honey and pour all over two milliliters of boiling water, stirring well. Infusion put aside for about thirty minutes. Take a hundred milliliters of warm banana infusion every two hours.

If you doubt the effectiveness of the national treatment of a particular disease, it is better to consult a doctor for advice.

Below is a video about the beneficial properties of a banana.

Harm banana can bring people with individual intolerance. It is not recommended to use the fruits before bedtime, as they are digested for quite a long time, which prevents the flow of bile, which in turn can trigger fermentation in the stomach. Do not eat fruit with increased acidity of gastric juice. Contraindications to the use of bananas are in people with thrombophlebitis. It is necessary to exclude from your diet the fruits in the period of weight loss, as well as people prone to weight gain and obesity. Ripe fruits can not be eaten with diabetes.

If you want to grow a banana at home, first you need to learn some of the features of this plant.

Usually, these fruits grow in tropical countries, therefore for normal growth and aging they need a lot of light, a certain temperature and humidity.

The most suitable temperature for growing bananas in the spring and summer should be 24-30 degrees, and in the fall and winter 18-20, but not lower than 16.

If banana leaves turn yellow and start to dry, it usually means that it lacks moisture in the air, To prevent leaves from drying out, spray them with water as needed.

In summer, a banana needs a lot of water, therefore, it should be watered during this period quite often, in the winter it needs much less moisture.

There are dwarf varieties of bananas that are bred specifically for growing at home. If you decide to grow a banana from seed, and not to buy an already grown young plant in special stores, then you will need the following:

  1. The seeds of bananas have a dense shell on the outside, therefore, in order for the plant to quickly germinate, slightly damage it, but be careful not to damage the seed itself. To do this, you can gently rub the shell with a nail file or sandpaper.
  2. Choose for plants not very large capacity of 10-15 cm in diameter.
  3. Prepare the land with peat and river sand added to it.
  4. Seeds need a little push into the soil, but do not sprinkle with earth.
  5. At the edges of the pot, insert a few sticks and stretch the film.
  6. Provide access to the plant light, but without direct sunlight.
  7. Every few days, open for a while the film, when the earth dries out, spray it with water, but do not fill it.

Wait shoots will have a few months. After the plant germinates, in about a week, you need to transplant it for the first time.

Repot the plant every year, in the spring, and every time — in the pots a few inches taller and more spacious than last time, and plant it, also a few cm deeper. If required, treat the root with a weak solution of manganese; this is necessary; if you notice unhealthy brown areas on the root of the plant, they should be removed.

Banana should be fed every two weeks with organic and mineral fertilizers, starting in spring and ending in autumn. In winter, he is not required to feed.

For good plant growth — you need to periodically loosen the soil.

Almost the same technology of planting and caring for a plant is inherent in growing a banana in a greenhouse, which does not require only annual transfers to a new place.

As well as for growing a banana at home — spend scarifying seeds, slightly damaging the hard shell of the shell. Then you can soak the seeds in weak potassium permanganate and leave it for a day. Mix 4 parts of river sand with one part of peat. At the bottom of the tank, which you prepared for growing seedlings from seeds, place a uniform layer of one and a half to two cm thick gravel or expanded clay, sprinkle the prepared substrate from peat and river sand on top. An hour or two before planting seeds, pour the soil with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Evenly distribute the seeds on the substrate, slightly pressing them into the soil. Stretch film over container or place glass on top.

A week after the shoots appear, the plant can be planted in a greenhouse.

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