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Banana chips — how to make at home in the oven or microwave, the benefits and harm

Caloric content: 519 kcal.

Energy value of the product Banana chips:
Protein: 2.3 g
Fat: 33.6 g.
Carbohydrates: 50.7 g.

Banana chips — These are thin banana slices that have undergone a drying process.

Potato chips, which were invented around the end of the 19th century in the United States, became the forerunners of banana chips. And soon people learned to make them from anything.

Banana chips came to us from Latin America, where vegetable bananas or planta are common. This variety of banana is specially bred to replace the usual plant climate for a moderate climate. Plantan is called «tropical potatoes», which is used as an appetizer and hot dishes. The sweetness of the dessert banana is unusual for this variety, so the chips from its fruits are made not only sweet, but also salty, spicy and with other flavors.

Making banana chips at home is easy. To do this, use different ways:

The recipe for banana chips is simple to prepare. To do this you will need green bananas and seasonings to your taste. It could be anything, such as sugar, cinnamon, mint, coconut, lemon juice, ground nutmeg, and so on. Depending on the method of preparation, you may need vegetable oil. Banana chips are cooked in the oven, deep-fried, in a pan, in a microwave oven, in an electric dryer, etc. In any method, bananas are cut into thin slices of 2-3 millimeters and sprinkled with spices. The following table describes the various cooking options.

Spread bananas spread on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 15 minutes at 150 ° C. Then reduce the temperature to 120 ° C and again leave for the same time. After the time has elapsed, the temperature should be reduced to 80 ° C and left for one hour. After an hour, cool — and you can serve.

Put the sliced ​​banana on baking parchment and place in the microwave for 6 minutes at a power of 600 watts. As time passes, check the chips for readiness. If they are not fried enough, add a couple more minutes to the timer.

Before cooking, wash the slices in ice water: this will help them not to stick together. After that, dip the banana for a few minutes in the boiling oil. After full readiness to lay out on a paper towel to remove excess fat. Now they can be seasoned and served.

Before drying, sprinkle the banana slices with lemon juice: this will prevent the fruit from darkening and retain its color when dried. Drying is advised at a temperature not exceeding 40 0 ​​С in order to preserve all useful components. At this temperature, drying will take about 12 hours.

Slices spread out on a baking sheet, cover with gauze or fine mesh and leave in the sun in a well-ventilated place.

Production of banana chips for decades has not changed. Bananas collected on plantations are delivered to factories for the production of this snack. There the fruits are cleaned by hand. Different length and diameter of the fruit make machine cleaning impossible. The next stage is cutting bananas into slices of a certain thickness, about 1-2 millimeters. After that, the sliced ​​pieces are sent to roast in natural palm oil. Ready-made chips are mixed with different seasonings and packed in bags..

The benefits of banana chips is in their composition. If the chips are cooked correctly, they retain almost all the properties of fresh banana.

Bananas contain a high amount of such essential human digestive fiber. It contributes to the stabilization of intestinal rhythms and reduces the level of harmful cholesterol.

For people suffering from diseases associated with blood pressure, these chips will be a delicious prevention. The potassium and magnesium present in this snack have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It is also worth emphasizing the presence of vitamins A and B in bananas.9, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals.

Banana chips do not carry much harm in themselves. Using them in moderation, you can not feel any side effects. However, people with high levels of potassium or iron in the body should refrain from using this delicacy as food. An excess of potassium threatens with a heart attack, and an excess of iron adversely affects the liver. But such cases rarely occur. Eating large quantities of banana chips will cause more damage to your body than health, because one hundred grams of dried bananas have 2 times more calories than the same amount of fresh fruit. The calorie content of banana chips is very high, so it is not advisable to eat more than 100 grams at a time.

If the chips are cooked in deep fat, you should not get involved much, because during the frying process, harmful saturated fats are formed that are not digested by the human body. They are deposited not only under the skin, but also on the walls of blood vessels, which can result in thrombosis and other diseases.

We can conclude: if you use banana chips correctly, you can get both benefits and pleasure.

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