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Babette’s hairstyle — step by step photo instructions how to make it yourself

Babette’s hairstyle — step by step photo instructions on how to do it yourself at home

Babette hairstyle extraordinarily feminine and sexy. And how could it be otherwise, because her story begins in the 1960s with the help of Bridget Bordeaux in the film Babette Goes to War. As you know, she was one of the first sex symbols of cinema. Today, the style of those years is beginning to gain more and more popularity. Girls like tempting dresses, stylish skirts, creating at the same time a slight effect of seductiveness and mystery at the same time.

The relevance of styling is not questioned — many recognized beauties use it for solemn exits. Exquisite evening hairstyle babetta with fleece does not require special skills, you can easily make it your own hands at home.

Laying can be done both on long curls and on hair of medium length. Variations can be many — with bangs or without, with the use of decorative accessories (ribbons, pins, braids). Today in the fashion headbands and wreaths, with which you can create a variety of stylistic images.

Even with the use of the simplest tools and accessories, you can easily create an elegant stylish hairstyle, as you can see when studying this manual. So, you will need:

  • hairbrush — massage and comb;
  • studs;
  • styling products;
  • curlers, curling irons if necessary.

How to make at home (step by step photo instruction)?

We offer you a step-by-step master class, which will explain in detail (and shown in the photo) how to create a babette hairstyle.

  1. Wash and dry the hair, then apply the foam on them to simulate styling. You can screw them on curlers or curlers to create additional volume.
  2. We make a pile up to the top of the head, starting from one temple to another, the bangs can be twisted or, on the contrary, aligned. The bouffant should be voluminous and durable so that the hairstyle comes out beautiful and noticeable in all respects. It is better to start it from the bottom strands, gradually rising to the top.
  3. Smooth the top strands for a smooth styling effect, and fix the pile with pins.
  4. The remaining hair should be divided into two parts, and braid pigtails from each.
  5. We braid the hair with braids, fasten their tips and hide them under the hair. If desired, you can add flowers or any other hair accessories. You will get a unique hairstyle for any occasion — solemn reception, business meeting, summer romantic picnic.

However, when doing a babette’s hair, you need to take into account your type of face. Thanks to this, you will be able to emphasize your special features as much as possible:

  • oval shape — the classic version with a pile up;
  • triangular shape — babette should be very high, starting from the top of the head, bangs will help smooth out some sharp features;
  • square shape — requires the presence of sparse bangs, it is somewhat easier to shape;
  • oblong shape — bangs are also needed, but only asymmetrical, it’s better not to make a very strong bouffant;
  • round shape — it is necessary to frame the face with several released loops on the sides, which will slightly hide the fullness of the cheeks.

Observing these conditions, you can make a very beautiful hair Babette. We wish you success in this endeavor, because even independently at home you can create real masterpieces of hairdressing.

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