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Aquarium nail design — step by step master class gel

How to make aquarium gel nail design at home? — step by step master class and video lesson

Aquarium nail design is one of the most popular types of manicure. At first glance, the aquarium design technique is simple and straightforward, however, in reality, this is not at all the case. You can be convinced of this if you trust to do an aquarium manicure not for a professional, but for a beginner. The difference will be obvious, therefore, in order for the aquarium nail design to look truly impressive and attractive, the master must do it with experience.

By itself, aquarium nail design is a procedure in which the master applies the drawing and covers it with several layers of gel. Most often, this procedure is done for extended nails, as there is a place for imagination due to the large length of the nail. On short nails aquarium design will not look as impressive.

Before you firmly decide that you need such a design, we want to offer you to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of aquarium nail design include the following factors:

  • durability;
  • originality;
  • the volume of the picture;
  • smoothness of the nail surface;
  • no need for a constant change of manicure;
  • the possibility of using any materials (glitter, thread, dried flowers, gel paints, whatever);
  • the drawing put by equipment of aquarian design does not peel off.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to this technique:

  • high price;
  • high possibility of drawing you quickly get bored;
  • the inability to remove the drawing in any way other than to erase with a nail file.

The drawbacks of aquarium nail design are very few, however, for someone they can be decisive.

You can make an aquarium design in any salon, where they grow nails or make correction. You can also try to carry out such a procedure yourself, but for this you need a special gel for nail extension, as well as a lamp of ultraviolet radiation, since the gel can dry only because of it. You can also use a more simplified option. We suggest you choose the most suitable, however, sensibly assess your strength. Not every girl will be able to use professional tools from the first time, even after watching several videos of master classes.

In order to make an aquarium design at home, you will need a nail gel, a special brush and an ultraviolet lamp. The technique is as follows:

  • To get started, bring your nails in order., remove burrs and give nails the desired shape. They can be oval, square or triangular, the shape is not important for aquarium design.
  • Treat the surface of the nails degreasing agents, To gel as flat as possible lay on the nail.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel and dry it under the lamp. Be careful, because even if you recently made a correction of extended nails, the gel will still bake.
  • Now you can apply any pattern on the nail plate. If you use stones or other objects besides paints, it is recommended not to dry the nail, so that the object is better fixed on it.
  • Having created the desired pattern, cover your nails with another thicker layer of gel. Send again to dry up under the lamp.
  • After drying, cover your nails with clear nail polish and your aquarium manicure is ready.

There is also a more simplified version for those who want to have a beautiful aquarium nail design, but it is scary to use the gel. We offer you a short step-by-step beginner master class, which consists of only three steps:

  • Just as in the previous case, apply a degreasing agent on the nail. Cover it with clear varnish.
  • While the varnish is not dry, you can put on it the items that you will use for decoration. If you want to apply the drawing with paints, you should wait until the varnish dries.
  • Cover the nails on top with another layer of clear varnish. If you used stones, then additionally cover the nail with two layers of varnish.

When creating such a beautiful aquarium design it is very important to draw details that are the least visible. Then your manicure will turn out incredibly beautiful and original. However, aquarium nail design without using a gel will be less durable than with a gel. So be careful with him.

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