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Apricot compote — its composition and benefits; recipes how to make for winter

Calories: 484 kcal.

Energy value of the product Apricot compote:
Protein: 0.2 g.
Fat: 0.02 g
Carbohydrates: 12.7 g.

Apricot compote — tasty and healthy drink made from fresh apricots. In appearance, it looks more like champagne. In this compote of apricots, it is very fragrant, with a slight sourness. It is used solo or mixed with other drinks, prepare desserts. Compote goes well with fresh, more acidic fruits, apricots and peaches are good for this purpose.

Scientists consider China to be the birthplace of apricot, domesticated this plant many centuries ago. The tree is a member of the Plum family. Mention of apricot was found in written sources BC. From China, apricot fell into Central Asia, and then spread throughout Europe.

Useful properties of apricot compote due to the presence in it of apricot juice.

In addition to high taste, compote is a real source of useful vitamins, organic acids.

Apricot is considered a valuable source of potassium, which is so necessary to maintain the cardiovascular system. Apricot also contains vitamin A, essential for vision, skin, immune and other systems and organs. Potassium is also stored in compote, so it can be used in moderation for the elderly, pregnant women and children. Apricot compote contains such important minerals as magnesium and phosphorus. Magnesium effectively reduces blood pressure, while phosphorus promotes brain activity.

Compared to other drinks, compote contains more nutrients, but, of course, it should not be used by people who watch their figure. Ripe fruits with a pronounced orange color are suitable for making compote; they must be fresh and juicy. Juice should keep the smell of sweet fruit. The absence of a pronounced smell indicates that the fetus was torn off a long time ago, and a too sharp smell will indicate that the fruit has deteriorated. Collect the fruits from June to July, this is the most favorable time for their collection and processing.

Apricot compote can also be drunk during pregnancy. It contains vitamin A, ascorbic acid, iron and calcium. Of course, women in the position is not recommended to use apricot compote, like any other, in excessive amounts.

In cooking, apricot compote is used to make desserts. In the confectionery business it is used for the production of fruit impregnation for biscuits. Fruit compote can be used as a filling for pies or to use alone as a treat.

Apricot compote is highly soluble in liquids, which allows it to be used for the preparation of cocktails and various soft drinks. Cocktails with the addition of compote acquire a special taste, attractive color and smell. It is combined with grape wines, champagne. Apricot compote can easily replace apricot juice in the recipe.

We offer to prepare a summer cocktail «Merry». It will need 3 liqueur glasses of vodka or white wine, 1/5 tbsp. apricot juice, apricot compote and semi-dry champagne. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Serve a cocktail, filling it with halves of fresh apricots. A serving of cocktail according to this recipe is designed for 6-8 people.

Apricot compote during the season can be made from fresh fruit; in winter, apricot jam or apricot billet is suitable for this purpose. In the preparation of compote is allowed to use crumpled or simply stale apricots. Fruits are carefully washed, remove the stem. Next, apricots are cut in half and remove the bones. The fruits are placed in a large bowl and covered with sugar. Next, apricots pour cold water and sent to medium heat. Compote bring to a boil and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Drink compote hot or chilled.

Good thirst quencher apricot-mint drink, it is the best option for a hot summer. It consists of apricot compote, a few sprigs of mint, as well as ice cubes.

For winter, apricot compote is prepared according to one of the many recipes. Some hostesses offer to close the whole apricot, others — halves. Preservation of apricot compote has its own characteristics. Cooking options for this fruit drink are many: one of the housewives sterilizes it, someone cooks it. In any case, no matter what recipe you use, you get a very tasty apricot drink.

First you need to thoroughly clean the apricots, cut them into halves. Now you need to sterilize the banks, scalding them with boiling water. In the banks spread the halves of apricots, fruits should take up about one third of the can. Then you can do in several ways. The first involves the preparation of sugar syrup. Sugar syrup is brought to a boil and immediately they are poured into cans of apricots. Banks are covered with lids, rolled up, turned over, covered with a blanket, left to cool completely. According to the second method, sugar syrup is not prepared separately, but simply poured sugar into apricot jars and poured boiling water. Next, banks cover with lids and boil another portion of water. When it boils, apricots are poured over it and rolled.

Apricot compote can also be made from whole fruits. For this, ripe apricots are thoroughly washed, pierced in several places with a toothpick and put in sterilized jars. Fruits pour hot sugar syrup. After cooling, the syrup is drained, brought to a boil again, and then apricots are again poured. Then the operation is repeated again. After the banks are rolled and turned.

For the preservation choose ripe, but dense apricots. If the fruits are overripe, they will lose their shape.

The most important thing when canning apricots is to calculate the right amount of sugar. Close the fruit with a bone or boneless.

The advantage of apricot compote is that it is often used to increase immunity. Compote of these juicy fruits contains trace elements and vitamins, so it can be used to maintain the immune system.

Apricot increases hemoglobin level, improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolic processes. Apricot compote has the same properties as fresh or dried fruit, although to a lesser extent. It removes excess water from the body and improves the skin condition due to the high content of vitamin A. For the same reason, compote will be useful for people with poor eyesight.

Despite the fact that even a short-term heat treatment leads to the destruction of most of the useful substances, compote contains many natural compounds that have a positive effect on the body.

Harm to the body product can cause with individual intolerance. Also, apricot compote can be harmful in case of diabetes. It is not recommended to use the product in large quantities. If you close apricots with pits, be careful: they contain hydrocyanic acid — a strong poison that after a year of storage passes from pits into fruits. Before using the product, it is necessary to visually assess its condition. If the syrup in the jar dims, it should be opened and the contents used as soon as possible. If the lid on the bank is swollen, you can not use the contents.

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