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American cuisine — traditional national recipes with photos

American cuisine — traditional national recipes with photos

American cuisine or national cuisine of America — this is a rather capacious category of dishes that you cannot name exactly the same. Here the culinary traditions of many countries and nationalities met. For example, one of the most popular dishes in America is pizza, which, as is known, comes from Italy. Although, of course, it has undergone a lot of changes, but then in Italy it is transforming, changing in accordance with the tastes of the people.

America’s traditional cuisine as seen cultivated by the culinary characteristics of many countries, but, nevertheless, completely new and unique dishes appeared on their basis. A hamburger, for example, is a kind of sandwiches that were prepared in Germany. By the way, the very name of the hamburger comes from the name of the German city of Hamburg, in which they cooked steak from minced meat. This steak was later transformed into a chop, which later became one of the main components of the “American sandwich”. Also an example of such dishes can be potatoes, which yielded to various types of cooking. And although this root vegetable is from America, but it wasn’t like to eat it for a long time. It took at least two centuries for the potato from animal feed to transform into a wonderful side dish, suitable for human consumption.

In general, traditional American cuisine was influenced by the British, Hispanics, Italians, Germans, French and even Chinese, who moved to America, bringing with them the culinary traditions of their homeland. Also, a considerable influence on the formation of the national cuisine of America had the Indians. Thanks to them, the recipes of many dishes began to include legumes, corn, pumpkin. In addition, the countries bordering on the USA have left their mark on the preparation of many dishes. For example, Mexican food has become part of the daily diet of Americans. It uses both classic recipes for their preparation, and a few transformed.

Another important feature of traditional American cuisine is the fact that almost all homemade dishes are prepared from semi-finished products. In this case, as a rule, the most frequent method of cooking is frying in a large amount of oil, or else cooking in deep fat. This makes everyday food rather calorie and not too healthy. As for the festive dishes, it is often a bird (turkey, duck, goose, chicken), baked with vegetables, as well as a classic dessert in the form of a pie. Weekends, as well as picnics for Americans are unthinkable without a barbecue!

For restaurants in the United States is characterized by the preparation of simple, but at the same time pompous dishes. These can be lobster, lobster or steak of all possible degrees of roasting. As for the last dish, it is always popular with Americans.

If we describe the cuisine of America as a whole, then we can conclude that it is quite simple, but the dishes are quite nourishing and very high-calorie.

We invite you to join the photo recipes of our site, if you have a desire to enjoy something American! We will be glad if our advice will assist in creating culinary masterpieces.

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