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Amber acid for face — how to apply, recipes for masks and creams, contraindications

Recipes for face masks and creams with succinic acid

Amber acid for face — an incredibly useful product. Amber itself is an organic and very beautiful gemstone. Even in ancient times, people knew about its incredible characteristics. Most of the healing properties of a stone are due to the presence of a substance such as succinic acid in its composition.

Currently, both cosmetology and medicine use the substance for various purposes. Today the product is found in various forms: powder, injection, tablets.

What is succinic acid? This is the first question people are asked to decide to use this product. Succinic acid is a natural stimulant belonging to a biological type and characterized by numerous useful properties:

  • improving the immune system;
  • activating the body’s defenses;
  • normalization of the functioning of tissues, including at the level of cells;
  • tissue regeneration;
  • general rejuvenation;
  • smoothing wrinkles;
  • stimulation of the functioning of the skin glands;
  • elimination of toxins;
  • treatment of oncological tumors (use in medicine).

Often, succinic acid becomes a component of cosmetics, in particular creams, emulsions and anti-wrinkle serums. This tool is one of the main in the production of cosmetics Asian companies. For example, Korean cosmetics are often based on succinic acid, as well as hyaluronic acid.

Incredible demand today is such a cosmetic product, as powder, which included amber and amber extract. This powder is able to have a beneficial effect on aging skin, normalize metabolism, heal and rejuvenate the skin, help improve blood microcirculation.

How to apply a substance such as succinic acid, interests many people. After all, the use of a unique tool should not be exhausted only by the acquisition of finished products. At home, according to cosmetologists, the product will be no less in demand. You can make masks, tonics, scrubs, creams from this tool and perform peeling, renewing the skin.

The benefits of the substance are explained by the following properties:

  • the ability to restore the elasticity and density of tissues;
  • excretion of toxins that are present in the skin;
  • the return of a healthy complexion;
  • neutralizing free radicals;
  • fight with pastoznost and hypostases.

Worth knowing! For the effectiveness of homemade cosmetics prepared should choose succinic acid. Its concentration in the tool should not exceed 3%, but should be more than 0.5%.

Different recipes for the preparation of masks involve the use of tools sold in tablets or directly in powder form. Any of them can be bought at any pharmacy. The tablets will have to crush at home, it is easy. After that, the powder or crushed tablets are dissolved in water, and then they can be used.

The most effective on the basis of succinic acid are masks that relieve facial redness. They are very easy to make. It is enough to take a couple of pills, crush them and dilute with water so as to obtain a mask of consistency, like liquid sour cream. Additionally, the finished composition is proposed to enrich by adding a little white clay (kaolin). This will make the mask effective for skin pigmentation, pustular rash, scars or acne due to its whitening properties.

As additives, you can use and essential oils suitable for skin type. They are selected depending on the type of skin. For example, rosemary and lemon oils will do an excellent job of narrowing the pores and restoring a healthy complexion; rose and ylang-ylang oils will help improve skin elasticity.

A mask of succinic acid is prepared as follows:

  • Take two amber tablets;
  • explain them;
  • add 20 ml of good oil (oils from plants such as jojoba, avocado, almond or olive (cold pressed) are excellent;
  • Apply the resulting mask on your face, soak for 30 minutes, rinse off and use the usual cosmetic products.

The course will be useful in autumn and winter, when the face does not have enough vitamins. Also during this period, it is very susceptible to adverse effects, and succinic acid will contribute to its protection.

It is important! It is worth remembering that the use of essential oils in a concentrated or «pure» form is impossible. Then it is likely to burn the skin because of its high sensitivity. That is why it is necessary to pre-dissolve essential oils in the base, and then add them to the mask.

Homemade cream of succinic acid — a great alternative to the purchase. It is prepared very simply. It will take 1-2 tablets of succinic acid, which need to grind. You can immediately take the powder in finished form. The crushed tablets should be diluted in a small amount of hydrolat or ordinary water.

Now you should take any purchased cream. It should be suitable for the type of skin and the desired properties. You can choose anti-aging, nourishing, antiseptic or moisturizing. In this cream add the resulting slurry of tablets. It remains only to mix well. The cream is ready to use.

How to make tonic from succinic acid, excites every woman who knows about the beneficial properties of this tool. Creating a tonic is extremely simple. He can be «clean.» This composition involves the dissolution of two crushed tablets of succinic acid in 50 milliliters of hydrolate (it can be replaced with clean water). It is important to remember that the ready-made tonic should be used quickly, since it cannot be stored (even in the refrigerator) for more than seven days.

An alternative tonic is to add to the above composition about 20 drops of the most suitable essential oil for the skin type and 0.5 ml of alcohol (pure alcohol is taken). The latter is required as a preservative. Thanks to him, the tonic will be stored longer.

Using your own cooked tonic is easy. It is necessary to wipe the skin twice a day. The result will be a change in complexion, lightening of pigmentation, leveling of the skin relief. Helps tonic of succinic acid in getting rid of small stretch marks, as well as in the fight against scars and scars.

Amber acid peeling and scrub is a great way to make your skin silky and smooth. Amber peeling is made easy, and at the same time it can be done at any time, regardless of the season. The skin scrubbing algorithm using such a substance is:

  1. Clean the skin from residues of cosmetics.
  2. Melt the skin for a few minutes. This item can be replaced by the procedure according to the method of cold hydration. It involves the application of a thick layer of aloe vera gel and skin cover with a film.
  3. Apply the active agent to the skin.
  4. Hold it for fifteen minutes.
  5. Rinse off the residue with plain clean water. To use neither creams, nor emulsions is not necessary.

At the end, you can feel some peeling, a slight sensation of tightening. This is normal: the skin is beginning to be updated.

Contraindications to the substance is, like any other means. The main ones include:

  1. Pregnancy. It is not recommended to add various dietary supplements to the diet or daily care during this period.
  2. Allergy or idiosyncrasy. It is extremely rare, but still can be.
  3. Skin problems, such as wounds, purulent processes, inflammation.

Side effects can occur only in cases where the dosage of the remedy is disturbed. It can manifest dizziness and pain symptoms. If succinic acid was used for the face or hair, it will be possible to notice desquamation and dryness.

Reviews of this tool are mostly positive. People have tried recipes for masks, tonics and scrubs for rejuvenation and say that the product really helps in the rejuvenation and preservation of youth. Often, succinic acid is used not only for the skin of the face, but also for the hair. You can combine the product with other means, for example with mummy, which today has already been appreciated by many of the fair sex. Succinic acid is a unique tool that, when properly used at home, will become indispensable, so it should be in every cosmetic bag.

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