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Algal wrap: effective procedure at home

Algal beauty wrapping: losing weight, tightening, smoothing, activating

Body care is one of the important (and, what is very significant, pleasant) procedures used by modern women. And algae wrap is especially popular among lovers to pamper themselves. Still, because it has a wide list of advantages, but it has practically no contraindications.

In addition, there are quite a few options for wraps, and most of them can be performed at home.

All the benefits of thalassotherapy

So, question number 1: why algal wrapping is listed in the list of favorite «care» procedures of Russian women? This effective beauty practice allows to solve the following tasks:

  • the fight against cellulite «orange peel»;
  • fat burning;
  • prevention of the appearance of stretch marks;
  • increase the elasticity and tone of the skin;
  • elimination of roughness and peeling;
  • activation of metabolism.

It is characteristic that the positive effect of procedures with algae can be seen after their first use. However, the best result is achieved only with regular sessions of thalassotherapy (this is how the manipulations with algae are scientifically called). The optimal course is 10 procedures, it can be repeated up to three times a year. In addition, the beneficial effect will be enhanced if you practice thalassotherapy along with regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Three «whales»: kelp, spirulina and fucus

And now — the second question: due to what the algal wrap allows you to achieve high aesthetic results? The fact is that our skin is constantly under stress. It is associated with a lack of macro and micronutrients, periodic weight gain and weight loss, the lack of regular physical exertion and many other factors.

As a result, turgor and appearance of the skin change (and, not for the better), and the contours of the body “float”.

One of the effective ways to prevent degradation processes is regular algae wrap. They imply the use of «ingredients» saturated with biologically active substances, vitamins and minerals. Most often, the procedures are performed using the following representatives of «aqua-flora»:

  • kelp — kelp, especially “rich” in iodine;
  • Spirulina — contains a large amount of proteins, including collagen, necessary for skin;
  • bubble fucus — has in its composition polysaccharides, which have the ability to excrete radionuclides from the body.

What should be algae for wrapping? To avoid a poor-quality product, it is recommended to make a purchase at a pharmacy or a trusted store. Raw materials can be presented in two versions: in the form of whole «layers» that are superimposed by layers, or micronized (powder) substances. Both varieties are equally effective; and every woman can choose the most convenient wrapping option.

Recipes for the lazy and loving themselves

And now — a few recipes from those who practice seaweed wrap at home. Lovers «hotter» need to stock up on dry kelp (50 g) and a glass of boiling water.

Both ingredients need to combine and mix thoroughly, then let stand for about 30 minutes. During this time, the mixture will cool slightly, so it will have to be heated to 36-37 degrees C.

Then, without losing time, the resulting mass should be carefully applied to the body, paying particular attention to problem areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen). To enhance the effect, you must not only be wrapped in food film, but also lie down for 40 minutes under a warm blanket. After this time, remove the algal mass and apply to your skin your favorite cream — anti-cellulite or moisturizing.

The second option is cold wrapping. The action algorithm is similar to the previous recipe: 50 g of dry kelp should be mixed with a glass of water (but not warm, but cool). Only this mass should be infused for a longer period — at least an hour. Then — according to the old scheme: put the mixture on the body, wrap around with a film and take a nap for 40-50 minutes under a warm blanket.

The effect of both procedures will be noticeable after the first wrapping.

For maximum results, it is necessary to practice thalassotherapy up to 5 times a week; while hot and cold options are recommended to alternate.

Little secrets of perfect wrapping

To enhance the effect of wraps, follow a number of important rules.

  • First: the procedure is preferably carried out in the afternoon. According to scientists, it is in the period from 18:00 to 23:00 that the cells of the body are most “susceptible” to nutrients coming from outside.
  • Second: before thalassotherapy, do not forget to take a good swim and, if possible, use a body scrub. This will remove dead skin particles and improve the access of nutrients to the inner layers of the dermis.
  • Third: after the algae is removed, wipe it off properly. This will increase blood flow to the cells, activates metabolic processes and improves tissue regeneration.
  • Fourth: do not forget about the massage. It makes the wrapping effect as quick and noticeable as possible. The main thing is that the massage therapist’s actions are quite intense and energetic: such an “approach” to the body will help improve the blood microcirculation.

When you need to say no!

However, algal wrapping, like many other cosmetic procedures, has its own contraindications. First of all, they are associated with high iodine content. So people who suffer from allergies to this trace element should prefer other “care” procedures.

Among the other contraindications are:

  • hyperfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • open wounds and burns;
  • the period after laser or wax hair removal is not less than two days;
  • gynecological diseases and inflammations.

As for specifically hot wraps, it is not recommended for women suffering from varicose veins.

We have revealed to you the peculiarities of algal wrap at home. As the experience of thousands of women shows, this is an effective, simple and inexpensive procedure that has become a true classic of aesthetic cosmetology.

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