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Age makeup — features of creation for every day

Features of age makeup for every day; how to do for the impending century at home? — step by step photo instruction and video lesson

Age makeup — This is one of the ways in which any woman can look attractive and irresistible. It’s no secret that women aged have a lot of problems with skin and wrinkles. If you use cosmetics correctly, then age makeup will help to hide all the flaws, making you stunningly irresistible. True, age makeup also has its secrets, which we will tell you in our article.

On YouTube you can find a huge number of videos that show step by step lessons on applying age makeup at home so that no one distinguishes your work from the work of a professional makeup artist. You can also see a few photos and videos of lessons on applying age makeup in our article.

Makeup for age women also has its own characteristics: very often the hanging eyelid prevents beautifully applying shadows to the eyes, or the age skin is not so elastic to properly apply a base on it. You should also choose the age makeup for the color of the eyes. It is necessary to approach hazel and green eyes with extreme caution, since not all colors of shadows are suitable for them.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main recommendations regarding age makeup..

  • Best to choose light shades of shadows. Perfect beige, light brown shade, as well as gray and olive.
  • For age makeup, pick up light foundation, as it is much easier to apply on the aged skin.
  • Try to eliminate any pearl shadows.
  • It is not recommended to paint the lower eyelashes and lower eyelids, as this emphasizes bags under the eyes.
  • Use proofreaders, to hide wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Never make the face too overloaded with cosmetics, as the age-related face makeup must rejuvenate it. A large number of layers of cosmetics will only complicate the situation. Also do not forget that you should select only one area of ​​the face: cheekbones, lips or eyes. Do not apply too bright makeup on all areas at once.

Step-by-step lessons in age makeup, which you will find in our article, will tell you how to do this makeup correctly, what means to use for it, and also you will learn how to properly do day and evening age makeup for every day at home.

Before telling you about the technology of applying age makeup, you should consider the tools that you need to apply it. Namely:

  • base under the foundation;
  • corrector;
  • foundation, the most similar in color to the color of your skin;
  • sponge or sponge;
  • powder;
  • a set of brushes of different shapes;
  • a palette with pastel shades;
  • dark eyeliner;
  • liquid eyeliner;
  • rouge;
  • matte lipstick and a pencil of one shade;
  • lip gloss.

And now we can proceed to the step-by-step study of the technology of applying age makeup.

  1. First you need to hold eyebrow correction. Using tweezers, remove excess hairs, then take a dark pencil and shape your eyebrows. Do not make them too dark, just highlight them a bit against the background. You can also use dark shadows.
  2. Next, you need to prepare the skin for age makeup. Use cleansing tonics, then apply to the skin base and foundation. Gently shade the makeup so that there are no noticeable sharp transitions. Also do not forget to work the neck area.
  3. After you have applied the foundation to the aged skin, start applying blush on cheekbones. You should not choose too dark shades, Prefer bright blush with a bronze effect, gently blend them on your cheekbones, giving your face a fresh look.
  4. Further you can start drawing shadows for ever. If you have a hanging eyelid, it will significantly complicate the application of age makeup. Choose light shades that should be applied under the bend of the eyebrows, and you can also draw the eye with a dark eyeliner. Arrows should look up and not be too long. Use a mascara with a twisting effect or use eyelash curlers.
  5. Make up lips lipstick, Pick up its color so that it does not differ much from the natural color of the lips. Do not forget to draw a lip pencil in advance.

After you do your age makeup yourself, you will notice that your face has changed significantly and is refreshed. And if you also pick up the right hairstyle, then your image will immediately spot every passerby!

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