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Acne on the face: causes of inflammation, methods of dealing with rashes

Why face acne appears: causes of illness

The pursuit of beauty is natural for every person, regardless of their gender and age. That is why all kinds of appearance care products that are widely advertised on the pages of fashionable gloss and on TV screens are so in demand. However, there is a problem that cannot be solved with the newest shampoo or expensive makeup products, it requires a completely different approach, individual for each person.

It will be a question of a healthy and well-groomed face skin which, unfortunately, not everyone can boast. Very often you can meet young or quite mature people, whose appearance is very much suffering from acne. The causes of acne on the face can be very different, as well as methods of their treatment.

Why do acne appear?

The appearance of acne on the face does not always indicate the presence of some serious internal problems of the body, in some cases the reason originates in external factors.

  • The use of low-quality decorative cosmetics can irritate the skin. Especially negative impact on the health and beauty of the untimely removal of makeup, the habit of going to bed with an unclean face. Such a frivolous attitude leads to clogging of the pores and the development of various infections in them, resulting in the appearance of acne.
  • Unhealthy environment. People who work in hazardous chemical industries know firsthand how much acne on the face and the causes of their appearance in the form of irritating and even poisonous effects of substances are related. , so as not to aggravate the dangerous situation.
  • Touching dirty hands to face. Sometimes even the most clean person can accidentally put an infection on the skin of the face, unknowingly touching it with unwashed hands. For owners of sensitive oily skin, this can be fraught with very unpleasant consequences, not only in the form of redness and irritation. Acne on the face may well appear.

Hormonal changes in the body

Very often you can see acne on the face in adolescents, the causes of which are hormonal surges during puberty. If acne is mild and does not cause severe inflammation of the skin, there is no reason to be particularly concerned.

This phenomenon is considered quite normal, and, subject to the rules of personal hygiene, acne will no longer occur as soon as the level of hormones in the body is normalized.

In such cases, light power adjustment helps a lot. It is known that adolescents are not indifferent to such harmful products as sweet carbonated drinks, chips, chocolate bars and all sorts of fast food. All these popular snacks are nothing more than food debris, “dead” food, the use of which is detrimental to health at any age.

Hormones can «rage» not only in adolescence. The period of pregnancy, menopause, a short period of time before menstruation — all these time periods run on a restless background, therefore, acne can appear on the face of women.

What happens to the skin when acne appears?

In itself, acne is a collection of sebum around the hair follicle and further inflammation of this skin area. The fact is that with increased functioning of the sebaceous glands, the pores are often clogged, which prevents them from being free of excess fat. This way acne is formed. Erroneous actions taken by people themselves often lead to inflammation.

The causes of acne with the inflammatory process in them are usually in attempts to rudely and unprofessionally to get rid of the bumps on their own, simply speaking — squeeze out. Doing this, it is impossible to solve the problem, and in most cases, such manipulations only add to the work of dermatologists, to whom the victims of their own levity address.

Why not squeeze acne?

The causes of acne on the face can be caused not only by external factors, eliminating which can solve the problem once and for all. Correction of hormone levels is the work of an experienced doctor, which can only be carried out under his supervision. In addition, if acne appeared on the face, it can be a wake-up signal to the body about the presence of a certain disease, the treatment of which should be started immediately.

Often, acne can appear due to abnormal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract or pathologies of the pancreas, diabetes mellitus or abnormalities in the liver. It is simply impossible to treat such diseases on one’s own, and it is not worthwhile to carry out cleansing cosmetic procedures, all the more so as to crush acne until the root of the problem has been resolved.

Squeezing acne is almost always the cause of the development of secondary infections in wounds, which entails the transformation of ordinary comedones into inflamed and painful papules and purulent pustules. Acne-induced acne infections can turn into real subcutaneous cysts, the treatment of which takes quite a long time and not always successfully, since with this form of the disease it is almost impossible to avoid the appearance of scars, scars and other cosmetic defects that no makeup foundation can hide .

If acne has begun to appear on the entire face, this is the reason for immediate medical attention, who must prescribe a complete medical examination and appropriate treatment.


Man consists of what he eats. Everyone knows that. It is strange that knowing this truism, many people do not bother to put their diet in order and remain faithful to their harmful taste preferences. People absorb fatty mayonnaise, roasted meat and sweets in inconceivable quantities, and then they are surprised that acne began to appear.

Oily skin is most prone to this kind of trouble, and the cause of increased fat content in most cases is unhealthy food. Here, even the treatment is not always necessary, it is enough just to change the eating behavior, and the problem will disappear.

Alcohol and smoking are enemies of health and beauty. The delicate feminine image especially suffers from them, because the skin of a girl, like her hair, is an indicator of her body condition. Early wrinkles, painful yellowness and red spots, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, acne and other defects of appearance appear due to these harmful habits. Unfortunately, to be able is not to do. Everyone is able to give up dangerous addictions, but many are not in a hurry with this decision, poisoning their body.

The body reacts sensitively to any discomfort, but with a healthy immunity, it is able to cope with various stresses. However, the immune system is also weakened by long-term negative effects. Then the effects of each stress can be observed on the face. Such shocks provoke failures in the entire body and can lead not only to the appearance of acne, but also to more serious health problems. Stress can be caused by the following factors.

  • Sedentary lifestyle, leading to a set of overweight, and, as a consequence, metabolic disorders. Acne in such cases is almost always guaranteed.
  • Lack of fresh air.
  • Wrong diet. The body needs order and regimen, it gets used to certain eating hours and is stressed if it eats randomly. This is especially true for those who like to fill the stomach at night, and then fall asleep with a calorie bomb inside. Obesity and acne are provided.
  • Lack of sleep. Minimum — 7 hours a day! The most valuable sleep for an organism proceeds from 23:00 to one in the morning. It is at this time that growth hormones are produced, which are not only responsible for the renewal of tissues, but also burn excess fat.
  • Drinking high caffeine drinks never helps to improve the color and condition of the skin.
  • Psychological stress — frequent causes of acne on the face.

An orderly lifestyle, proper rest, proper nutrition, avoiding bad habits, fresh air and physical activity can all reduce the likelihood of acne to a minimum. If the problem is acute, you will have to undergo treatment by a specialist.


Many are interested in those, because of what may be acne, concentrated in a particular area of ​​the face. Indeed, there is an opinion that the places of their rash directly indicate problems with specific internal organs.

For example, if the entire forehead is covered with acne, then perhaps treatment is necessary for the stomach, pancreas, intestines or gall bladder.

Acne that has appeared on the nose, may indicate the presence of problems with the endocrine system, weakening of immunity and impaired functioning of the heart muscle.

A person who has become hostage to acne in the lips may need to treat the entire gastrointestinal tract, suffering from constipation or persistent indigestion.

The cause of acne on the face in 90% of cases should be sought inside, not relying on expensive salon procedures, or on home treatment. It is reasonable to eliminate the consequences only if it was possible to do away with the main cause of their occurrence. Attempts to self-medicate often turn into an aggravation of the situation and still lead to a medical office. Because of laziness or false fears, one should not risk the beauty of one’s face, bring oneself to a deplorable state and complicate their already difficult work for doctors.

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