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A white pimple has appeared on the eyelid — what kind of education is it?

If a white pimple appeared on the eyelid: what it is and how to get rid of it

Acne on the skin is always unpleasant. But much more unpleasant may be the appearance of white pimples on the eyes. If a white pimple appeared on the eyelid — what could it be? And is it worth worrying to notice a small bubble on the eyelid or inside the eye?

Acne on the eyes — a symptom of the disease?

White pimple on the eye can really become a reason for feelings, because it, as a rule, is a symptom of a certain disease. Depending on where the pimple is located — on the upper eyelid, the lower, inner part of the eye, under the eyelashes — and also on how this bubble looks like, it will depend on the pathology of its occurrence:

  1. Prosyanka (milia). Milium is a small white pimple, in the eyelid of the eye it can occur both above and below. Milia is a collection of fat secretion and usually does not cause a person any discomfort other than aesthetic. These small pimples on the eyelids often appear in groups, and outwardly very similar to millet grains — hence their second name. Milia is a variety of lipomas, better known by the people as wen.
  2. Barley. This disease is characterized by a rapid acute course of a purulent process in the hair bulb of the eyelashes or the sebaceous gland. Barley looks like a big pimple on the lower eyelid of the eye (less often — the upper eyelid), located on the eyelash growth line. Inside this pimple there is a clearly visible white dot — the head of barley, which contains pus. The inflammatory process is always accompanied by swelling of the eyelid, severe itching, burning and tearing.
  3. Meybomit is a disease very similar to barley. But if with barley a pimple appears on the eyelid of the eye from the outside, then with meibomite, inflammation arises from the inside. A pimple on the inside of the eyelid causes pain, swelling, redness and foreign body sensation in the eye.

Pimple in the eye or on the eyelids is not always white.

Sometimes a water bubble can be seen in the area of ​​the visual organs — this can be an ophthalmic herpes or an allergic reaction — for example, to cosmetics.

Finding out the true cause of the white or transparent formations on the eyes is quite difficult on its own, so you should consult a doctor, especially if the pimple on the eyelid of the eye is accompanied by itching, painful sensations and redness of the mucous membrane or delicate skin of the visual organs.

What causes acne on the eyelids

To find out what symptom of a disease is a white or transparent pimple in the eye and on the eyelids, it is very important that, if necessary, carry out the correct treatment. But it is equally important to understand why such bubbles can appear in order to prevent a repetition of the situation.

By the way, it is not so simple to do this: there are a lot of factors that provoke the occurrence of acne on the eyelid, both external and internal. These include:

  • improper nutrition and vitamin deficiency;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • the use of poor-quality cosmetics;
  • mechanical damage;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • improper skin care;
  • weak immunity;
  • infection by pathogenic microorganisms — bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites;
  • diseases of the endocrine, digestive, immune systems.

Often, the appearance of such an aesthetic defect as a white pimple on the lower eyelid or above the eye is a much more serious problem associated with the work of the internal organs. That is why one should not treat acne on the eyes lightly — often they are a signal that the body is not all in order.

What can and cannot be done with a pimple

Most people, having noticed a pimple on the skin, try to squeeze it right away, which the specialists, by the way, strongly advise against doing. An even stricter ban is imposed on squeezing white pimple on the eye, especially if the cause of this bubble has not yet been clarified.

A pimple that appears inside the eyelid or on the eyelash growth line is usually a purulent formation, so an attempt to release the contents of the bubble can lead to the rapid spread of infection inside the eye system, which is also located in close proximity to the brain.

But even if the pimple on the eye is an ordinary lipoma, which does not pose a particular danger to a person, it is not recommended to try to remove it yourself: it is fraught with the fact that the wound becomes infected and inflamed.

By visiting a doctor and finding out what causes acne on the eyelids, you can speed up the process of getting rid of unpleasant bubbles with the help of folk remedies. So, garlic is considered one of the best natural remedies against barley. It is necessary to take 1 garlic clove, cut it and gently wipe the pimple with a cut on the upper eyelid or on the lower part of the eye, trying not to hurt the eyeball. This should be done several times a day. Folk healers are also advised to use garlic in ground gruel against mush and mixed with vegetable oil. This composition is used to wipe lipomas and mildews 2-3 times a day.

Garlic is not inferior in effectiveness to another proven tool — aloe. The pre-washed leaf of the plant is cut across and applied three times a day for a few minutes with a fresh cut to the sore spot.

When meybomite in agreement with the doctor allowed to make herbal compresses. Good help from inflammation infusions of plantain or calendula. For the preparation of lotions from the plantain need to prepare an infusion of 3 tbsp. l dry chopped herbs and 1 cup of boiling water and leave it for several hours. Before use, the fluid must be filtered. In a similar way, a medical remedy is prepared for the eyes on the basis of calendula flowers, while not forgetting to change the proportions (1 tablespoon of dried flowers per 1 cup of hot water).

To avoid the recurrence of acne on the eye, be sure to follow preventive measures: avoid hypothermia that can cause a decrease in immunity, do not use other people’s personal hygiene items, do not touch the eyes and face with dirty hands. And of course, be sure to undergo an examination of the internal organs, if acne on the eyelids appear too often.

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