Cryptocurrency is a new reality that

Breaking stereotypes and outdated thinking

forms a new worldview.

The world of crypto-currencies is more viable

than any state!

Irina Demidova

The book “Profitable trade on cryptocurrency exchanges”

  How to trade on exchanges bitcoin crypto-currency. Like what is easier to buy as cheap and sell when expensive. It is not so simple. Statistics shows. Approximately 60 percent of the “players” in the market of crypto-currencies after 1-2 months to remain without money and with despair leave this occupation and if one of them returns, then again, doing the old mistakes inherent in most players, one and the same mistakes every day and not being able to correctly analyze later fortunes. Another 20 percent stay for a few months longer thanks to his intuition and random luck, but the result is the same, only a little later. The correct methods of trading on crypto-currency exchanges are very different from the methods of trade in the usual classical exchanges (commodity, stock, futures, options and even currency).
All steps are important, the choice of the exchange and input method cryptocurrency to the withdrawal of money earned. At any stage you can lose money.
    The situation with cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, attitudes of our governments and governments where physically are these markets changing as rapidly as our modern world.


Accumulating trading experience at major international crypto currency exchanges we are in his book will tell:
  • How to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange. “Underwater “stones.”
  • What could be the trouble when the input and output, purchase and exchange of cryptocurrency and how to avoid it.
  • Creating reliable cryptocurrency wallets.
  • A typical and critical (fatal) error while trading on the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Tips the profitable trade that will help you earn.


  If you don’t want to lose in the shuffle of time and money if you don’t want to make mistakes, which do all, without exception, the novice traders, you need to read the book “Profitable trade on cryptocurrency exchanges
This book is not another seminar (which many on the Internet) to lure investing in any cryptocurrency or exchange will not be affiliate links, etc. In the book no name of the recommended exchanges and currencies. Today, this exchange will be the most reliable, after a month the situation may change rapidly for economic, political and other factors. The book presents valuable insights experience, to help you become a successful trader in the crypto-currency market.

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